Made For Each Other Saturday Update 2 November 2019


Made For Each Other Saturday Update 2 November 2019

Anupam asking Anurag to confess his feelings to Prerna before it gets too late. Anurag just listens to him. Anupam says fine, I will call her again. Anurag runs to stop him. Moloy comes and asks what’s happening. Anupam says actually Mishka…. Anurag says nothing. Moloy says you should have loved a nice girl. Anupam says like Prerna. Anurag stares at him to stop. Moloy says yes, Prerna. Anurag smiles and says dad… Mohini comes and says I was calling you Moloy. She asks Anupam and Anurag to sleep. She goes with Moloy. Anurag asks Anupam to go. Anupam says just tell your feelings to Prerna, I don’t want any third person to come between you. Anurag says I will tell her at the right time. Anupam goes. Navin sees Prerna’s house. Her dupatta flies down.

He recalls Prerna and says I heard both of you talking and wanted to come to you, but I m helpless, I will kill all of them, just see. Prerna thinks of Anurag.
Chalun mai jahan jaye tu…. plays…. Anurag thinks of her and smiles. He thinks I didn’t know this feeling can be so beautiful, I m in love. She thinks your care is bigger than love for me. He hopes she also loves him. She thinks I know you worry for me, I m happy that you were with me, this feeling is so nice, beautiful than this life. He says I m in love with those moments with you are with me. Shivani gets Anupam’s message.

She replies to him. Anurag sees the room and says everything looks the same, none can say about the fire incident. Anupam says yes, who can say you are in love. Anurag says lower your voice. Anupam says congrats. Anurag says I know you will say it, but I m not interested. Anupam says I know what you did with Sid when he told this to you, Sid and I are best friends now.

 Anurag says right, I see. He throws cushions at Anupam. Anupam says you stopped me from talking, it means you realized love for Prerna, you lost your sleep, you didn’t sleep at night and your eyes are red, I m sure even her eyes would have turned red, when person is in love, he loses all his senses, just like you.

Anurag says no, you mentioned Prerna, were her eyes looking red, how did you know. Anupam says Shivani has told me, I told her that you are in same state, what happened, there was fire, how did the fire start. Anurag recalls. Mishka is scared seeing Komolika’s interest in Anurag and hopes she sticks to her words. Mohini asks what happened, is there any stress, you maybe thinking that Anurag saved Prerna, you are mistaken, they are just friends. Anupam says I have done all the setting, I told Shivani to emotionally blackmail Prerna, Prerna will go to gift shop, you go there at the same time and show its coincidence, you manage everything, only you both will be there, express your feelings to her, tell her that you love her a lot. Komolika hears them. Anurag says thanks, its love, this setting isn’t needed.

Anupam asks don’t you love her. Anurag says I didn’t tell you that I m in love with Prerna, even then you feel so, because I m in love, yes I love her. Anupam smiles. Anurag says its not so easy to express this feeling, whenever I go close to her, I yearn to see her, I just keep looking at her, my heartbeat gets fast, it doesn’t stop, this feeling is completely different, I m very happy, I want to spend time with her, you expect me to create a nice setup and propose her, I won’t be able to do it. Komolika gets angry and thinks of them. Shivani comes to Prerna and asks why are you reading economics. Prerna says I m trying. Shivani asks her to go and get a card, being best sister. Prerna says yes, but…. Shivani says get a card of best friend. Prerna asks why do you feel that I m refusing to you and you aren’t fighting with me. Shivani says no. Anurag leaves from his room and says finally, I will propose her today. Komolika looks on and thinks Prerna is eyeing my sister’s happiness, not done.

Komolika and Navin talking over phone. She says you are scared and weak, you couldn’t handle a simple girl like Prerna, people laugh on you. She insults him to provoke him. He says I love Prerna a lot, I will just get her any way. She says then hurry up, else Anurag will take her away, he is going to propose her. Navin gets shocked. She disconnects and says I have instigated him. He throws things in anger and says you don’t know what I can do, I will not leave anyone, Prerna is mine.

Anurag reaches the shop. He imagines Prerna kissing on his cheek. Dekho na….plays…. Prerna imagines Anurag and smiles. Inspector asks him to park the car away. He sees Prerna in her and smiles. He says sorry and gets his car back. Prerna imagines him as auto driver

and smiles. Komolika says Anurag and Prrna are in love, I was so angry knowing this, I got want Prerna in his life, I hope this story’s next chapter is written the same way as I have thought.

Mishka worries. Anurag reads a card and thinks Prerna, I m in love with you, I will tell you I love you Prerna. Prerna comes and sees him. She thinks am I imagining him again. She asks the lady and goes happily. Anurag sees her and waves. She gets kidnapped by goons and shouts Anurag.

Anurag sees this and runs after the car. He falls down. He takes someone’s bike and follows the car. Prerna cries. She asks who are you, where are you taking me. The goon says we are asked to kidnap you. She asks why. She recalls Shivani’s words. She thinks if I get a chance, I will tell Anurag how much I love him. Shivani thinks to call Anurag. He gets Shivani’s call and answers. She asks did Prerna meet you. He says someone kidnapped Prerna, I m going after her, inform this at home. She gets shocked and runs to tell everyone. Veena gets juice.

Shivani says let me go, listen to me, Prerna got kidnapped. Veena drops the glass and falls down. Shivani says don’t worry, I will get her. Goon calls Navin. He says we got the girl, a guy is following us. Navin asks who is that guy. He hears Prerna shouting Anurag. He says wonderful, he will not leave you, I know that. Goon asks why are you scaring me. Navin says I m saying the truth, I will reach soon.

A car comes in between. Anurag hits the car and falls down. Veena tells this news to everyone. Navin is on the way. Anurag follows the goons again. Prerna cries. Navin says I can see you, don’t worry for this guy, I m coming. He goes to hit Anurag. Prerna shouts Anurag. Anurag falls over the car and falls down. Goons tie her up. People rush to help Anurag. They check Anurag. Navin checks Anurag and asks them to take him to big hospital. He says I think you want to die soon. He says I will arrange a doctor, get him. He leaves.

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