Mehek Sunday Update 6 October 2019


Mehek Sunday Update 6 October 2019

Mahek and Anjali come home. Anjali says thank you bhabhi. Karuna says show me your shopping. Karuna says why have you brought such simple clothes. Anjali says Mahek liked these too. Karuna says Mahek asked you to buy these boring clothes? Anjali says I liked them. Other clothes were very expensive. Shaurya comes to Mahek and hugs her. Mahek says go out. I have to make dinner. Dolly comes there. She says I have to talk to you. Karuna goes to Mahek and says you couldn’t sspend on my daughter’s shopping. Dolly overhears. She says you could have taken money from me. Can’t she buy good clothes? Shaurya says what are you saying ma.. Mahek says I asked her to buy new clothes she brought them herself. Anjali says I purchased those clothes myself. Please don’t bring any misunderstanding. Shaurya says to Mahek you could have bought her better clothes. Mahek says I didn’t want to force her.

Karuna oils Anjali’s hair. She says ma please dont’ be mad at bhabi. she says you are so kind hearted Anjali.
Mahek is worried. Shaurya says what happened. She says I couldn’t understand Anjali. Shaurya says don’t worry we will learn about heer with time.

Mahek sees Sooraj in the room. He says i was looking for you and Shaurya. All old men and women wanted to invite you for navratri pooja. He gets a call that some volunteers are short. Mahek says can Anjali volunteer with you? Anjali would you like it? Anjali says that’d be fun. Karuna says if Anjali is happy that’s great. Mahek says we will drop you there. Anjali says thanks.

Mahek and Shaurya drop Anjali. Mahek says ANjali will volunteer here. They are happy. Mahek and Shaurya leave. Shaurya says keep your phone with you. Mahek says take care. They leave. Mahek says I forgot to give Anjali’s lunch. Anjali is making out with Sooraj. Mahek comes in. Anajli pretends like Sooraj is hurt. Mahek comes in. Anjali says he fell I was dressing his wound. Mahek says get wells soon. She gives lunch and leaves.

Mahek and Shaurya come to white chilies. They see a man with Ravi and Jeevan. Shaurya says who was he? Ravi says buyer. We are selling this food truck. Mohit got an offer in America he wants us to come there and live with him. Papa will remain healthy there too. Shaurya says you can’t do this. Am I not your son? Can’t i take care of you? Mahek says I think we should respect their decision. If you need any help let us know.

Mahek comes home. Anjali says I want to keep the candle lit. Kaurna says but she can’t stay with it all night. Mahek syas I will don’t worry. Anjali says then I will cook everything.
Karuna says to Anajli what are you doing in Mahek’s room. She says I saw a cat. This room is so pretty. The view is so good as well. Karuna says you can take this room. She says how can I take Mahek’s room.
Shaurya sits with mahek as well. she says go and sleep. Dolly says Mahek you go and rest too. Mahek says okay I will rest for two hours.
Anjali says my plan is ruineed. She waits for it to be 2 AM. Mahek comes back to temple and says masi you go.
Anjali gives Mahek coffee. She mixed sleeping pill in it. Mahek says I can’t eat anything. Anajli says okay then take water. Mahek drinks water. Anajli goes back to her room. Mahek falls asleep.

Anjali comes there. She blows the candle. Mahek is asleep. Anjali goes back to her room. Next morning Anjali pretends like she is trying to lit the candle again. Karuna says what are you doing.. Anjali says it.. Karuna says Mahek it was your responsibility. Why did you take it when you couldn’t. Anjali says she tried a lot but maybe she couldn’t stay up. She did this for us. Karuna says she ruined it. She should have said if she couldn’t. I did this for you what if something happens to Anjali. You don’t care about us Mahek. Anjali says ma please I am fine. Karuna says Mahek doesn’t care about you she just pretends. Mahek saysv what are you saying ma.. She says shut up Mahek. Dolly says she didn’t do it deliberately. Shaurya says what happened. mahek says I

made a mistake please forgive me. Dolly says it can happen with anyone.
Mahek comes to room and says Shaurya please listen to me. Trust me I didn’t know this intentionally. He says I know but you shouldn’t have taken this responsibility. Ma is so worried now. He leaves.
Anjali comes to Karuna and says please forgive Mahek. She says I won’t. Shaurya says it was Mahek’s mistake. Tell me what can I do for you. anjali says I have you all. Karuna says I know what Anjali wants. Karuna comes to Shaurya’s room and says Anjali wants this room.He says its okya ma she can take this room. Karuna asks servants to take their stuff out. Mahek comes out she is dazed. Karuan says Anjali should shift here. Anjali says what will I do here. Karuna says you stay quite.
Mahek brings her stuff to the other room. She places her photos on the wall. MAhek is upset.
Dolly comes and says I know how upset you are. Mahek says no I am not. It was just a room. I brought Anjali here. I will rectify all my mistakes. Dolly says shaurya you did so wrong. You shouldn’t have been mad at Mahek. Shaurya ssays I am sorry Mahek. She says its okay. Dolly says we should all stay together and happy.

KAruna says to Anjali your rooom is ready. Anjali is upset. Karuan says why are you not happy. She says I don’t feel good. This was Mahek’s room. Karuna says they don’t mind it. Anjali says I have to go to old home to volunteer. She calls Sooraj and tells him everything.

Karuna and Anjali go out. Anjali says please stop the car. I wanna collect some money. I feel guilty that whatever is happening with Mahek is because of me. So I wanna give her a gift. Karuna says come with me, I did all that for you. I can’t let you stay here. I will apologize Mahek don’t do all this. Anjali says okay let’s go. Karuan sits in the car. Mahek says to shauyra you can’t go to office. Come with me, I have an idea.

Anjali gives Mahek a gift. she says thank you so much you are so sweet. The biggest present is that you live here with us now. Karuna hugs them both. Shaurya says why leave me alone. Shauyra hugs them. mahek says I have planned a jagrata. I couldn’t keep the candle lit. Karuna says thats such a good plan. Dolly sqays we are all together now. Anjali says can I call people from happy homes. Sooraj too. Shaurya says why? Mahek says whats wrong with that he’s part of happy homes.

Mahek comes to Anjali. She says I am ready. I wore the dress you asked me. Mahek says there is something missing. She says is it my hair? Mahek makes her wear a necklace. SHe says it is so expensive mahek says you have to look pretty. Anjali says ma this is so expensive. Karuna says she is your bahbhi.

it looks good on you. They leave. Anjali dances on song laila. She says if I was born here I would have been beauty queen but slowly all of mahek’s jewelry will be mine.
Mahek comes to Kanta to invite her. Kanta says I can’t support your decision. Mahek says you have to understand that it was not Anajli’s mistake. she suffered all her life.

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