Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday update 24 June 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday update 24 June 2020

Vijaylaxmi angry throws a book down and accuses Sikandar for her state, Kulfi sees a picture in it and tries to recollect where she saw it.

Kulfi the Singing Star Tuesday update 23 June 2020

Kulfi remembers Raju mummy insists her on singing her fav singers song, Kulfi sees singers Picture. Kulfi says Vijaylaxmi is Raju mummys fav singer, Kulfi sees Vijaylaxmi broken and feels bad she starts singing her song, Vijay laxmi pauses scolding Sikandar and joins Kulfi sing song,Vijaylaxni hugs Kulfi.

Doctor exanines Vijaylaxmi abd asks her few questions about date her name incidents, Vijaylaxmi answers them correctly, Doctor says she has regained her memory all is fine, vijay laxmi sister says i have seen her smiling after so long, Sikander says to Vijay laxmi you look good, Vijaylaxmi says after you left no one gave me chance and i got stuck in that time, Sikander says im sorry,let me rectify my mistake,let me record all your songs and launch the album.

Vijay Laxmi says Sikandar when i heard your song for first time i felt innocence honesty purity truthfulness in your voice, i will be the composer of your album but on one condition you will not sing my songs,we are in this industry since long and it has contaminated us, Kulfi is untouched of it,she will sing all my songs,Lovely surprised.

Lovely sees Amyra happy and excited for kulfi and says whats wrong with her Kulfi is recording first song for SSG records and she is fine with it,as usual i will have to work for her and my future and no one else.

At album launch,media asks Sikander this song was composed 10 yrs back, why so late to launch it, Sikandar says i didn’t trust her then due to few wrong impression and steps i took and belived girls never succeed but this is false, and she should ger the respect she deserves so im back with her, Lovely thinks always regrets us but i will focus on my company SSG records.
Sikandar says my daughter Kulfi will make an announcement.

Kulfi says, SSG records is launching two albums the second one will be sung by my sister Amyra, Amyra very Happy, Lovely shocked. Kulfi announces that In this album amyra will team up with her fav singer and rapper DJ fast local, Amyra gets excited and hugs Kulfi. lovely thinks took such big decision for her qnd didn’t even talk to ke,i have to be with Sikandar in his last days and gain kulfi thinks baba has 24 days left we have to leave for Chandnaur now.

Sikandar wakes up, sees Kulfi and asks whats wrong,Kulfi greets him says, all is sorted now and as promised lets leave for chandnaur. Amyra and Lovely walk in, Sikandar says im thinking i will take both my princess to Chandnaur, Lovely feels left out, Lovely asks why chandnaur, Sikandar says vacation, Lovely thinks he has less time left and instead of working for company he wants to Holiday,come what may i wont let chandnaur plan succeed.

Kulfi Amyra excited begin packing, Kulfi goes to bathroom to get tooth brush slips and hurts her foot. Sikandar asks her how did she fall,Kulfi says there was lot of water on floor i slipped(lovely threw soap water on floor on purpose to hurt kulfi and cancel chandnaur plan).

Lovely says she look badly injured you should cancel plans, Kulfi insists and forces Sikandar, Sikandar finally agrees for Chandnaur,Amyra and Sikandar get busy in Hotel and flight bookings, lovely slowly sneaks out,and breaks wifi router and checks on sikander and finds they are unable to make bookings. Lovely goes back and hides router. Amyra walks to her and says help me pack my stuff, Lovely asks why tickets arebt booked yet, Amyra says they are dad caleld booking agent and booked tickets.

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