Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 26 November 2019


Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 26 November 2019

Anurag leaving for his office. Anupam sees him and calls Shivani. He asks them to come. He gets ready. Mohini says you both seem very happy. Komolika says Prerna is going to leave in couple of days. Nivedita says why shall we wait, when we can throw her out the same day.

Komolika says I want her to undergo the same torture, we will have to torture her, I want her to live in fear. Prerna, Shivani and Anupam take disguise of Sardars and come in. They say we are Income tax officers and introduce themselves. Prerna says I m Happy Singh, I have come to make you unhappy, your house is raised. She recalls Anupam’s plan to raid the Basu house. Shivani asks how will we get the papers, I don’t think Moloy did any wrong work. He says we three will raid the house, Komolika said papers are in locker, we will steal the papers and leave.
Shivani says we have no qualifications. He says we will go in disguise and go with confidence. FB ends. Nivedita says maybe you got the wrong info. Anupam asks all the servants to come out. Shivani shuts the door. Prerna gives the notice and asks Mohini to check. Nivedita says its not possible. Prerna says if you hide the papers, the raid will take place. Anupam says he means about fake companies. Shivani says we just want the papers. Ronit comes and says we can leave.

Komolika says its a raid. He says I m leaving, I m not from this family. Anupam says stop him. Shivani goes to stop Ronit. She recalls his cheap deeds. Ronit says I m not from this family, you won’t get any info from me. Shivani slaps him. Anupam thinks these sisters are taking out their revenge. Prerna stops Komolika and says we have no personal enmity. Shivani says it was a mosquito, I slapped by mistake. Ronit says I have imp work, let me go. Anupam thinks Shivani will get angry if he stays here. He asks Ronit to just leave. Ronit goes. He says no one will move from here.

Shivani says I was angry on Ronit. Anupam says our focus should be on papers, tomorrow we will come in goons’ disguise and beat Ronit, I promise. Prerna says we will start from Nivedita’s room. Nivedita asks how do you know my room is that side. Komolika says I know they are lying, Moloy has made this company by honesty and hardwork. Mohini says something is wrong, they took our cellphones, our landlines are still there, there is no one to keep an eye on us. Komolika says I will find out, I will check their govt. IDs. Nivedita asks Prerna again.

Prerna says we have asked you about the room and you looked over there, its our tricks. Komolika says stop, forgive me but I want to see your ID proofs. Nivedita says show us your ID cards. Mahesh gets the ID cards. He recalls hearing Veena praying for Prerna. He asks what happened. She says nothing, have breakfast. He asks what’s the problem. She says nothing. He asks why are you worried. She says Komolika tricked Prerna to sign the legal papers, Shivani and Anupam have gone to Basu house as Sardar, like IT officers to raid the house, so that they get the papers and ruin it.

He says good, did they make ID. She says don’t know, Shivani said they are going with confidence. He says its stupidity, if anyone is suspicious, they will ask for ID, I will get their ID cards made, come with me and give me their photos. FB ends. He says I m Toto, their driver. Anupam thinks how did he come. He says yes, he is our driver. Prerna shows the ID cards. Mahesh thinks its good I found mum worried, and got this made. Komolika asks Anupam where is his ID. Mahesh thinks I didn’t had his photo. He says I forgot your ID, I will get it. Komolika says get his ID, something is odd, you didn’t disconnect landlines. Prerna says we did this deliberately, its because of Moloy, we are here because of him. Anupam says take your phone, you are disturbing us, we will not tolerate this, we have come to work. Komolika and Nivedita leave. Anupam says we will soon get papers and come. Mahesh says Bunty my friend has managed all this. Prerna scolds him. Anupam says nice people can’t do this work. Mahesh says you are my friend now.

Anurag is busy in conference He gets a call and disconnects. Mohini says I don’t understand what’s happening, how will we explain that we don’t have shell companies. Anurag disconnects the call again. He says I don’t want to repeat the mistake, go through the files once. Komolika says Anurag isn’t answering my call. Nivedita says he should answer the call. She asks Mohini to relax. Komolika calls Chobey and talks to Dubey uncle. She asks for her dad. Dubey says Chobey is in meeting. She says ask dad to call me, its very urgent. He says fine, I will tell him. He thinks what had happened there that Komolika is shouting. Anupam stops Prerna and says we have to go to Mohini’s room first, we can’t go to Komolika’s room now.

Mahesh says you mean papers are in Mohini’s room. Anupam says listen to me, I m saying that we can’t enter Komolika’s room first, they will doubt us. Prerna says we will create a mess in Mohini’s room and then come here. Nivedita asks who told you that we have shell companies. Prerna says we can’t tell this. They go ahead. Shivani asks what’s in this pic, Mohini is covered up with gold, I will steal the necklace. Prerna asks did you come to steal this, stop Shivani. Shivani gets the jewellery and says we will hide it in Komolika’s room and then ask her. Prerna says I think this belongs to Komolika. Shivani says its a nice idea, we will ask her how she got this expensive jewellery and ask her to get receipt, we will find locker keys and get the papers. Prerna asks what if anyone catches us.

Shivani telling Prerna that they won’t get caught. Prerna keeps the jewelry in the dustbin. Mohini worries. Komolika talks to Chobey on call. She says its urgent, there is a problem, there is a raid at home. He asks what, are you not at home, how are you calling. She says Moloy did some favor on them, so they have let me make the call, so I called you to take help, please do something, help me. He asks her not to worry. Komolika asks Mohini not to worry, dad will do something. She goes and stops Prerna. She asks what’s in this basket, are you planning to steal something or plant something in my room to accuse me. Prerna says no, we want to check the gold and papers. Shivani says people can hide things anywhere, we will tear the bedsheet and then the sofa, we know

where the papers are hidden. Prerna says stop this nonsense, go and sit there, we will just take things that’s illegal. Komolika says whatever I own is mine, I don’t cheat anyone to get anything, you won’t get anything. Happy says you fake wife. Komolika asks why did you say that, I heard it, you called me fake wife. Prerna says no, I didn’t. Komolika says no, I heard it.
Mahesh asks Anupam what is he doing. Anupam says I had a fight with my wife yesterday, so this is okay, chill, I m not stealing anything. He asks Nivedita is this gold vase. She says its just gold painted. He says this necklace looks expensive. She says yes, I don’t check price before buying. Mahesh says that pillow has golden work. Anupam says I will check. Mahesh says you are crossing limit. Anupam says I m her husband. Mahesh says that golden egg, check it, stay away and be in character, I got a phone call, I have to go and raid another house. He goes. Shivani asks why did you call Komolik as fake wife. Prerna says she is fake wife. Komolika comes to them and says you have called me fake wife. Shivani says you felt bad. Komolika asks her to keep quiet. She asks Prerna again. Prerna says I got a gut feeling.

Shivani thinks they are fighting, how do I stop them. Anupam comes. Komolika says Prerna….. she has sent you here, right, I m sure, she is a liar. Anupam asks who Prerna, we have come to work, not talk. Shivani says see so many jewellery under the bed. Komolika asks how did it come here, how is that a big deal. Anupam says give me receipt. Komolika says its gifts, dad has bought it for me. Anupam says call your dad and get it. Komolika goes. Anupam says she wants to irritate us. Prerna says where there is a will, there is a way. They look for keys. Komolika asks Mohini how can I get receipt for jewellery. Mohini says its not wise to fight them, think with a calm mind, we have to handle it. Dubey says I have spoke to IT commissioner, he is asking for 10-15 mins. Chobey calls Komolika and says I have talked to the central govt, they will stop the raid soon. Komolika thanks him. She says everything will get fine. Chobey says I don’t want to see my daughter in trouble, Dubey you should always give me the phone when she calls. Dubey says sorry.

Prerna says stop talking, let me find the key. Anupam says I will go out and keep an eye. Prerna finds the keys and gets happy. Nivedita asks manager to go to Anurag right away and make her talk to him. Anurag says I m in meeting. The man says sorry, its Nivedita on call. Nivedita and Komolika ask Anurag where is he. He says sorry, I was busy in meeting. Komolika says there is a raid in our house, they said we have an illegal shell company. He says let them search for it, just let it be. She says sorry, I can’t tolerate it. He says don’t tell me, you took this on your ego. She says come home. Mohini says leave your work and come home now. He agrees. Komolika says let me keep an eye on them, they may take expensive things. Prerna opens the cupboard. Anupam asks her to do the work fast. He sees Komolika coming. Shivani goes to stop Komolika and falls down the stairs. She says Komolika tried to kill me, I was getting proof against her, she pushed me. She worries that Mohini can identify her. She says its fine, raid officers don’t shake hands, you can help me with a glass of haldi milk. Komolika calls out servant. Shivani asks Komolika to make the haldi milk for her. Mohini sends Komolika.

Anurag comes home and knocks. Nivedita says maybe Anurag has come. Nivedita opens the door. He says don’t worry, I will see. He runs upstairs. Prerna says this isn’t locker keys, I should calm down and think. She checks and gets the keys. She gets the papers. Anurag comes. She drops the papers. He asks do you have the search warrant. He shuts the cupboard. Prerna thinks he is also my enemy, he won’t let me take the papers. He goes to her. He picks the papers. She takes it from him. He sees the thread in her neck and thinks this is Prerna, dressed as Sardar, she has the same thread in her neck which we both had exchanged in temple. He says do your job well, shall I ask you something, are you married. He says we aren’t here to pass time, we don’t have time for personal things. He says you are very cute, even your work is entertaining, my wife doesn’t get quiet, you have shut her mouth, I m so happy, I want to hug you. He hugs Prerna.

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