Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 27 November 2019


Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 27 November 2019

Anurag hugging Prerna and thinking I wanted you to be with me, but this will only hurt me, no Prerna, you have to go away from me. She says your beard has come out Prerna. She gets shocked. He says you did all this for these papers, Prerna. She pushes him on the floor.

She says I knew that you are with Komolika, you want divorce, but I won’t let this happen. She locks him and runs. Komolika gets Chobey’s call. She asks where are you, I can’t tolerate these idiots. He says listen to me, this raid is fake, I had got a call from IT dept, they told me that they didn’t pass any such order, those people have barged into the house with some motive. She gets shocked.

Komolika thinks of Prerna and say they are in my room, the papers are in locker. Anurag knocks door. Prerna says we got the papers. Nivedita says we have no shell company. Anupam says we are done and rushes out. Komolika stops Prerna and Shivani, and says take your haldi milk, we have to know what all you are taking with you. Anurag opens the door and comes out. He sees Prerna with Komolika. Komolika pulls Prerna’s fake beard. Mohini and Nivedita get shocked. Komolika asks Shivani to show her real face. Shivani removes her fake beard. Komolika says Prerna did this fake raid to steal these papers, now her game is over. She takes the papers.

Prerna says you cheated me to sign papers. Komolika says you provoked me. Prerna says I didn’t do anything. Nivedita scolds Prerna and Shivani. Prerna says I m not this family’s bahu, but I m Anurag’s wife. Komolika says its enough, I will show you your real place. Anurag shouts stop it Komolika. He comes downstairs and stops Komolika. He says you heard what Nivedita said, don’t fall to her level, you maintain your dignity, things won’t go as she wanted, Prerna wants to trouble us, but we won’t get into her plans, she has lost, her plan has failed, because of my life Komolika. Prerna looks on. Anurag says come, lets go, enough of this drama. Prerna and Shivani leave.
Anupam says I waited for them and they didn’t come, I thought they came home.

Veena says I m worried. He says I m scared that Komolika caught them, I hope this didn’t happen. Mahesh asks Veena not to worry. Komolika says I swear, I won’t leave Prerna. Anurag says relax, listen to me, don’t leave her, I don’t like the stress on your innocent face, Prerna is used to it, you are different, she doesn’t have a class. Komolika says she did bad with me, I will not spare her. He says relax. He massages her shoulders and asks her to calm down. He says leave all the stress and problems to me, you just relax, take care of your health and think about good things, plan a trip, keep smiling. She asks why do you always tell me to spare Prerna. He says when you stop thinking about Prerna, you will think about me. She says so sorry, Prerna has spoiled my mood. He says calm down, we will talk about us. He thinks I wish I could strangle you.

Prerna and Shivani come home. Prerna says we got caught. Anupam asks what. Mahesh says Komolika is very cunning, she wasn’t believing you, she is very smart. Shivani says Komolika took papers from us. Prerna says our hard work went in vain, Komolika called us out and I stopped, I failed. Veena asks Prerna not to lose, its her decision, if she wants to fail or make her destiny.

Nivedita shouts to Anupam. She says I haven’t seen him today. She calls Anupam. Shivani laughs. Anupam answers the call and says I came at my friend’s place. Nivedita says come back home, I want to tell you something. He agrees. Shivani says coward. He asks what’s so funny. Prerna says I hope Nivedita doesn’t doubt on you. Anupam says I have some work, I will reach home late. Prerna says I will be there before you. Mohini and Nivedita see Moloy’s pics. Mohini says I love his smile. Nivedita says he will be back soon. Prerna comes. Nivedita taunts. Mohini says I didn’t think she will return, but she has come back. Nivedita says she has gone crazy. Nivedita says she can’t listen what I m saying. Prerna says I thought you are talking to each other and taunting as usual, our relation is fine, you both are typical, why would I be ashamed to come to my own house. She goes. Anurag looks on and smiles.

A lady comes home and talks to Veena. She praises Shivani’s looks. She says you didn’t tell me about Prerna’s marriage but I will find alliance for Shivani. Veena says I have to support my children always. Shivani says mum is managing even dad’s duties, mum wants me to settle down too. Anupam comes to Nivedita and says I went to Shekhar’s house. Nivedita says you know what happened today, there was a raid at home, Anurag wasn’t answering, Komolika took her dad’s help and learnt that raid was fake. He says maybe Navin did this. She says Prerna and Shivani did this, one Sardar sounded like you. She checks his face. He says you are hurting me. She teases him. He runs and tickles her. They laugh. She gets away and says good night, you may sleep on this bed tonight. He smiles. Prerna asks why are you smiling. He says I was imagining, if you were really a Sardar. She says if you come in my way, I will teach you a lesson. He thinks you can tackle everyone, even Komolika.

Anurag leaving for a meeting. Manager says the meeting got cancelled. Anurag says I m on the way. Anupam jokes. Komolika asks him to come for shopping with her. Mohini says we have Kuldevi puja, you both have to buy new clothes and wear in puja, you have to go. Anurag says of course. Veena talks to Prerna on call. She says Shivani heard me talking and agreed for marriage, can you buy a saree for her. Prerna says I will leave for shopping. Veena says I knew Shivani is hiding here. She asks Shivani to talk to Prerna.

Prerna asks Shivani is she happy, does she want to marry. Shivani says I found mum happy talking to Kaki, so I thought I should get married, I can do this for mum’s happiness. Prerna asks her to come to the nearby mall. Komolika checks the clothes.

Anurag thinks this color will suit Prerna. Komolika selects a dress and goes to try it. Anurag sees the dress for Prerna. Prerna and Shivani are in the same mall. Shivani asks Prerna to try the same dress.
Anurag and Prerna go for trials. Prerna enters the trial room and shouts seeing Anurag shirtless. He says its me, Anurag, how did you come here. She gives his shirt and asks him to wear it. He says I m wearing it, you can open your eyes. She says the door isn’t opening. He says wait, I will try. They argue. She falls in his arms. She says you did this deliberately right. Komolika says Anurag will be breathless seeing me in this dress, lucky you Anurag. The guys stare at her. She smiles. Anurag says you think I did this. Prerna says I can feel that you are not the Anurag you are trying to become, we both didn’t had marriage certificate when we were in the police station, you supported me, why, on the day of holi, you smeared color on me first. He says I like your behavior, you always try to come closer to me, you came here to spend time with me, I have said enough, lets do for what we have come here, lets have some fun.

She pushes him away and asks are you fine. Main tera…..plays….She falls in his arms again. He thinks she shouldn’t see love in my eyes, I should just appear as a flirt. He asks are you going to stay in my arms forever, if Komolika sees this, she will be hurt. She asks him to get up and go to Komolika. The lady compliments Komolika. Komolika meets a friend. Her friend says sorry, I heard about your marriage, Anurag’s wife is Prerna. Komolika says I also heard that your husband divorced you for another woman. Her friend says yes, I m sure that Anurag and Prerna are the real couple, it will be good if you accept the truth, Anurag will leave you for Prerna.

Komolika says he has come with me on shopping, he is changing in changing room. Her friend asks is he changing you, enjoy your shopping. Komolika gets angry. Anurag says yes, I m leaving, you asked me what am I thinking, you wanted to impress me, you took control of my room and then spoiled my honeymoon, now you came here. She says I didn’t come here for you, I m here to shop for Shivani, groom’s family is coming to see her. He says that’s great, congrats. She says I can’t understand you. He says I m a complicated man, this color suits you. She says I hate this color, I m not going to wear this color again. He asks will you go away from me. She says don’t even think, nice try, I m with you but I don’t love you, I will not let you live peacefully, I m going to snatch your happiness, I won’t let you stay with Komolika. He thinks Komolika will try to hurt you, I have to pretend to be with her.

Nivedita gets ready. Anupam helps her. Mohini comes and sees them together. She asks Nivedita to come with her. She scolds Anupam and takes Nivedita with her. Komolika collides with Shivani. She says you should be banned in this wall. She taunts Shivani. Shivani says your brother is roaming free because of me, you couldn’t help him, we had a deal. Komolika threatens her and asks what are you doing here in this expensive mall. Shivani says Prerna is trying out a simple and beautiful saree, she is already beautiful, unlike others. Komolika says I promise to teach you a lesson. She goes to check Anurag. Anurag says you told you won’t live with me and not let Komolika live with me, its so unfair, decide it, I need someone, I have both wives with me now. Komolika checks the trial rooms. She asks Prerna are you inside. Prerna smiles seeing Anurag.

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