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Made For Each Other Thursday Update 19 December 2019


Made For Each Other Thursday Update 19 December 2019

Anurag shouting leave Prerna. Ronit asks shall I send you video and show her getting tortured, you want a fair game, fine, I will give you ten mins time. Anurag asks who are you. Ronit says if you reach the mall in ten mins, you can take her, else I will take her with me, come soon, else lose her, choice is yours.

Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 18 Dec

Anurag says I m coming. Ronit laughs and says mind blowing, I m having much fun in playing this game, I said Anurag is at gunpoint, that was a joke. Prerna asks what do you want. Ronit says I will see how your lover reaches here, he can’t reach you, I won’t leave you. She hits him and pushes goons. She runs. Anupam asks what happened. They get inside the car. They leave. Goons catch Prerna again.

Prerna says let Anurag know, you can’t imagine what he will do with you. He slaps her. She says you slapped me… and catches his collar. Goons catch her. Ronit says I can’t hear Anurag’s praise, I hate him, you better shut up. She says he will take revenge on you, I promise you that. Ronit calls his goon and says make sure Anurag doesn’t reach here.

Ronit says now Raja won’t spare Anurag. Raja calls inspector and says they have hit my car. He says police should come so that they don’t get out of here. He sees Anurag’s car coming. Anupam asks Anurag to be careful. Raja gets his car in front. Anurag stops his car. Ronit says you should have not done that with Komolika, you think Anurag will reach here. Prerna says surely. He says lets wait and watch.
Raja argues with Anurag. Anurag says fine, how much money do you want. Raja says its your mistake, this car is my fav, gifted by my dad, you can’t go. Anurag asks Anupam to handle this. Police comes. Anurag says no, I have no time. He says I m ready to pay for damage, I have to leave. Raja says this man is drunk. Anupam says Anurag is solving it, what do you want, I was driving. Anurag says there is a problem at the mall, come with me. Anupam scolds Raja. Ronit says time is up, time to go home. Inspector says you can’t go. Anurag says Anupam will handle, I have to go. He runs on the road. The girl Sneha sees Prerna getting kidnapped. She sees the car’s number. The old lady comes and asks what happened. Sneha signs about Prerna’s kidnapping. Nivedita shouts Prerna. The lady says maybe baby has seen her. Sneha signs her. The lady says two men have kidnapped her. Nivedita shouts Prerna. Ronit says look there, Anurag is running, it will be fun. Anurag falls down. Prerna shouts Anurag. Ronit stops her. Anurag turns. Ronit gets away.

Nivedita goes to inspector. Anurag comes there. She says Prerna is kidnapped. He worries and says I had come. She says I m sorry. He cries. She says we will find her. He says I got a call, I called Prerna, that man answered and spoke to me, he threatened me, he sent a pic, I said I will come, he asked me to come in ten mins, I got late. She says we will find her, I called the police, you are not late, that girl is helping us, she saw Prerna getting kidnapper, her Nanny said the girl has seen the car number. Inspector says she can help us a lot.

Ronit scares Prerna and smiles. He says I got you here to give you a bad death, this drama will happen, it will be a murder but look like an accident, like you did with Komolika, you both killed her, its time for payback. He scares her and says I want you and your dreams to shatter. He scolds her. Nivedita says I will go to find the van. Anurag worries. He thanks the lady. He sees Sneha and hugs her. They leave. Anurag says God, tell Prerna that I will find her, I m coming. Prerna smiles and says he is coming, for you, he knows where I m, he will find me and he won’t spare you.

Ronit says if he comes, its good, I will kill both of you, I promise, it will be fun, this situation will be tough for you, think, I will torture you a lot. Anurag will fall helpless and then you both will realize. She says enough, if you try to touch him, I will forget myself and I don’t know what I will do with you. He points gun at her.

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