Mehek Monday Update 7 October 2019


Mehek Monday Update 7 October 2019

The jagrata starts. Karuna says dolly let me see guests. Mahek comes. she says am you look pretty. You receive guests I will arrange the food.
Everyone does arti. Kanta comes homes. Mahek says anjali give parsad. A woman says I wont take parsad from you illegitimate girl. Shame on a house that keeps a girl like you. You are a dance bar girl. Everyone is dazed. Sooraj is there too. She says you can keep anyone in this house. If you wanna live in this society we wont accept this girl. She is illegitimate.

We can’t mingle with a girl like her. Karuna says don’t say that to my daughter. Kanta says we should respect all girls. She says because you ask we can’t give respect to dance bar girls. Mahek says stop it. Humans are not legitimate of illegitimate. The woman says truth wont change with this.

Mahek says God doesn’t discriminate us. For God we are all equal. For her Anjali is as clean as you think you are. Mahek says but people like you can never understand the struggles she faced in life. How she lived in orphanage. If you had to live such a life I would have asked you what these words feel like. Karuna is crying. Karuna says go from here please. A man says girls like her don’t deserve any respect. Shaurya shoves him and hits him. Anjali says I am sorry this is happening because of me. I shouldn’t have come here. I don’t deserve this family. I am sorry ma. Mahek says don’t say that.
Shaurya says its thier mistake not yours. Shaurya hugs Karuna.
Anjali ses her dupatta on fire. she screams.

Shaurya shoves her burning dupatta away. A woman says this happens with these kind of people. Shaurya says don’t say a word about my daughter. You should not be called a woman if your toughts are that way. Don’t say a word about my sister get out now. Woman says we wont accept her no matter what you say. Kanta says to Karuna these people don’t understand anything. For God we are all equal. They leave too. Kanta says to Mahek while leaving don’t worry so much. Mahek says I thought everyone would be happy but see what happened.
Kanta says come with me. Kanta says you have to keep your eyes opne.

Karuna says to Anjali your hand is burned. Let me bring medicine.
Kanta says you know people talk anyway. Karuna dresses her burn. Anjali sys how did they know about me? No one knew about me other than Mahek’s family. Karuna says you are right.
Kanta says to Mahek do something that gives Anjali her right in the society. mahek says you are right.

At night, Mahek is asleep. Shaurya says why are you not sleeping? What happened? Mahek says I am worried. Shaurya says I know. sHe says I don’t know what to do that will make anjali strong on her feet. I have an idea.
Anjali calls sooraj and gives her vulgar selfies. Sooraj says I really miss you. She I have a plan that needs to be executed.

Mahek says to Shauyra lets go and you will talk. I wont. Anjali comes. Shaurya says sit here. Karuna comes as well. Shaurya gives arti. Anjali says I have something for you. I wanna make you wear these rakhis. Shaurya says you have completed this house. Anjali makes him wear the rakhis. She says always be on my side. Mahek says gives her a gift and says this is from your brother. We will always be by your side. Karuna syas of course.

Karuna says we have to do some many prepss. Lets make the list. She says we have to get Anjali’s dress. Mahek gives her sweets. Anjali shoves them and goes to her room. Karuna says what happened? She goes after Anjali. Mahek says we should talk to her once. Shaurya says we are talking about settling her down. Mahek says we should talk to her. Karuna says we will talk to her. This is very important for her. Karuna says in heart is Mahek doing all this for jealosuy?
Dolly says to Mahek why is Karuna not talking to you properly.

Anjali comes to her room and breaks stuff in anger. Shaurya comes and says what happened. Anjali says I will leave this house. You all want me to leave and that’s why you chose this situation. I will leave anyway don’t worry. Shaurya says listen..

Karuna says meet the guy and if you don’t like him ask him to leave. Shaurya says yes we will do what you want. Karuna says she will meet her.

Anjali calls sooraj and says my life will be ruined. He says don’t worry I will make a plan. Mahek comes towards Anjali’s room. She says you look very pretty. Everyone is waiting for you downstairs. Mahek leaves.
They man and his parents are there. His father says I hope Anjalli’s is okay will all this. Shaurya says she is. Anjali comes. His father says my son can’t come atm. There are a few pictures. dolly says he is so handsome. Karuna says yes he is. Shaurya says we will meet him and know each other only after Anjali’s consent we will move forward.

Anjali is angry. Mahek comes and says what happened? She says can I go to happy homes? Mahek says its late. She says I will come back and leaves. Shaurya comes downstairs. He asks Mahek what happened? He says we should start planning. Mahek syas we should move slowly. Shaurya says Nikhil is coming. Mahek says Anjali isn’t happy. There is some problem. we should make her feel comfortable. She went to happy homes. We have to give her chance. Give me one day. Shaurya syas i think we should move ahead with wedding.

Anjali comes to Sooraj. They make out. Sorraj says if an old man sees they will die. Anjali says you have to say yes to my plan. I will leave everyone dazed. Just do as I say.

Mahek and SHaurya are asleep. Karuna says Anjali is not in her room. They look everywhere for her. Anjali is with Sooraj. A glass stabs in MAhek’s foot. Shaurya takes it out. Anjali says time for game. Shaurya and Mahek come downstairs. Anjali hugs Sooraj and says I can’t leave my family for you. I can’t run with you. Shauyr sees them. He is dazed. Mahek turns on lights.
Shaurya hits sooraj and says how dare you touch my sister. Anjali says its not his mistake we love each other. Shaurya says what.. You just met him twice. Are you crazy. He has fooled you. Shaurya hits him. Mahek says shauyra calm down. Karuna says stop. Shaurya says i will kill him.

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