Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday update 17 June 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday update 17 June 2020

Starlife Kulfi the Singing Star update 17 June 2020: Kulfi thinking about Sikanders situation and very upset, Kulfi says what will I do now. Kulfi sees brother and sister working together, and brother with his faith gets his sisters wheel cart out of mud, Kulfi gets motivated by that and says I won’t loose hope will keep trying, if not here somewhere else there might be, Kulfi hears an announcement from caravan a Baba Bhayandar selling medicines, Kulfi runs behind him.

Kulfi the Singing Star Tuesday update 16 June 2020

Sikander sees Jimmy with his wife and son, his wife says Jimmy we are divorced, but for my son Im here I need to take him to USA for therapy he is scared after kidnapping, I can manage everything but education I need money, Jimmy says I can’t, I have paid a lot for him, Get out.

Bhayandar baba says only Sanjeevni can help you, Kulfi says I will get it, Baba says pay me 5000 I have it, Kulfi remembers nimrats incident and says stay here this time I will get money in time and leaves, Baba says fool girl, believed me. Jimmy’s wife and son leaves.

Sikander walks In, Jimmy asks what you want, Sikander says here cheque book write amount and take money, Jimmy says you got scared of me right, Sikander Says for my girls, I don’t want them to be affected, Jimmy makes deal in 6 crore says the deal is of 5, 1 extra for the slap , Jimmy says you wrote 8 crore cheque, Sikander says its because you charge 1 crore for 1 slap, and slaps him.

Kulfi rushes to her friends and say I need money will you help me, kalti asks why you need money, Kulfi says I can’t tell you, kalti says here’s 10₹, Kulfi says 5000₹, Matka asks this big amount why, Amyra hears them talk, amyra asks what, kalti about to tell her, Kulfi says shh, amyra asks what are you hiding, amyra gets angry and leaves. Sandy walks to them and says neighboring society is having great contests let’s go check.

Kulfi sees competition of eating maximum gulab jamun and runner up will get 5000, Kulfi participates and all laugh over her. Kulfi shouts at organiser, Matka says remember come second, competition begins, Kulfi starts stuffing gulab jamuns in her mouth, kulfis friends cheer her, Kulfi wins first prize.

Kulfi sees Bunty runner up upset, because he wanted to go five star with his friends, Kulfi exchanges prizes with him, Kulfi runs to bhayankar baba with money.

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