Meet In Love January Teasers 2024


Meet In Love January Teasers 2024

Meet is shocked as Meet Ahlawat comes home after marrying Barfi Devi’s daughter. Coming up on Zeeworld Meet In Love January 2024 Teasers.

Zeeworld Meet In Love January 2024 Teasers

Monday 1 January 2024

Episode 39

Meet Ahlawat begins to fear when Manjari offers tea to Rajvardhan. Masoom locks Manjari in a room. Manjari, stuck in it, starts suffocating. Manushi stops Masoom from opening the door. Suddenly, Meet Ahlawat comes there and saves Manjari.

Tuesday 2 January 2024

Episode 40

Manjari commits a mistake in front of Rajvardhan. Manjari gives Isha a piece of advice like Meet. Meet Ahlawat stops Masoom from slapping Manjari.

Wednesday 3 January 2024

Episode 41

Barfi Devi visits the Ahlawats. She tells them that Isha and Deep’s marriage cannot happen. Manjari tries to expose Barfi Devi’s lie but Meet Ahlawat reveals Manjari’s reality to her instead. Ragini stops Barfi Devi from leaving and gives away her gold bracelet to her. Barfi Devi agrees to the marriage.

Thursday 4 January 2024

Episode 42

Meet Ahlawat saves Manjari, who curses him when she learns the truth. Manjari tells Babita about Meet Ahlawat’s wrongdoings and starts leaving. She changes her decision when Rajvardhan comes there. At Manushi’s behest, Masoom puts a spycam on Manjari’s earring.

Friday 5 January 2024

Episode 43

Barfi Devi gives an order to Isha. Manjari scares Masoom by pretending to be Meet, and Masoom confesses Manushi’s wrongdoings. Later, she shows Manushi the confession video. Duggu suffers an electric shock, but Manjari saves his life.

Saturday 6 January 2024

Episode 44

Meet vows to continue her pretence until she gets her child. Later, she teaches everyone to dance. Meet Ahlawat decides to make Manjari believe he is in love with her. Manushi asks Manjari to bring Meet’s ornaments and give them to her. Rajvardhan decides to get Meet and Meet Ahlawat remarried.

Monday 8 January 2024

Episode 45

Meet Ahlawat proposes to Manjari. Meet Ahlawat tries to convince Manjari to marry him. His words hurt Manjari, but Popat explains something to Manjari.

Tuesday 9 January 2024

Episode 46

Manushi tells Manjari the benefits of getting married. Meet observes the ‘Teej’ fast for Meet Ahlawat, who deliberately treats Manjari lovingly.

Wednesday 10 January 2024

Episode 47

Barfi Devi insults Manjari and tries to feed her sweets. Meet pretends to faint and breaks her fast at the hands of Meet Ahlawat. Later, Meet tells Manushi that Popat wants to adopt a child before getting her married. Meet decides to apologise to Anubha.

Thursday 11 January 2024

Episode 48

Meet is shocked to see Ram and Ragini with ancestral Goddess Lakshmi idol. Manjari convinces Ram and Ragini not to give dowry to Barfi Devi. The next day, Isha’s engagement preparations begin. Meet decides to talk to Meet Ahlawat.

Friday 12 January 2024

Episode 49

Manushi arrives and threatens Manjari that she will not give Popat the child. Barfi Devi suggests getting Deep and Isha married on their engagement day. Manjari runs away with the Goddess Lakshmi idol after Barfi Devi reveals her true intentions.

Saturday 13 January 2024

Episode 50

Meet Ahlawat finds Manjari’s phone on the way. Meet Ahlawat rescues Manjari, who then tells him Barfi Devi’s plan. Meet Ahlawat stops Isha and Deep’s marriage and refuses to give dowry.

Monday 15 January 2024

Episode 51

Everyone is shocked when Barfi Devi asks them to give away their house to her. Manjari stops Barfi Devi from leaving. Meet Ahlawat and Manjari ask Deep to support Isha. He marries Isha against Barfi Devi’s will.

Tuesday 16 January 2024

Episode 52

The Ahlawats celebrate Raksha Bandhan. Barfi Devi tells Rajvardhan that Manjari is Meet’s lookalike. The truth shatters Rajvardhan.

Wednesday 17 January 2024

Episode 53

The doctor advises Rajvardhan a heart transplant. Meet drives the ambulance to get to the hospital in time. Deep’s condition is critical, but the ambulance’s tyre gets punctured.

Thursday 18 January 2024

Episode 54

Barfidevi is heartbroken on learning about Deep’s demise. Ragini and Babita get angry at Masoom’s act. Meet is eager to meet her child, but Manushi has different plans for her.

Friday 19 January 2024

Episode 55

Kunal tries to throw Meet’s child off a building. Barfi Devi puts a condition in front of Meet Ahlawat to marry his daughter. Popat tells him that his son is alive, and he is happy.

Saturday 20 January 2024

Episode 56

Meet is shocked as Meet Ahlawat comes home after marrying Barfi Devi’s daughter. Babita slaps Meet Ahlawat when everyone learns that he has married Barfi Devi’s daughter. He calls Meet his son’s murderer.

Sunday 21 January 2024

Episode 57

Meet tears the Divorce paper. Barfi Devi takes her daughter Neelu and Meet Ahlawat to Rajvardhan. But Meet stops them from talking to Rajvardhan. Unaware of Deep’s death, Isha comes home

Monday 22 January 2024

Episode 58

A pujari takes care of Meet’s child.

Tuesday 23 January 2024

Episode 59

Masoom comes home and is surprised to see the rituals. Meet Ahlawat slaps her for conspiring with Manushi. Masoom apologises for her actions but nobody forgives her. Meet Ahlawat ousts her from the house. Barfi Devi panics when the police arrive at the Ahlawat House. Later, Meet warns Barfi Devi.

Wednesday 24 January 2024

Episode 60

Meet Ahlawat tries to force himself on Meet, who slaps him for it. Masoom asks Hoshiyar for help. Barfi Devi gets Isha to wear a white saree, which scares her. However, Meet Ahlawat distracts her.

Thursday 25 January 2024

Episode 61

Meet Ahlawat’s investors visit him. Meet Ahlawat is forced to introduce Meet as his wife in front of his clients. Heartbroken by this, Neelam tries to commit suicide. Meet arrives in time to rescue her and tries to calm her down.

Friday 26 January 2024

Episode 62

Meet holds Meet Ahlawat’s hand. Meet gives Meet Ahlawat the divorce papers after signing them. Unlike Meet Ahlawat, Barfi Devi celebrates this. Meet talks to everyone and prepares to leave. Rajvardhan returns home from the hospital.

Saturday 27 January 2024

Episode 63

Rajvardhan disowns Alhawat and treats Meet as both daughter-in-law and son. Rajvardhan appoints Meet as the chairperson of his business and his decision splits the family into two. Meet Ahlawat decides not to forgive Meet. Meet decides to fulfil a son’s responsibilities.

Sunday 28 January 2024

Episode 64

Rajvardhan encourages Meet. Masoom executes a ploy to humiliate Meet in front of the investors. They ask Meet to return their money within seven days.

Monday 29 January 2024

Episode 65

Barfi Devi gives Neelam a piece of advice. Meet Ahlawat and Meet tell Hoshiyar that they have been asked to live six months together. Meet promises to take Rajvardhan on a pilgrimage. Barfi Devi vows to stop Meet from doing so.

Tuesday 30 January 2024

Episode 66

Meet uses her skills to help Rajvardhan. Meet Ahlawat questions Meet about repaying the investors. Rajvardhan gives an important lesson to Meet.

Wednesday 31 January 2024

Episode 67

Meet asks the investors to choose between money or company. She later fears that the investors might learn the truth. Meet persuades the investors to stay with the company. She is shocked as the money goes missing. She decides to find the thief in 48 hours, and Barfi Devi puts a condition in front of her.

Other Zee World Teasers:

Raunak executes his plan against Shlok

Sumeet doing aarti, seeking strength to face her challenges and remembers Raunak telling her that he is not mad. Sumeet says to God it’s impossible to prove Raunak is wrong and he wants to harm Shlok, please help me to overcome this situation. Poonam asks her where Shlok is, and Sumeet explains that he stayed up late, so she hasn’t woken him yet. Shagun arrives and announces that only six hours remain for the challenge to end, so she plans to stay put. Raunak worries that Shagun’s presence might foil his plan to harm Shlok. He tries to get her to leave, but she remains undeterred. Shagun asks for black coffee, and Poonam offers to prepare it. Sumeet confides in Shlok that they need to find a way to make Shagun leave.

Meanwhile, Priyanka notices Pankhuri getting ready and asks about her plans. Pankhuri lies, claiming she’s attending an old friend’s party. When Priyanka mentions Mayra’s vaccination, Pankhuri brushes it off, suggesting Priyanka ask Sarthak. After Pankhuri leaves, Priyanka hears a notification sound and investigates her cupboard. She discovers Pankhuri’s phone, which contains conversations with Raj. Priyanka realizes that Raj mistook Pankhuri for herself. She decides to prevent their meeting.

Sumeet and Shlok spot Raunak near a room and pretend to have a conversation with a fictional police officer. They instruct him to raid Shagun’s house, claiming that Akki is held captive there. Raunak contemplates informing Shagun. He takes Shagun aside and shares the news of the police raid. Shagun falls for their ruse and leaves in haste. Raunak believes this works to his advantage, allowing him to execute his plan to endanger Shlok with a gorilla attack.

Entering Raunak’s room, Sumeet finds pillows on his bed instead of him. She overhears him speaking on the phone, mentioning ending the game within 6 hours. Recognizing the deception, Sumeet decides to trail Raunak. He misleads her, making her follow another person instead. He relishes her gullibility and enlists a person to lead her astray. Raunak schemes to get Shlok attacked by the gorilla, ensuring that by the time Sumeet returns, Shlok will be in harm’s way.

Sumeet reaches the place where the gorilla is present, realizing the situation might be illegal. However, she continues to follow the deceptive trail, reaching the end of the street. Meanwhile, Raunak arrives home and forcefully takes his dad along to witness the gorilla spectacle. Poonam informs Shlok about this, and they contact Sumeet to warn her. Sumeet catches up with the person she was following, realizing that she was deliberately misled by Raunak. She hurries back to the location where the gorilla is.

Inside the cage, Shlok’s father becomes frightened, but Shlok arrives and offers comfort. Seeing Shlok’s presence, Raunak signals the person controlling the gorilla. Raunak shoves Shlok into the cage, locking it securely. Poonam and the other family members cry out for help. Sumeet arrives at the scene and witnesses Shlok’s struggle against the menacing gorilla.

Shlok gets kidnapped.

Sumeet escorts Shlok onto a bus, assuring him that she will help him overcome his trauma. She settles him into a seat on the bus.

Meanwhile, Raunak suggests to Shagun that it’s the perfect time to celebrate their victory. However, Shagun believes they should wait until they actually win the final task in two hours. She’s wary of Sumeet’s capabilities and prefers to wait.

Inside the bus, Sumeet shares her plan with everyone. She proposes reenacting the bus accident that traumatized Shlok, believing it’s the only way to bring him back from his pain. She offers a prayer.

Raj, following Sumeet’s plan, starts driving the bus and pretends that the brakes have failed. Shlok remains motionless, not reacting to the situation. However, he starts recalling the same lines his father, Anand, used during the actual accident. He begins calling out for his father while Ashok plays along, reenacting Anand’s actions to save the family. Shlok becomes increasingly uncomfortable as he relives the past events and searches for his father on the bus. Sumeet prays for his well-being.

Raunak stirs up Shagun, insinuating that Sumeet is recreating Anand’s death and will win the task. Shagun reassures Raunak that they will win this time, and she has everything planned.

When Shagun leaves, Raunak secretly desires Sumeet and plots something dangerous involving her.

Shlok exits the bus and believes he’s speaking to his father, Ashok. Sumeet instructs the others to prepare for the next phase of the plan. Ashok advises Shlok to protect the family from Shagun’s schemes. Shlok observes that the family members are handcuffed and chained, imploring him to rescue them. Overwhelmed, he promises to save them.

Shagun, along with her goons, arrives before Sumeet can conclude her plan. She reveals to Shlok that the person he was talking to is Ashok, not Anand. She admits that Anand passed away three years ago, but they all lied to Shlok because he couldn’t handle the trauma. She accuses Shlok of being mentally unstable, which deeply affects him. Sumeet tries to intervene, but the goons prevent her from reaching Shlok. Shagun turns Ashok around and discloses that he’s the one who sent letters and impersonated Shlok’s father. Shagun continues to taunt Shlok, insisting that he belongs in a mental hospital. Shlok becomes sick and collapses, while Shagun claims she has driven her husband to madness. She asserts that they will now lose the task and become her servants for life.

After Shagun leaves, Sumeet and Poonam attempt to reassure Shlok that he isn’t insane, but he remains unresponsive. Shlok declares himself as mad and flees. Amidst the chaos, Raunak kidnaps Shlok. Poonam asks Sumeet about Shlok’s whereabouts, and they realize Shlok has been taken away in Raunak’s car, leaving them wondering where he has been taken.

Meet In Love Upcoming Episodes

Gunwanti and Jasodha pulls Imarti playing Meet and ties her with rope and everyone enjoys it. Narandra laughing and falls down on floor. Manmeet walk towards Sarkar and everyone laughing. Inspector Bhati looking at video see everyone together enjoying and laughing. Bhati says he have both hands.
Sarkar praises Manmeet for his actions and says you are my true son, Chotay Sarkar. Inspector Bhati in shock after knowing Manmeet is his younger son. Meet walking in corridor of police station.

Meet in police station. Bhati calls her says sorry Meet I have leave suddenly. Meet say no worries I’m in police station so can you ask someone to show me video, I’m sure you might have seen something. Bhati says everyone was making fun of you and I saw whole footage nothing was important in that. Inspector Bhati get’s kidnapped and Manmeet pointing gun at him and ask him to lie. Bhati says the footage is in my laptop and I can’t share it’s password there are many confidential files in it, I’ll show you footage tomorrow. Meet says first Bhati called me urgently and now he is asking me to come tomorrow.
Manmeet and his men scare Bhati. Manmeet says did you forget Sarkar rule this place and you thought you will see inside Sarkar’s palace with help of camera and I won’t find it, let me tell you how I got to know…
(Manmeet walks to Narandra to help him get up and finds hidden camera in his locket. Manmeet thinks this means someone is watching everything but who is using so much of brain, I’m sure it’s Meet and Inspector Bhati.)


Inspector Bhati try to free himself. Manmeet says what happen why are you so eager to tell Meet everything, don’t worry once we are married everyone will tell her truth. Inspector says I’m rush to tell truth to Meet and save her from getting cheated. Manmeet mocks him and says Meet by herself walked inside hell when she kept foot in Sarkarpur and her life was ruined when she saw me for first time.

Meet in her bedroom feeling anxious.

Manmeet says now nobody can stop us from getting married and if someone try to stop it then I won’t let this happen.

Meet sit down and says I feel like something bad is going to happen.

Badri breaks Inspector Bhati phone. Manmeet warn Badri and ask him to take proper care of him. Manmeet thinks Meet is more smart then I thought, she won’t sit quiet if Bhati is not available, I have to find out what she is thinking.

Manmeet call Meet. Meet pick up his phone and ask what happen. Manmeet says what are you thinking about, were you thinking about me and new life. Meet thinks what should I do, should I tell him Sarkar is planning something, right now I don’t have proper evidence to tell him. Manmeet ask what happen where are you lost, can you hear me. Meet says nothing, I don’t understand why I’m not able to sleep. Manmeet says don’t worry I’ll help you to sleep. Meet says before marriage we are not allowed to see eachother. Manmeet says our heart are connected to eachother and sing song for her. Meet start laughing says enough I won’t sleep with this song you will make me hate this song. Manmeet says you can hate the song but don’t hate me and ask her to sign song for him. Meet sing song for him and end up with tears in her eyes. Manmeet sleep and start snoring. Meet hungs up phone and go to sleep.

Babita ask Ragini about Meet and walk inside room. Babita see Meet dressed up and gets happy. Ragini says Meet is ready and ask how does she look. Meet take Babita’s blessings.

Manmeet get’s video call from Jasodha. Jasodha get’s emotional after seeing him. Manmeet says soon your oath will be completed give me your blessings. Jasodha says my blessings are always with you.

Raj get’s emotional after seeing Meet says I’m feeling very sad, it feels like I’m giving my own daughter to someone else, we didn’t give birth to you but my heart will sink when you will leave this house.

Jasodha says I feel very blessed for having you, I know you will always be with me whenever I want you, I want to see her getting tortured only then I’ll feel good.

Meet says to Raj you loved me like a father and always kept me blessed, it’s hard for me too to stay away from everyone.

Manmeet says wait for sometime more then nobody will be able to stop your from taking your revenge, your time is coming to tie your hairs, now give me blessings I have to leave. Jasodha give him blessings and disconnects call.

Manmeet in hie room working out and remember the time police taking Sarkar with them and Jasodha taking oath and he promising everyone to take revenge from Meet. Manmeet says after today’s marriage my revenge will be done and my mom’s oath will be fulfilled. Manmeet receive video call from Gunwanti. He in shock pick up call. Shagun on other side greet him and says today I have kept fast so you are able to take your revenge, I was missing you that’s why I called you. Manmeet scolds her says are you mad why are you trying to attract trouble and tell me why did you called me from Gunwanti’s number where is your phone.

Gunwanti ask Shagun did you tell Manmeet that you left your phone at Meet’s house. Shagun says no. Gunwanti just take care of yourself soon you will get married to him and I think god listened to oyr prayers that’s no one got your phone, now stop worrying about it and she leaves. Shagun says I’m worried Meet should not get my phone.


Pandit chanting prayer. Meet sitting alone for prayer. Panditji ask her to pray with flower for good and happy life. Meet remember her encounter with Shagun and Inspector Bhati tell her about something important but soon he left police station. She open her eyes says I’m unable to connect dots, something is wrong, I should call Bhati so that I can check footage. Meet calls him but his number is switched off. Babita walks her and ask about pooja and scolds her for using phone. Meet says one minute I need to call Bhati he asked me to call today morning. Babita scolds her says Manmeet is waiting for you to get married but because of your stubbornness you are making wait Manmeet too atleast think about her.

Manmeet sitting in mandap. Pandit ask to call bride. Manmeet looking towards stairs. Raj says Meet is here. Meet coming downstairs with Ragini and Ishani. Everyone happy to see her. Manmeet looks at her thinks I’m bringing Meet to you.

Jasodha standing with Meet’s photo. Jasodha ask Panditji to start havan, my son is bringing his bride for one day, today will be my life’s biggest victory.

Manmeet help Meet to enter inside mandap. Panditji ask to exchange garlands. Manmeet put garland on Meet. Meet remembers her time when she got married to Meet Ahlawat. Meet thinks I still feel sceptical about this relation but I trust you mom and dad that’s why I’m getting married to him and put garland on Manmeet. Everyone throwing flowers on them. Manmeet and Meet sit down for further rituals.

Inspector Bhati trying to free himself.

Panditji ask Raj to complete ritual for Kanya Daan. Raj praises Meet for her love and says to Manmeet I can guarantee you she will always keep you happy. Manmeet thinks I can guarantee you this will be your last happiness. Raj says I’m giving you my most important thing just take care of one thing she should not cry ever. Manmeet looks at Meet and nod his head.

Inspector Bhati free his hand and thinks I have to tell Meet before phera that he is son of Sarkar. Goons behind him drinking alcohol.

Panditji ask Babita to do further ritual of gathbandhan. Babita help to tie there knots and says this is slipping again and again don’t know why I’m unable to tie. Manmeet give another piece of cloth to tie them together. Babita guve thek blessings.

Inspector Bhati stand up and throw sand in there eyes and run away.

Meet says we will stick together with eachother in any condition and start taking pehra with them.

Jasodha tear Meet’s photo and throw it in havan. Everyone at Sarkar’s palace doing pooja.

Panditji ask Bride and Groom to start pehra. Meet says we will always be together in our life and start taking pehra.

Jasodha tear Meet’s photo and throw it in havan.

Meet says I’ll always respect your family and being you wife you will always stand for me.

Jasodha says I’ll burn your self respect and reputation, she tear other part of her photo in throw it in havan.

Bhati run away from goons and think I have to tell truth about Manmeet to meet. Goons chasing him.

Meet says I promise to be with you till my death and want same promise from you.

Jasodha says you are coming to this house as one day bride and throw her photo in havan.

Meet says promise me you will respect me same way like you respect your family. Pandit ask Groom to come forward.

Jasodha says from this family you will only get disrespect and punishment. Sarkar enjoying.


Meet says promise me I’ll have all the rights of being a daughter in law. Manmeet receive message from Badri saying Inspector ran away. Manmeet thinks I have to be quick.

Jasodha says this house will be hell for you.

Meet says promise me you won’t disrespect me. Manmeet says sure now come fast.

Inspector Bhati outside Ahlawat mansion. Security guard says you cannot go inside. Bhati says I’ll try to enter inside from back door.

Meet and Manmeet chunri start burning. Meet try to remove dupatta. Manmeet says don’t remove I don’t want any bad omen say your promise fast. Meet says promise me you won’t share your love with anyone and no woman will come in your life. Manmeet says sure. Meet thinks what childish behaviour is this, everything will burn. Both of there dupatta on fire. They complete pehra and throw away dupatta.

Jasodha finally tear her whole photo throw it in havan and complete her ritual.

Meet throw water on dupatta and on Manmeet to control fire. Panditji ask to apply sindoor and make her wear mangalsutra. Manmeet take sindoor in his fingers and apply on Meet. Bhati come inside Ahlawat mansion but Badri grabs him from behind and take him away. Manmeet tie mangalsutra to Meet. Pandit says now you are married. Everyone applauds. Manmeet thinks your marriage is waste. Babita ask Manmeet are you alright. He says yes and receive from Badri saying situation under control. Meet ask why were you in rush so much what if something could have gone wrong. Manmeet saya everything is alright. Babita says to Meet my heart is saying your life will be happy now.

Jasodha says make arrengement everyone my son is coming with his one day bride, there should be no shortage in welcoming the new daughter-in-law, according to ritual mother in law have to make thali for welcoming her but I’ll hand her handkerchief to wipe tears. Sarkar laughing.

Meet ask Manmeet to change kurta and check for nay wound. Raj says yes go and change your clothes and ask Meet to help him. Manmeet says no itfeel shy little bit tell me I’ll do it and ask him way to change.
A man walk to Ram and give him Phone which he give to repair it. Meet walks to him and ask is this Shagun’s phone I asked you to repair. Ram give him phone and says yes. Raj ask Ram to help him for bidea ceremony.
Meet unlock phone and see video of Manmeet playing with Shagun, she check phone gallery and find Sarkar addressing him as his youngest son to everyone. Meet in shock after seeing everything. Meet remember her time spend with Manmeet. Meet hear Manmeet’s voice saying I’ll take revenge from Meet again and again.