Meet In Love Tuesday Update 27 February 2024

Meet Ahlawat ties to a bed in room, he wakes up and panick, he see his photos all over the wall and calls Meet. Laila open door.

Meet in godown lying on floor. She wakes and look for Meet Ahlawat and remember her encounter with Neelu, she kick the boxes. Servant ask Meet what are you doing early morning here, is Meet Ahlawat also present and what happen to your hand. Meet walks away.

Laila walks toward Meet Ahlawat she try to touch him but he move. Meet Ahlawat says she was telling me again and again it’s Neely behind everything but I was sure it can’t be you, we both decided to help you but person like you should be punished and you true identity should come infront of everyone. Laila thinks you are not facing Neelu it’s Liala.

Raj, Ram and Masum sitting together. Barfi walks inside house. Babita walks to Raj says whole night Meet Ahlawat was not in his room, he told me about going to godown for working but still he is not here. Barfi thinks did Neelu do something to Meet Ahlawat because both are missing. Babita says I’m trying to call but he is not answering. Raj says it’s festival yime he must be with friends, he ask Ram to call his friends and get his location. Meet rush to Raj. Babita ask her what are you doing here you went Banaras for pooja. Meet says right now Meet Ahlawat is important. Babita says first answer my question. Meet says I didn’t go to Banaras I was in godown. Masum say bad things about Meet. Raj ask Masum to be quite and says when she is talking nobody will say a word and ask her what happen. Meet says Meet Ahlawat is been kidnapped. Everyone in shock.


Meet Ahlawat push Laila away from him, he says stay away don’t come close to me. Laila make him smell chloroform to stop him from leaving. Laila says you don’t know how much efforts I took to bring you closer to me and Laila won’t let her love go away, now see how much close you are to me now and we will stay like this forever.

Babita faints after listening about Meet Ahlawat. Raj ask someone to bring water. Everyone help her to lie down on sofa. Ragini throw water at her. Babita wakes up and drink water. Babita ask Meet tell me what happen to.my son. Meet says a stubborn girl is behind him, she even challenged us that she can go to any extent for Meet Ahlawat and we both planned to trap her that’s why I was in godown tomorrow night with Meet Ahlawat but she hit us from behind and took Meet Ahlawat. Raj ask who was that girl. Ram ask do we know that girl. Meet looks at Barfi and about to tell something. Everyone hear sound of thali falling and see Neelu on floor. Everyone rush to Neelu to help her. Meet thinks she is smart, she played well as she enters the house now I can’t take her name at all, I have to be quite and see her actions to know where she hide Meet Ahlawat. Neelu wakes up and ask about Meet Ahlawat. Barfi says don’t worry he will come soon. Raj ask Meet about kidnapper. Meet says I don’t know much about that girl but I promise he will be standing infront on you soon. Meet thinks now I’ll be having eye on you Neelu all the time. Barfi thinks my heart is saying Meet is having doubt on Neelu now I have to do something to save her.

Babita crying and tensed. Masum try to calm her down. Babita says this diwali is very sad for us, don’t know who is having bad eye on our son, first Isha is already in bad condition and now Meet Ahlawat don’t know where he is. Barfi says don’t worry everything will be fine, you are not able to focus on something else Meet told you about kidnapping I believe she is telling truth. Masum what are you trying to say. Barfi says you only tell if Meet know about a stubborn girl then why she kept hiding from us and when she was sure girl will be coming in godown then why didn’t she took help of police, she was already police officer but don’t know why she did this. Masum says this means there could be some other reason for kidnapping and could be some other story.

Meet in police station talking to SP on phone about Meet Ahlawat. Inspector ask his constable for tight checking in radius of 4km and ask to activate every informer. Inspector says to Meet don’t worry department is there for you. Meet thanks him and says I need a person favour from you, he show him Neelu’s photo and says I need each and every information about her and this should be between us.. Inspector says don’t worry share me this photo.