Twist Of Fate January Teasers 2024


Twist Of Fate January Teasers 2024

Ranbeer confronts Akshay over his behaviour towards Prachi. Read ZeeWorld Twist of Fate January 2024 Teasers:

ZeeWorld Twist of Fate January 2024 Teasers

Monday 1 January 2024

Episode 90

Prachi remembers her time with Ranbeer and the memories spent with him. Akshay discusses with Prachi how they didn’t let the wedding rituals complete. Mihika comes home with an inebriated Ranbeer, and Prachi feels he is around.

Tuesday 2 January 2024

Episode 91

Vishaka takes Prachi for the ritual. Mihika stops Ranbeer, who wakes up, from leaving the house and asks him to have breakfast with her. Later, Prachi prepares to cook the delicacy for everyone.

Wednesday 3 January 2024

Episode 92

Ranbeer eats the sweet offered by Mihika and remembers Prachi. Prachi is shocked to see Ranbeer in Akshay’s house. They get into an argument, and she asks Ranbeer to leave.

Thursday 4 January 2024

Episode 93

Ranbeer asks Rhea to leave and decides to ruin Prachi’s life. Ranbeer promises to exact his revenge on Prachi and leaves the house. Akshay and Prachi get custody of Prachi. Three months later, Prachi and Khushi stay happily with Akshay and his family.

Friday 5 January 2024

Episode 94

Akshay is not able to convey his feelings to Prachi. The family awaits the arrival of Mihika’s boyfriend. When he doesn’t pick up the phone, Mihika starts feeling anxious and Akshay argues with her.

Saturday 6 January 2024

Episode 95

Prachi misses Ranbeer. Ranbeer tells his plan to Mihika and she agrees. Her family awaits her arrival and Mihika comes home with Ranbeer.

Sunday 7 January 2024

Episode 96

Vishaka gets Prachi to make preparations for welcoming Ranbeer. Prachi advises Akshay to give Mihika a chance. Akshay decides to talk to Ranbeer and Mihika about their relationship.

Monday 8 January 2024

Episode 97

Vishaka talks to Akshay about Prachi and asks about his feelings for her. Prachi and Ranbeer both wonder about their feelings. Ranbeer talks to Mihika’s family and later goes to talk to Prachi in the kitchen

Tuesday 9 January 2024

Episode 98

Mihika goes to talk to Ranbeer. Ranbeer gets jealous of Akshay and Prachi’s relationship. Later, Vishaka tells Manpreet that she will learn the truth about Ranbeer, and Mihika overhears them. Ranbeer decides to make Prachi jealous.

Wednesday 10 January 2024

Episode 99

Ranbeer turns the tables and asks questions to Prachi and Akshay. Ranbeer is blindfolded and asked to look for Mihika, but he ends up holding Prachi’s hand. Prachi later tells Ranbeer that she doesn’t need him anymore. Later, Manpreet makes a request to Vishaka.

Thursday 11 January 2024

Episode 100

Ranbeer decides to stay longer with Mihika’s family. Vishaka conveys his doubts to Mr Tandon and Manpreet. Mihika feels a belonging towards Ranbeer and after seeing the two, Prachi gets bothered.

Friday 12 January 2024

Episode 101

Akshay and Ranbeer make a promise to Prachi and Mihika that the truth about their relationship will not come out. Prachi tells Mihika about Ranbeer’s behaviour. Ranbeer asks Prachi why she left him.

Saturday 13 January 2024

Episode 102

Mihika and Ranbeer do the ritual well, and Mr Tandon asks Ranbeer to call his parents. Prachi asks Akshay to not hasten with any decision regarding Ranbeer. Manpreet feels suspiscious of Ranbeer. Later, Ranbeer and Mihika are asked to do a ritual.

Sunday 14 January 2024

Episode 103

Akshay later tries to appease Vishaka. Vishaka puts a doubt in Akshay’s mind that Prachi is in love with her ex husband. Akshay and Prachi fight and seeing them, Ranbeer feels elated

Monday 15 January 2024

Episode 104

Prachi and Ranbeer try to learn each other’s truth. Pallavi and the others blame Rhea for Ranbeer leaving and ask her to leave. Ranbeer says to Vishaka that Prachi and Akshay are not in love and are putting on an act. Later, Pallavi misses Ranbeer.

Tuesday 16 January 2024

Episode 105

Pallavi thinks about Ranbeer and calls a sage, who says that Ranbeer could be in danger. Later, Akshay’s behaviour starts to get unstable. Mayank shows up and Mihika feels terrified of him.

Wednesday 17 January 2024

Episode 106

Akshay decides to learn about Prachi’s past. Pallavi and Daljeet also arrive at the mall, and Mihika and Divya overhear their conversation. Later, Prachi and Ranbeer get stuck in the same trial room.

Thursday 18 January 2024

Episode 107

Pallavi sees Prachi and goes to confront her. Mayank confronts Mihika and tells her that she belongs to him. Akshay tells Mihika that he knows she is lying to him.

Friday 19 January 2024

Episode 108

Prachi tries to go save Ranbeer, but Akshay stops her. Mihika tells Prachi that she will help Ranbeer as well. The leader of the goons holds Prachi at gunpoint and Ranbeer fights him. Ranbeer and Prachi hide together.

Saturday 20 January 2024

Episode 109

Later, the goons take Prachi away and their leader threatens her. The police inspector speaks to the leader of the goons. Pallavi and Ranbeer come face-to-face. Akshay worries about Prachi. Later, one of the goons runs into Prachi but Ranbeer comes to her aid.

Sunday 21 January 2024

Episode 110

Prachi’s life ends up in danger but Ranbeer, instead of Akshay, comes to her rescue. The Tandons praise Ranbeer. Akshay tells Mihika that he will prove it to her that Ranbeer is in love with Prachi.

Monday 22 January 2024

Episode 111

Prachi’s life ends up in danger but Ranbeer, instead of Akshay, comes to her rescue. The Tandons praise Ranbeer. Akshay tells Mihika that he will prove it to her that Ranbeer is in love with Prachi.

Tuesday 23 January 2024

Episode 112

Ranbeer learns that it was Akshay’s ploy to call Pallavi. Manpreet talks to Pallavi about Ranbeer’s engagement with Mihika and everyone feels elated over it. Later, Prachi learns about the engagement.

Wednesday 24 January 2024

Episode 113

Pallavi tells the family members about Ranbeer and the Tandons. Mayank breaks into Mihika’s room and loses his temper over her. Later, Akshay brings Aryan home. Prachi and Sahana talk about Ranbeer.

Thursday 25 January 2024

Episode 114

Mayank threatens Mihika and asks her not to get engaged to Ranbeer. Ranbeer asks Prachi to flee with him, and later saves Prachi from a fall. After seeing this, Akshay lashes out at Ranbeer. Mayank gets upset with Mihika after seeing her siding with Ranbeer.

Friday 26 January 2024

Episode 115

Pallavi sees Prachi and gets furious and refuses to talk to her. Ranbeer looks for the ring with Aryan. Vishaka later asks Pallavi and Daljeet that if Ranbeer is in love with his first wife.

Saturday 27 January 2024

Episode 116

Pallavi tells Vikram that she has a doubt on Mihika and Ranbeer’s relationship. Mayank executes his plan and continues to dupe Mihika. Later, Pallavi questions Ranbeer but he tells her to trust him.

Sunday 28 January 2024

Episode 117

Rhea arrives at the ceremony to Pallavi’s surprise. Rhea mentions to Pallavi that she will not let Ranbeer get engaged to Mihika. Later, Akshay sees Rhea and tries to question her but Ranbeer intervenes.

Monday 29 January 2024

Episode 118

Rhea proclaims in front of all the guests that she loves Ranbeer. Rhea creates a scene at the engagement ceremony. Vishaka slaps Rhea and Prachi apologises for her actions. Ranbeer drags Rhea out and says that he doesn’t love her.

Tuesday 30 January 2024

Episode 119

Rhea plans to kidnap Mihika. Later, Ranbeer and Prachi start feeling drowsy and end up getting locked in a room together. They start acting tipsy, and Pallavi decides to help them

Wednesday 31 January 2024

Episode 120

A drunk Ranbeer tells everyone that he cannot get engaged. Everyone at the engagement searches for Mihika. Ranbeer suspects that Mihika is kidnapped. Later, Prachi goes to confront Rhea, but Rhea tries to kill her.

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Other Zee World Teasers

Mihika attempts suicide

Akshay telling Mihika that her Ranbir is a great person, and we all will clap for him, but he is so great that he can’t stay here, and that’s final. He asks Ranbir and his family to leave. Pallavi is shocked. Mihika asks why the marriage will not happen and asks who are you to tell me this, that Ranbir and my marriage will not happen. Akshay says I am your real brother. Mihika asks him to behave like one. Ashok shouts asking Akshay to stop it. Vishaka asks Akshay if you will understand, if I will hit my head somewhere. Akshay says I am understanding, but I will not let Mihika marry such a guy. Prachi asks Akshay, what do you mean by such guy. She says just now we had talked, didn’t you understand?

Akshay says I am talking about Ranbir. Prachi says the way you are saying…Vishaka says I am talking. Pallavi says you don’t know her, she is like this and says why don’t you let us live peacefully and problems come in our lives because of you. Mihika tells that nothing has happened due to Prachi Bhabhi, but problem is happening due to my brother. She says don’t say sorry to Prachi Bhabhi. Akshay asks her not to interfere. Mihika says I have right to say. Manpreet says you have crossed all the limits. Akshay says Ranbir has crossed the limits and not me. Pallavi asks if you have called us to insult us, what your son is saying that the marriage can’t happen. Prachi says sorry to Pallavi, and says the way Akshay is behaving, it is not Bua ji’s mistake. Pallavi says exactly, it is all your mistakes and asks why you don’t let us live peacefully. Ranbir asks why you are blaming Prachi. Pallavi says I am talking to prachi. Akshay asks them to stop their argument and end your mental and emotional support, and tells that this marriage will not happen, as I love my sister a lot and can’t see her life ruined.

Mihika says you are worried for your happiness and your insecurities for Prachi, and says it is yours and not of Ranbir and Prachi. Ranbir says exactly and says if I love her and wanted to take Prachi from here, then nobody can stop me. He says but there is some reason why I am not doing this and asks him to think. He thinks the reason is his daughter and he can’t do any mistake for her. Prachi says we all have moved on in our lives. Akshay says you have moved on, but not Ranbir. He asks him to leave. Ranbir says I will leave and don’t want to stay here. Mihika cries. Manpreet tells Mihika that she will stop Ranbir. Ranbir brings his stuff and apologizes to everyone, and says I knew that I have to leave house one day, but not this way. He thanks them for giving him love and made him as a family member. He says there is a limit for everything and says when the matter is about his self respect, he couldn’t bear it anymore and apologizes to them for leaving this way. Mihika cries and asks Ranbir not to go. She says she will ask Bhai to apologize to him. She asks Akshay to stop Ranbir and apologize to him. Akshay turns his face. Mihika says she will make everything fine. Ranbir says nothing can be fine now, I don’t want to hurt you, but I can’t stay here anymore. Mihika warns Akshay that something wrong will happen and asks him to stop him. Manpreet asks Ranbir not to leave Mihika and says she will die. Vishaka asks Ranbir not to go this way, and says I will talk to Akshay.

Ranbir says I am so sorry, but I can’t stay here as it is the matter of my self respect. Mihika cries and says please Ranbir. Ranbir asks her not to cry, and says if I could then I would have stayed for you and your family, but I can’t stay, as your brother said so much to me. He goes out of the house and calls driver. Pallavi asks what you are doing, you would have thought before doing this. Ranbir says I thought enough and all the limits are crossed. Mihika comes out and asks Ranbir not to leave him. Ranbir asks her to come back to her senses and says you knows well that we don’t love each other, so stop saying that your love is going away from your life, and says you knows that our relation is a compromise, and says sorry to her. Mihika pleads infront of him and asks him not to go. Ranbir says it is too late now. Akshay and Abhay come out. Akshay asks Mihika to come inside and says it is too much now. Ranbir says this is happening because of you, and asks him to handle his sister. Akshay says I will handle her. Mihika tells Ranbir that she will die without him. Ranbir says sorry. He sits in the car and leaves with Dida and Pallavi. Abhay asks Mihika to calm down.

Mihika comes inside and keeps knife on her wrist. Prachi asks Mihika not to do this and says this is wrong. Manpreet says she will call Ranbir, but Akshay takes her phone. Prachi tries to stop her. Vishaka asks if you are mad in Ranbir’s love. Manpreet gives her swear and says she will talk to Ranbir. Mihika cuts her wrist shocking everyone. Akshay ties handkerchief on her wrist, lifts her and takes her to the hospital. Everyone goes with her.

They rush Mihika to the hospital. Abhay tells Nurse that she tried to commit suicide. Nurse says it is Police case. Prachi asks her to see her condition and asks her to call the doctor. Ashok says he has already called the doctor and asks her to call him. Doctor comes and tells them that he will do the best. Mihika is taken to the ward. Akshay and Abhay come to the PS. Abhay tells that their sister tried to commit suicide and that’s why they need FIR to be filed for hospital formalities. Akshay says I don’t want to file FIR just for hospital, but there is a guy because of whom, Mihika tried to commit suicide. Abhay tries to stop him. Akshay says the guy provoked her to take such an extreme step and says he is Ranbir Kohli and I request you to arrest him.

Prachi asks Manpreet not to worry and don’t lose strength, says Mihika will be fine, Dr. Viren is good. Manpreet says Mihika is her daughter, she doesn’t know how to save Mihika’s life. Vishaka cries and tells that she couldn’t bear this, and wants to go to temple. She says everything was fine till morning. She says Mihika is my daughter, though you both have given her birth. She says I have brought up Akshay and Mihika, and my both children are sad and nobody is happy. Manpreet goes from there. Vishaka faints. Ashok goes to bring water. Prachi cares for Vishaka and cries.

Akshay asks Abhay, what happened, why is he worried? Abhay says I feel that you have done wrong and you shouldn’t have given that statement and says it was wrong to say that Mihika cut her wrist due to Ranbir. He says she didn’t cut wrist because of Ranbir and says her mental condition is not good. Akshay says Mihika is fine and tells that he has taught a lesson to Ranbir, and says Akshay Tandon is always right, now see what I will do.

Akshay gets Ranbir arrested

Dida telling Ranbir to take rest and says she will set everything. Ranbir thanking Dida and says I didn’t want to come here few days back, but I can feel peace in my room. Dida asks him to freshen up. Pallavi comes to him and says I am happy that you are here, but didn’t like the way you left everything and came here. Vikram comes there and hugs him, and says my tiger is back. He asks how are you? Ranbir says I need your help. Vikram says I am always with you. Pallavi says will you not ask him, how he came here? Vikram says whatsoever the reason, he came to his own house. Dida asks Pallavi to be happy as her son returned. Pallavi says you are talking about this, when you saw everything. He gets Manpreet’s call and tells Pallavi that he can’t pick the call, as if he can’t refuse her if she asks him anything, she is a good lady. Pallavi takes phone from his hand and picks the call. Manpreet cries and calls Ranbir on call. Ranbir asks Manpreet not to cry and says you are thinking as if Mihika is broken, but it is normal thing for her. He guarantees that they never had love thing between them, they were in a compromised relation. Manpreet asks him to listen and tells that Mihika tried to commit suicide and she is serious in ICU. She asks him to come there once. Vikram asks what has happened? They all leave from there.

Prachi asks Vishaka to have water and says Mihika will be fine. Vishaka says Prachi…you are good, but you have to bear so much because of Akshay, everyone has to suffer. Mihika gains consciousness and insists to talk to Ranbir. Doctor asks her not to take stress and rest. Mihika faints again. Manpreet tells Ashok that she has called Ranbir here. Ashok asks why did you call him, what he will think, why you all are behind him. Manpreet says Ranbir has promised me that he will come, and says Mihika will want to see Ranbir when she gains consciousness. Doctor comes out and says Mihika is sleeping and is out of danger now. He asks them to call Ranbir as she is taking his name in unconscious state. Manpreet says he is her fiancé. Doctor says ok, call him. Akshay comes there and says he has filed the FIR. Vishaka goes upset from there. Akshay asks why she is upset with me. Abhay says everyone is upset with you.

Akshay goes behind Vishaka. Vishaka says Mihika is my daughter, and tells him that he didn’t listen to her, and is giving pain to the family. She asks who is responsible for this and says who asked you to take this decision alone just because you couldn’t control your anger. Akshay says I am controlling my anger, but it seems you couldn’t control your anger. He says I have proved that Ranbir loves Prachi and not Mihika, and then also you all are upset. He says Ranbir doesn’t love Mihika, but Prachi. Vishaka asks him to be quiet and asks him not to punish someone else for his mistake. He says what is Mihika’s mistake if you couldn’t make Prachi as your wife. He says you wanted to become Prachi’s friend and needed time, says Ranbir will flee with Prachi in no time. Akshay says I will not let him come in my house, he can come if he gets married in our house, but I won’t let it happen.

Vishaka praises Ranbir and says if he had married Mihika then wouldn’t have looked at Prachi after that. She says you didn’t let this happen and Prachi is not your wife fully, so you are letting them unite. She asks him to stop going against Ranbir again and again. Akshay says the world is changed and you don’t know how it is. He says I trust my actions and intentions. Vishaka asks what did you do? Akshay says I have ended all the drama, your Ranbir is going to jail. Vishaka is shocked.

Divya comes to the hospital crying and asks Ashok how is Mihika? She says how did you let this happen. Prachi hugs Divya and says Mihika is out of danger and asks her not to cry infront of her. Abhay hugs Divya and pacifies her. He makes her sit and says she is out of danger now. Prachi asks Manpreet to stop crying and says Mihika will be fine. She comes to Ashok and rests her head on his shoulder to pacify him. Ranbir and his family come there. Manpreet hugs Pallavi and cries. Pallavi says Mihika will be fine. Akshay comes there and says you have come here again. Ashok stops him. Abhay recalls Akshay asking Inspector to arrest Ranbir. Abhay tells Divya that a big problem is going to happen. Divya asks what happened?

Abhay sees Inspector coming there. Vikram says Police. Ashok says hospital authorities asked for FIR copy for treatment. Inspector says we have to do our work. He meets the Doctor and says he wants to take her statement. Doctor asks him to come after 2 hours, as she is not in her conscience now. Inspector says ok.

He tells Vikram that she is not in her conscience so I can’t take her statement now. Pallavi asks him to let her rest physically and mentally. Dida says don’t know what she has gone through. Inspector says we have to follow the norms. Ashok says just as my daughter gets fine, I will bring her to the PS. Akshay tells him that their mother is crying as wrong thing have happened with her daughter. Inspector says we will make everything fine and will punish the guilty. He asks who is Ranbir Kohli? Ranbir says I am Ranbir Kohli. Vikram, Pallavi and Dida tell that they are his family. Ranbir asks why you are asking about me. Inspector says it is crime to provoke someone for suicide. Akshay says he will tell everything to Inspector, and tells Ranbir that they had a fight, then why did you leave the house? Pallavi says as you told him. Ranbir says no, I left house as I want to end all ties with him. Akshay tells Ranbir that he left house, even after knowing that Mihika loves him a lot, she pleaded infront of him, but he left in the car. Dida and Vishaka try to stop him.

Akshay says let me say the truth and tells Inspector that Mihika cried and pleaded infront of him, but then also he left after breaking the engagement. Everyone is shocked. Prachi says you are doing wrong Akshay. Akshay says my sister has done this due to him and asks Inspector to arrest Ranbir. Inspector handcuffs Ranbir. Pallavi says I was there, nothing of that sort happened. Prachi says Akshay is saying everything in a wrong way and asks him not to arrest Ranbir. Even Manpreet and Ashok try to stop Ranbir’s arrest, but Inspector takes him. Pallavi confronts Tandon family for getting Ranbir arrested and declares that this alliance will not happen, and she breaks Mihika and Ranbir’s alliance. Manpreet is going behind Pallavi, but Akshay stops her and says we don’t want the marriage to happen there. Manpreet tells Akshay that she don’t want to see his face.

Vikram, Pallavi and Dida go with Ranbir. Vikram tries to tell Inspector that Ranbir is innocent. Inspector asks if you have a daughter and tells that your son broke the engagement and didn’t think about that girl’s pain. Pallavi tells that she was there, and Mihika’s brother initiated the talk about breaking the alliance and now he is accusing my son. Dida says whatever happened with that girl, has happened because of her brother, and not due to my Ranbir. Inspector asks if she don’t care for that girl’s pain being a woman yourself. Ranbir asks him to talk to Mummy and Dida with respect. Inspector asks what you do with women, do you do puja? He asks him to think about Mihika’s mother and asks Vikram to go and hire some lawyer for his bail. Dida says Ranbir has not done anything. Pallavi says I am proud of my son. Vikram asks them to be there, and says he will bring his lawyer. Ranbir says I am not in tension. Dida says everything will be fine.