Meet In Love Sunday Update 10 March 2024

Meet save Babita from getting humiliated in market infront of everyone and apply black ink on woman’s face. She shouts at her. Meet says how dare you touch my mother, you don’t know this is my locality. Meet looks at Babita says I’m sorry for the behaviour and ask Raj to take her home, I have to talk to this lady. Raj says but how infront of everyone. Meet says don’t worry I’ll handle, Meet ask her who are you, you are not from this locality give me answer.

Ishani on call with someone about a location near puzza shop. Masum hear her says she must be ordering something good I’ll ask her to double the order she walks towards her. Ishani says don’t worry I’ll share my CV for pizza shop. Masum ask who were you talking to. She says I applied for job. Masum says but you want to apply for further studies. Ishani says yes but according to families situation it’s better we should think to get money to handle out things, I’m trying my best from my end after all this family give me a lot from everyone, you know why I’m charged up so much, I listen Raj and Babita they were talking about family how they are ready to do anything. Masum get’s emotional and cry. Ishani ask what happen. Masum says I’m surprised how you are trying to work for family that too in such amall time and I who is living here since my childhood never try to do anything for anyone. Ishani says no worries you can start now. Masum hugs her says now I’m with you we will get job together and help everyone.Meet says to woman answer me or else I won’t leave you. She says yes I’m not from this locality but who said I can’t but vegetable from here. Barfi get’s scared and leave. Women says I helped to get sellers phone and she is shouting at me and try to leave. Meet says where are you going and she hit her. Lady fall down. Meet ask tell me why you did this to my mother and scare her. She says I did nothing. Meet says let me introduce myself, I have beaten so many goons on this street and if I got angry then you won’t be able to go. Lady gets scared says an old lady give me money and she ask me to disrespect your mother infront of everyone and give discription of Barfi. Meet realise after hearing it. Lady show her direction where she meet her. Meet says she is playing dirty.

Meet Ahlawat says to Meet, she can disrespect mom and dad infront of everyone in locality and we will sit quietly, no this won’t happen we have to answer her back. Meet says right now you have responsibility of your family and if we did something like this then we will be going against dad she we won’t be doing anything. Meet Ahlawat says so Barfi will disrespect me infront of everyone and I’ll do nothing. Meet says calm down and listen to me, whatever happen today will not be repeated I guarantee you and what do you think after auctioning the house she will sit quietly, she will sure trouble us but you won’t do anything. Meet Ahlawat says so what we will do, will she stop doing this. Meet says she will do it I have an idea for this and explain him everything. Meet Ahlawat listen her carefully says this is great now this idea should work. Meet says it will and calm someone. Meet and Meet Ahlawat in market they see registrar going towards tea stall, she see him and give his information to someone on call. Man on other side I’m ready, he start talking to someone on call about a buyer from other country. Registrar listen him and ask are you looking for mansion. He says yes a big party is looking for a mansion im Chandigarh they want it in next 36hours or else I’ll have to face loss even they are ready to pay any amount. Registrar says if I show you something will I get my commission. He says don’t worry if you show me I’ll show me I’ll finalise today. Registrar call Barfi and tell her about the buyer. Meet says good now they will get trapped.
Barfi after call says your presence is lucky you know queen of Baristan is coming to buy it. Babita and Raj standing near her. Raj says we have lot if memories with this house, when we left this house we took all the memories with us and our biggest wealth is our family which is still with us, afterall I came here to tell you I have stopped my daughter in law and son, now they won’t come in between your auction you can sell this house whenever you want to whoever you want. Barfi says if I want I can send your son to jail for lifelong because of his actions but I won’t do this and I’ll ask registrar not to go to police with complaint but in return you have to pay something. Babita get’s scared ask what I have to pay. Barfi says you know this mansion is big and this need a caretaker and no one is more suitable then you two to take care of this mansion so I want you two to work as servant of this house and when you will follow my order you can’t believe how good I’ll fell from inside, so tell me do you agree. Raj ask Babita to leave. Babita says I’m ready and leave Raj’s hand. Babita says I’m ready to be your servant for my family’s happiness.