Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday update 25 June 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday update 25 June 2020

Amyra and Kulfi having fun packing together, Sikander says it will be great fun, Loveleen annoyed she sees Sikanders pouch with all ID and cards, and slowly takes it away, Sikander starts looking for it, and asks loveleen for it, Loveleen says I don’t have it, Amyra and Kulfi starts looking for it as well.

Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday update 24 June 2020

Kulfi seats upset aside, Sikander says sorry to her, and tries to explain her the situation, Kulfi remembers that Sikander has only 30 days and starts crying, Sikander tries to calm her down.

Sikander talks to her mother says I’m trying so hard but nothing is work, says I want to reach Chandnaur asap for Baba, I lost you I don’t want to loose baba. Sikander dreams about time spent with Nimrat, Sikander wakes up and says sorry to Nimrat, and says my daughter so eagerly wants to go Chandnaur but something happens I don’t want to break her heart I want to take her Chandnaur.

Sikander wakes girls, and tells them that they are going Chandnaur m and say we are road tripping, Loveleen hears that, Kulfi thanks her mother, and looks at the count down paper, Loveleen sees her do that and says this means she knows Sikander is dying and now Sikander has 22 days left and doc told her, and in that case, he will not go anywhere, he will stay here and make the company a success, I have to do something.

Loveleen keeps Sikanders pouch down bed and calls him says look I found your pouch, and asks can I come too, Sikander says sure, Amyra very excited. Loveleen thinks I won’t let you reach Chandnaur this is all my plan.

Loveleen thinking of ways to cancel plan and puts wrong direction of GPS so that after sometime she can say I’m tired after such long travel let’s go back to Chandnaur.

Sikander and family leave. Sikander says I think the route is wrong oh god we are in wrong direction, Kulfi says turn the car let’s go back, Loveleen says this trip is bad let’s go Mumbai, it’s all bad sign,Kulfi insists on Chandnaur. Sikander says I will make decisions and we are going preetbagh, here the location we have reached is had radhaballavi famous food dish, my college was here and since we are here let’s go. Kulfi insists on Chandnaur. Loveleen thinks let me waste some time here and all will automatically go Mumbai.

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