Mehek Wednesday Update 17th July 2019

Nikki tells what is happening you both should talk out and clear the things…Mahek comes and ask excatly I want to know what’s happening…she stars crying telling I made that for you and since night I wanted to tell you thanks ..and you are ignoring me ..he ask why is she crying…

she throws flowers on him and tells iam not crying…and tells to stop sticking to Nikki …coz
if she sticks to someone than he can’t handle it…he holds her hand…maahi bolna song plays and Shaurya asks she can try but her old delhi values won’t allow her to do that..

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Mahek goes and sit on sofa.. Vicky comes and tells mahek why don’t you do the same thing and make him jealous…Nikki ask why he is troubling her and he tells he wants to bring her real feelings out..

Ravi and Jeevan was framed by sheetal ..when they were loading the goods from godown in truck… driver flew away with the truck and …they complain to manager …and he informs Mohit ..and Sheetal ask to complain to police…Mohit leaves and..Sheetal comes and insult them as they are working in their son’s shop as peons…they leave the job

Shaurya was talking to Nikki and mahek think what he must be talking that their talks Never ends…a guy comes and stand in front of Mahek and Vicky comes from behind…guy hugs Mahek..and tells that he is Vicky friend and tells sorry Bhabhi he asked me to flirt with you…he kisses her hand , and tells he is her big fan and ask to Come along with him to Mumbai… Shaurya gets angry and goes near to her and pulls Mahek aside , and tells she has commitment here , guy tells her looks like he won’t allow to move you from this place…Mahek tells it’s nothing like that we can discuss .. Shaurya pulls her aside and tells he will break his legs and gives it in his and ask her to stay away…and goes from there…Mahek laughs..

Nikki gets a call and he tells not to shout at her she is doing her work…she hung phone and tells he will screw him up badly and this time Mahek wont be able to help him…

Mahek gets a call from Sharma house…and she rushes in hurry.. Shaurya looks at her and thinks what happened to her…Mahek reaches home and tells what is happening here, Sheetal tells police is arresting them …as they have stole 1 crore rupees goods…Ravi tells we weren’t aware that the shop belonged to Mohit and they went for sales man job and they were hired for peons job..and when they were trying to load the goods driver ran away… inspector tells they found the truck standing outside the house…Ravi tells they are framing us ..

Ravi asks you have did the partition wasn’t that enough now you want to send us to jail…he tells you joined my shop to destroy me…kanta slaps him and tells she is ashamed he is her son…Sheetal ask to arrest them..Mahek request Mohit to stop them he ignores her .. Shaurya comes and stops their way and stands in front of them and looks at Mahek..

Mahek says to Mohit that what are you doing? they are taking your family members to jail, who are you Mohit? are you our Mohit or not? stop them, Mohit looks away from her. Balwant says to Mohit that your mistake has no repentance, Sonal says to Mohit what has happened to you? stop police, Mohit doesnt listen to her. Inspector drags Ravi and Jeevan but Shaurya comes there and looks at the scene.

He sees Mahek crying. Mohit comes to him. shaurya says to inspector that how many years experience you have? he says 4 years, Shaurya says if you stole some truck then where would you take it? inspector says I would hide it. Shaurya says correct you wouldnt keep it outside your house and still you think Ravi and Jeevan stole crores of things and brought truck outside their house to get arrested? Now I
will tell you how this robbery happened.

Shaurya tells Mohit’s account number and says chek it, I transferred 1 crore 25 lacs to him, I gave him that money and bought that truck stock with it, I want to gift that stock to my inlaws, inspector asks Mohit if shaurya transferred money in his account? Mohit says yes but.. Sheetal says he is lying, if we delivered him stock then where is bill? Shaurya says you are right, I paid you but you didnt give me bill, where is the bill? they didnt give me bill because they have done cheating in taxation, inspector says people like you are playing with country’s taxes, he arrests Mohit and Sheetal and takes them away. Sharma family proudly looks at Shaurya, Shaurya touches Ravi’s feet, Ravi and Jeevan hugs him. Kanta pulls Shaurya in a hug. Mahek is mesmerized by his deed, he sees her staring at him, Mahek wipes her tears and smiles proudly.


Balwant says to family that dont cry for that useless Mohit, we dont have to cry for him. Sonal comes there with tea. Mahek says Sonal you take rest, focus on your health, Mohit has lost path. Jeevan says he is provoked, Kanta says we cant blame others when our own son is not good. Shaurya ends call and says Mohit is a kid, he will realize his mistake, now dont look down, go and eat food, they all leave.

Shaurya says to Mahek that you should stay here, I am going, call me if you have some problem, Mahek says okay I will come in evening, Shaurya says I will send car, can I tell you something? dont tell anyone right now, I think Mohit have lost way forever, I said all that to keep moral but I dont think anything is going to be fine, he has lost his path, be strong and handle your family, he leaves. Mahek thinks Mohit what you have become?

Mohit is in police station. He says to lawyer that why I have to give money when I didnt sell any stock to him? lawyer says you have 1.25 crores in your bank account, how will you justify it? you have to give fine or else go to jail. Mohit says fine is half of the amount I have in bank, fine amount is too much. Lawyer says if you dont pay this fine and bail amount then tax department will keep an eye on your business. Sheetal says Shaurya doesnt let anyone stand against him, we earned money after losing contest, divided house in half but I didnt get anything in return. Mohit says I saw such big dreams but dont know if they will be fulfilled or not, he leaves.

At night, Mahek comes to Shaurya’s house. Dolly says see we are looking at your wedding photos. Karona asks if everything is fine? Mahek sits in her feet and puts her head on her lap, she says Maa if there comes time in life where everything is fine? or life keep taking your test? Karona says if there are too many happiness in life then we will take them for granted and take people for granted too who bring happiness in your life. You know I didnt give birth to Shaurya but I know him well, he can say anything but he loves you a lot.

Mahek says I dont think so, he is always stuck with that Niki, dolly laughs and says if you keep talking to us and your husband is alone then he would stick with other woman only, what I am telling you, do that and shaurya will be roaming behind you, Mahek asks what? Dolly tells her some plan which is muted. Mahek is mortified and says I cant do all this, she gets shy and runs away, they laugh.

Mohit calls Shaurya and says what do you want? is there any other game? Shaurya says what happened with is not that important, your problem is that you have a loving family, you will lose them if you dont leave your childish behavior. Mohit says dont give me lecture or threat, Shaurya says I am warning you to not do mistake which I did, dont give importance to money over your family, I didnt give you money for all this, i gave it to you so you can do something for yourself, I did all that so that Mahek’s miffed state will become happiness. Mohit says you have become fake like my sister, you did cheating for your gain and now justifying it, do what you have always done cheating, he ends call.

Mohit is at dhabba and says I have to earn money now and I will get respect. There is a group of goons sitting there. One goon says to other goon that you can double your money with this trick, I invested money and now I have a flat in posh area, Mohit hears it. He comes to him and says you double money? I want to do it, goon says go away. Mohit is drunk and says let me tell you truth, some wants to earn respect and some wants to earn money and I want to earn money, goon says leave, Mohit says I wont leave. Goon says I am giving you number, you will bet on cricket match, call that man and say Anwar has given you number, bet your money and you will double it. He gives number to Mohit, Mohit kisses his hand and leaves. Goon calls someone and says Sir I have done my work.

Mahek is working in kitchen of white chilies. She gets Kanta’s call and says dont worry everything will be fine. shaurya comes there too and is on call. Niki comes there. Shaurya ends call. There is water on floor, Niki slips and is about to fall but Shaurya holds her in his arms and asks if she is fine? she nods, Shaurya brings tissue and wipes her face gently. Mahek sees all this and fumes in jealousy, she leaves from there hitting shaurya’s shoulder in process, Shaurya smirks and says I like to miff her, Niki laughs. Mahek says I am his house girl so I dont mean anything.

Niki locks white chilies. A car arrives there. She meets her goons and says you have come on right time, she gives them restaurant keys and says start working, she smirks and says everything will go according to us now.

Sonal says to Kanta that Mohit hasnt come home till now, Sheetal hasnt come now too, I am worried, PD says dont worry, just worry about yourself and baby. Kanta says he is her husband so she would worry. She takes phone to call Mohit.

Shaurya comes to the address man gave him, its a garden. He searches for Mahek, he is worried and shouts for her, he hears anklet. He turns around and smiles seeing Mahek dressed in hot white saree and walking seductively. Shaurya is stunned and mesmerized. Mahek comes in gazebo and lights it, Shaurya smiles, Shaurya comes behind her.