Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 26 August 2020


Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 26 August 2020

Anurag saying Prerna will stay here, Komolika its enough. Mohini says she is Sonalika. Anurag says enough, she is my Prerna and I m her Anurag, I trust her, she isn’t lying. Komolika says how dare you, I m your wife.

Nivedita asks what happened. Mohini says Anurag is calling Sonalika as Komolika because of Prerna. She says Anurag, Sonalika got you home. He says its a lie, please, Prerna don’t get scared, I remember everything, nothing will happen to our child now, I promise. He scolds Komolika. Mohini says Prerna is lying. Komolika gets angry. Anurag takes her. Mohini tries to stop him. Anurag throws Komolika out and shouts on her. Mohini asks what happened, don’t pressurize your mind. He says I m fine. He gets dizzy and falls down. They get shocked. Komolika says call a doctor. Nivedita says if anything happens to him, then… Prerna says nothing will happen. Mohini says you killed me. Nivedita says my brother died because of you. Sonalika says he got the brain stroke because of you, you killed him. Prerna shouts no… Her imagination ends. Shivani asks what happened, listen to me, you are brave, don’t confront Sonalika. Prerna says I was thinking Anurag will believe me and try to recall, he can lose his life, doctor warned all of us, he may slip in coma forever, I won’t risk his life.

Shivani says now we know Sonalika’s truth, we have to leave from here. They leave. Prerna collides with Komolika and says sorry. Komolika catches her and sees her face. She takes Prerna. Shivani thinks where did Prerna go. Ronit goes. Komolika asks are you spying on me. Prerna says I got to know what I wanted. Komolika says tell me, did you get to know that I m Komolika, you heard it right, I m surprised, you got to know this today, I thought you will recognize me first, but no, how, you were blind in love, you couldn’t see, its so difficult to become one which you aren’t, I m that poisonous Naagin Komolika, don’t call me sweet Sonalika, I hate girls like you Prerna Sharma. Prerna says I m shocked. Komolika says you have to be shocked.

Prerna says you are so shameless, you didn’t try to prove that you aren’t Komolika. Komolika asks why, I can at least be Komolika in front of you, some fishermen saved me, Ronit found me and took me for treatment, my face was damaged, when I got conscious, I got to know my face is changed, I was so upset then I thought this face can be useful, I would have not got entry in Basu house with Komolika’s face, its time to run your life, Basu family did mistake to slap me, I will take revenge, I will just spare my Anurag, because I love him, I will keep him well, if he does wrong with me, I won’t leave him too, you are thinking why I m not scared, if you tell anyone, it will affect Anurag’s mind and he will die, I have come back to fulfill my incomplete dream, you won’t be able to say anything, what I love the most, I will be close to Anurag, you had decorated our Suhaagraat bed. Shivani and Ronit come there.

Anurag looks for a file. He says maybe its in room. He calls Sonalika. Komolika says look who is calling, my husband. She answers the call and says I m missing you a lot baby, you are the best husband. He says don’t call me baby. She says okay jaan. He says baby is better, I wanted to ask about the file. She says I shall come home. He says no, I m asking about something else, fine be there. Komolika says okay. He ends call. She acts and gives kisses. He says why is she behaving weird. Komolika says I have to go to him. Prerna says you think I will let you go, no, I thought Anurag married a nice girl and I stepped back, you have shown your true face. Komolika says go and do what you want, Anurag called me. She acts and says your fake romance after he disconnected the call, do you think I m so stupid, you think I can’t catch you.

Komolika says no, you know what name is, Komolika Chobey Basu. Prerna shows her mangalsutra. She asks can you see this, its mangalsutra. Anurag made me wear it on Navratri day when he filled sindoor in my maang. FB shows Anurag saying I will make you wear mangalsutra. Prerna says then marriage will happen, Mohini won’t like it. He says we are marrying in front of society tomorrow, today my type, heartily, you have to keep this mangalsutra always. FB ends. Prerna says you know the meaning of mangalsutra and sindoor, it unites two hearts, I m Anurag’s first wife, Prerna Sharma Basu, you would have money, a marriage in which you aren’t married, I have Anurag’s love, mangalsutra, sindoor and his child in my womb, its sign of our love. Komolika says I won’t leave you.

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