Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 8 July 2020


Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 8 July 2020

Anurag coming to apologize to Anupam. Anupam says I was so happy when you were getting married to Prerna, Mr. Bajaj’s bad intentions have struck you, but Prerna was close to us, she did wrong. Anurag says she had her own reasons.

Anupam and Anurag argue. Anupam says you have got so aggressive, anyone can know you love her, why doesn’t she know this, why can’t she see her that you love her so much. Anurag cries and hugs him. He says I m sorry, I should have not raised hand on you. Prerna looks on. Anurag sees her and says I wish she also understood. She thinks I have to leave this house soon. Mr. Bajaj thinks she will be ready to leave this house soon. He calls Mehra and says I want this mansion in two days, make it ready. Mehra says it will take time. Mr. Bajaj

says don’t waste time in bargaining, Prerna will like it, make sure its ready, a man will come to meet you, give him the money, it was a little work. Mehra says okay. He ends call and says I felt Mr. Bajaj has changed, I was wrong, such people never change.

Prerna comes to Kuki. Maasi greets Mr. Bajaj and goes. He sees Prerna and Kuki. He thinks I won’t let Anurag come between our family. Anurag sees Prerna’s pics. He gets sad. He says what maybe the reason for this, why can’t Mr. Bajaj harm me. Mr. Bajaj comes and says you want to know why I didn’t hand over that man to police, because he was my man. Anurag gets angry and holds his collar. He asks how dare you, why did you do this. Mr. Bajaj makes him away and says because I m in love with Prerna, my wife. Anurag says she won’t become your wife if you say it again. Mr. Bajaj says it won’t matter, she trusts me, I have won her trust.

Anurag says you cheated her, she will know about your plan. Prerna comes. Mr. Bajaj says fine, go and tell her, lets see who she believes, you or me. Anurag says you are threatening me, I know what kind of person are you. Mr. Bajaj says just Prerna knows me, our relation is on trust. They catch each other’s collar. Prerna shouts Mr. Bajaj. Anurag says Prerna, he planned this own attack. Mr. Bajaj says I m not like you to hire goons to hurt myself. Anurag says he just confessed it, Prerna. She says enough. He says fine, if you are saying this, then do you have any proof. Anurag says fine Prerna, I will talk to you when I have proof against him. She says please leave all this. He says no, I can’t leave this. He goes.

He sees Tanvi and Maasi, and goes. Maasi says no Tanvi. Tanvi says Anurag and Prerna love each other. Maasi says even Rishabh loves Prerna, don’t tell the family secrets to him, Raavan lost, not because of Ram, but his brother Vibhishan, you don’t get sympathy for Basus. Tanvi says it means Sita is with Raavan. Maasi says none can defeat Rishabh unless he wants to lose. They go. Anurag looks on and says Sita is with Raavan, Ram has to free her.

Prerna says you know I just love Anurag and care for him. Mr. Bajaj says I don’t want this info. Prerna says when we were not together, he cared for me, he broke my marriage with Navin. Anurag sees Maa and prays that he finds a way to see the truth. Mr. Bajaj asks why are you telling me. She says nothing changed, I just love Anurag. He says I know, that’s the reason Anurag is fine. She says you won’t do anything, if you think Anurag can attack you again, I m ready to leave this house. Anurag looks for his phone. He says terrace….. Prerna says we had a deal to save Anurag’s life, I had to marry you.

Mr. Bajaj says I remember the deal, I told you, I won’t take any action against him unless he troubles me and my family. She says he will do this and he isn’t wrong. He says you are supporting him. She says no, I didn’t support him, his intentions were not wrong, I didn’t know I m so imp for him. He says you are such, you become imp for anyone. She says I don’t want to become imp for anyone, except Anurag, I married you because I wanted to save Anurag’s life, so that you help me in bringing out Ronit’s truth in front of the court, nothing changed, I just love him, if anything happens to him, I will also die, please promise me, you won’t do anything to him. She cries. Anurag comes there. Mr. Bajaj says okay I promise you, come, you shall rest now. They see the phone ringing. Anurag comes. Mr. Bajaj says Anurag’s phone. Mr. Bajaj and Prerna leave.

Anurag takes Shivani’s call. He says okay, I m coming downstairs. He comes to Shivani and asks why are you here, is everything fine. She says I m going home now, I was with my friends at Durga pandal, I was worried that you didn’t answer the calls. He asks why are you worried for me. She says Prerna will come to you soon, if she asks me why I didn’t care for you, what will you think so. He asks do you think so. She says yes, when you were dancing, Prerna was seeing you with love, you want to see proof, I have sent you video, check. He says video recording is going on already. He plays the video and says its Prerna and Mr. Bajaj. They see the video. Anurag gets angry.

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