Made For Each Other Friday Update 20 December 2019


Made For Each Other Friday Update 20 December 2019

Mishka calling Ronit and asking where are you, dad is not well, he wants to see you. He says I m on the way, I will come soon. Prerna says leave me. Ronit asks her to shut up. Mishka asks where are you. He says I will be there soon, I m on the way. He ends call.

He says Prerna you are lucky, you won’t see my face for some time. He goes to Shivani’s house. Shivani sees him outside the gate and gets shocked. He signs to threaten her. He says I won’t leave anyone of them. Inspector tries to track the car. Anupam says that girl helped us a lot, Nivedita will help us. Inspector says we found that van, come fast. Anurag asks can we come along. They leave. Ronit gets Mishka’s message. He sees the police following.

Anurag says its the similar van. He says let me drive from here. Ronit covers his face and says I have to drive in some crowded area. Ronit leaves the van. Anurag and police check the van and don’t see anyone.

Nivedita talks to Anupam on call and says that car is registered on Shyam’s name. Anupam says we got that van, but there is no one inside. He asks Anurag do you know any Shyam Roy. Anurag says no. The goons check the guns and go out. Prerna gets free and tries to escape. Mishka gets Ronit’s audio message and hears him saying police… She calls him and asks where are you. He says I will get late. She says I know police is after you. He says I know, I kidnapped Prerna, she has to die, Anurag and Prerna killed Komolika. She gets shocked. Tapur says sorry, I should have not told Shivani. Anurag says its okay, who is doing this.
Shivani comes and says Ronit is out of jail. Anupam says I don’t think he will dare to do this. Anurag says I know Ronit. Mishka comes and says I have to talk to Anurag. He shouts stop there, leave right now, I can’t tolerate your family. She says I came to help, listen to me. He says Komolika made our lives hell, then your dad and brother, why did you come here, I don’t want any connection with your family. She says its my mistake to get born in that family, dad is ill, I have come here to tell you, I m going against my brother, I know the pain of losing love, I loved you a lot, I came here to save your love, I thought you can find Prerna, I m not like them.

He asks how do you know that Prerna is missing. She says Ronit told me that he will never let and Prerna unite, he will separate you forever, Prerna is with Ronit, I asked him to leave Prerna, he didn’t listen, I genuinely want to help you. He says sorry, I told that in anger. He hugs Mishka and says sorry, thanks, I can figure out where is Ronit, I can find Prerna. Anupam says I will come along. Mohini asks where are you all going. Anurag says Prerna…Ronit sees the door open and asks where are the men. He shouts on goons. He asks how is Prerna, is she crying. Goon says no, she accepted her fate. Ronit says none can trouble me, give me a knife, police was after me, I will hurt Prerna. He gets shocked seeing Prerna gone. He calls the goons and asks where is she. Goon says she was here. Ronit scolds them and asks them to find her. Mohini asks Anurag not to go. She takes Anurag with her.

Anurag stops and says not today, Prerna needs me, I promised to always support her. She says you have always risked life for her, she doesn’t love you, she loves your money, Komolika did all that as she loved you. He says enough, relax, calm down, I know you are worried for me, you have said wrong about Prerna, she isn’t such. She says you will regret by loving her, like I m regretting. He says sorry and drives off. She says my son didn’t listen to me for the first time in life. Prerna is hiding and says I knew this will happen, they will never be able to find me. She sees goon and gets hiding again. She says I have to think and make a move. Anurag is on the way. He says why so many tests, you know I love Prerna, don’t let anything happen to her, please help me.

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