May Teasers on This is Love 2018 Glow Tv

May Teasers on This is Love 2018 Glow Tv

Shagun asks Pihu to run away after marriage. Ishita asks Shagun to get ready. Shagun says you guys enjoy, you don’t know what will happen after marriage.

Ishita gets Anil’s letter and gets shocked reading it.

Shagun says Anil died writing this, how shall I prove I m right, I gave birth to your daughter and raised Pihu, someone does not want to see me happy. Ishita asks who will do this.

Ashok tells Niddhi that Shagun is taking Pihu to Mani’s house. Niddhi gets glad and says Ishita loves her children, she saved Ruhi from me, lets see how she saves Pihu.

Pihu refuses to watch serial and goes to her room. Ishita says I will call Shagun and send Pihu with her, Pihu will be happy. Raman says what are you doing, you are world’s best mum. She says I m worst mum and cries.

Ruhi tells Pihu that Ishita used to love her a lot. Pihu says she would be angel in your story, but she is wicked witch in my story, she is not my mumma, Shagun is my mumma.

Ishita scolds Ashok for being small minded person. She takes his good class. Ishita cries, saying I spoiled everything, its so embarrassing, Raman will lose this contract because of me.

Ishita blames Shagun for kidnapping her and trying to get her murdered. Shagun says I just want to meet my daughter. Raman stops Shagun and says its enough now.

Raman tells Ishita that he knows to rectify mistakes. She asks so easily. He says lets make a fresh start. She laughs. They both introduce each other. He says there is name confusion, we are not husband and wife from today. She asks what do you mean.

Raman and Ishita argue. He says you guys don’t know how many work men have. She finds him cute and says think what women manage.

Students rag Ishita, while she is happily doing the task. Raman hopes Ishita did not do anything and get shocked seeing Ishita. He gets angry and asks who is troubling my wife, how dare you, she is a doctor and more qualified that you all.

A girls praises Raman’s look, Raman too praises the girl’s looks. Ishita gets jealous.