Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 25 August 2020 Prerna expose Komilika


Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 25 August 2020 Prerna expose Komilika

Shivani saying I have seen Komolika doing Kajal rasam, we shall leave now. Prerna says no, I will bring her truth out, I have to confront her, we have to do this, come. Anurag is working. The papers fly by wind. He picks the papers. He gets Prerna’s resume. He reads and says Prerna worked for Basu publication, she worked for dad, she didn’t tell me. He reads further and gets some flashes. He says what was that, I felt it was Prerna’s voice, strange. Prerna says we shouldn’t be afraid, Komolika needs to be afraid, I will go and see. Ronit talks to Komolika. Prerna looks on. Ronit says Shanaya’s family is glad to meet you. Komolika says I should leave now, I forgot something in the room. They go back. Prerna follows. She slaps Komolika. Ronit shouts how dare you….

Prerna says everyone should know this is not Sonalika, but Komolika, I will expose her truth. She asks Komolika not to waste energy now. She says I doubted when you came home and got angry on me, you spoke like Komolika, I got sure now when I saw you in Ronit’s function. Komolika says I m Shanaya’s friend, Ronit was helping me, who is Komolika. Prerna says devil in human form, one who burns things touched by others,

 like you burnt your dupatta after waiter’s touch, if you are Shanaya’s friend, why did you do the Kajal rasam, which just a sister can do. Komolika says right, I m Komolika, I have changed my face and came to take revenge on Basus, I have to win Anurag. Prerna says you don’t take her name. Komolika says Prerna can’t go and tell it to Anurag. She pushes Prerna and says don’t show me this face. She goes. Ronit catches Prerna. Shivani runs to the room. Komolika sees her and says I won’t let her spoil my plan.

Shivani comes and hits on Ronit’s head. He falls down. Komolika comes and sees him. She asks how dare you…. Prerna pushes her and goes with Shivani. She locks the door. Komolika knocks the door. Ronit and Komolika break the door bolt and come out. Prerna and Shivani rush. Ronit asks the guests about them and rushes. Prerna and Shivani leave in the car. Ronit and Komolika also leave. Ronit loads the gun. Shivani asks Prerna to drive slow. Prerna says Komolika will ruin everything, we have to go to Basu house. Shivani says Komolika is following. Ronit shoots at the door. Komolika says Prerna, you can’t run. Ronit asks her to drive slow. She says shut up. She takes another route. Shivani says I think something happened. Prerna says maybe she left us, there is no one behind. Ronit asks what are you doing. Komolika says its short cut, Prerna will be there. She stops the car. Ronit asks what if Prerna leaves. She says no chance. Prerna gets shocked seeing Komolika.

Komolika says Prerna is right there. Ronit says I can shoot them if you drive slow, we will harm ourselves this way, slow down. Prerna takes her car backwards. Komolika hits her car. Shivani faints. Ronit also faints. Komolika holds her head. Prerna calls out Shivani. Shivani helps Prerna and takes her. She asks Prerna to go and tell the truth to everyone. She sends Prerna in an auto and says I will take help from people. Komolika gets down the car and sees Shivani. She picks a rod and hits on Shivani’s head. Shivani faints. Prerna comes home and shouts Anurag. Mohini asks what happened. Prerna says Sonalika is Komolika, believe me, she confessed that she had a plastic surgery.

Mohini asks what. Komolika comes and asks did she go mad. Mohini says Sonalika is my bahu, she isn’t Komolika, she used to hate everyone, Sonalika loves everyone. Komolika says Prerna is doing this as she wants to snatch Anurag, that’s why he is doing this with me. Mohini scolds Prerna. Prerna says I will go to Anurag, who trusts me. They stop Prerna. Prerna bites Komolika’s hand. Mohini asks are you okay. They shout. Prerna come to Anurag’s room and asks do you trust me. He says of course, why are you scared. Sonalika says stop telling him fake stories, Anurag don’t trust that girl. Prerna holds his hand and asks do you feel strange by my touch. He says no. She says because you are mine, we love each other a lot. Mohini says don’t listen to her.

Prerna says I m not lying, this Komolika… she wants to snatch you. He says I heard this name. He recalls Komolika. Prerna says Komolika trapped you and married you, she came after us to kill us and fell down the terrace, we didn’t get her body, she came back in our lives as Sonalika, we were going to get married, you went to get chunri when I stopped you, you went and didn’t come back, you came back with Sonalika, she said you both got married, this is Komolika, she had undergone a plastic surgery, she has come to ruin everyone and snatch our happiness, you have to trust me, I m not lying. He says how is this possible. Mohini says open the door now. Anurag opens the door. Mohini says Prerna is making stories. Sonalika says leave. Anurag says wait, she won’t go, she will stay here, its enough now Komolika.

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