Made For Each Other Thursday Update 9 July 2020


Made For Each Other Thursday Update 9 July 2020

9th July 2020 Thursday on Made for each other update: Prerna crying and coming to Durga Maa. She says I can’t tolerate this more, I have my love in front of me, I have pain of not getting it. Shivani says this happened because of me, Ronit came in your life because of me.

Anurag says no, she took a wrong decision, I was thinking why didn’t I get my life, I begged her and cried, she made a big sacrifice for me, she could have spoken to me once, she has hidden this big secret from me, you go home, its late, I have to talk to Prerna, you won’t tell this to her, how could she….

The goon comes to Mehra and gets the money. Mehra says you don’t know Mr. Bajaj now. The goon asks who is Mr. Bajaj, is he the one to hurt whom Anurag had paid me money. Mehra says you are smart. Prerna falls asleep.

Anurag comes and asks how can you do this, did you go mad to make this sacrifice, I won’t listen to you now. He says I have seen the recording, you were talking to Mr. Bajaj, you said you married him for my sake, so that I could stay alive and not go to jail, I can’t believe this, you took the decision for me. He cries and says enough is enough, come with me, no one will come between us, I m telling you, just come. He pulls her hand and finds her sleeping. He asks her to wake up.
Dil tutta ve….plays…. He hugs her and cries. They sleep. Its morning, Prerna wakes up and sees Anurag beside. He also wakes up. He greets morning. He says you were sleeping here. She says yes, I had a headache and took medicines, then I slept. Anurag says I always told you, I will always support you, many people came and went, even Mr. Bajaj will soon leave, none can separate us, you are not alone. She goes. He thinks I don’t want you to doubt me, Mr. Bajaj challenged me that he had made the attack on himself, yes, I will prove this to you Prerna.

Komolika holds her face and and says I want to see my face. She gets shocked seeing her face. She recalls Anurag. She shouts and gets violent. Doctor says your face was spoiled, we gave you a new face, you were in coma for four months, you can’t react like this, its not good, calm down. She asks how dare you… and goes to hit him. Doctor asks nurse to call Komolika’s brother. Ronit comes and calls out Komolika. She turns to see him. Mr. Bajaj comes to Anurag. Anurag says you separated two lovers. Mr. Bajaj says my wife isn’t included in this. Anurag says I have thought a lot, why did Prerna marry you, why did she leave me, people criticized her a lot, even then she didn’t let anyone know the truth, I know why she married you, there is no reason, except one, I m that reason, she married you because I m more imp to her than herself, she married you to keep my family safe, because she loves me, she still has feelings for me.

Mr. Bajaj gets angry. Anurag says no one will come between us. Ronit hugs Komolika. He says I can’t tell you how happy I m to see you. She asks what have they done to me, my face… no one can recognize me, not even dad. Ronit asks who is your dad, he cheated you, he only cares for his status, who do you want to remind by your old face, dad had got you arrested. She recalls her arrest.

Anurag asks why did she tell you that she loves me, because she loves me, she will never be able to love you, no need to make any stories, because I learnt the truth, she didn’t marry you by her will, you forced her to marry, you blackmailed her, this is the truth. Ronit says I want to talk to her in private. Doctor goes. Komolika says I don’t care if dad doesn’t recognize me, but my love Anurag…. he can’t recognize me, he must know I m Komolika. Ronit asks really, Anurag had threw you out of the house, he slapped you in front of everyone, you are lucky that your life got saved, I m responsible for your face change, its my decision.

Anurag says I feel ashamed of myself, her life is ruined because of me, she has tolerated a lot, she has never let anyone know, but not anymore, I told you, Mata is here to end Mahishasur, you are that evil. Mr. Bajaj smiles. Anurag says with the help of technology, you tried to create my negative image in Prerna’s mind, I got to know the truth by this technology, its clearly seen that you are blackmailing her, the entire truth. Komolika says my face, everyone loved it. Ronit says no one loved your face. She says I will kill you. He says you were only blamed before, you can take advantage of your new face, its a blessing for you, it will protect you from those who hate you. Komolika says I want Prerna to know that I m still alive. He says if you want this, then fine, you can marry Anurag again, because Anurag and Prerna aren’t together, Prerna left Anurag and married Mr. Bajaj. She gets shocked.

Anurag says you just be ready now, just wait and watch, Prerna is helpless to be with you as she cares for me, she will be with you even if you are bad, because she cares for me, if I prove that my life still has a threat, then matter can change, this time no planning, I will just reveal the truth, we have the same goal now, lets see who wins the game. Mr. Bajaj says I like your confidence, good improvement. Anurag says I don’t like your overconfidence, you have done a lot, but not anymore, jodi will be just of Anurag and Prerna, no Komolika or Bajaj in between. Komolika says nice, it means Mr. Bajaj destroyed Anurag. Ronit asks her to get ready, they shall go home. Komolika says Anurag doesn’t love me, but I will get whom I love, how does he look now, I want to see his recent photo right now. She smiles.

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