Kulfi the Singing Star Tuesday update 16 June 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Tuesday update 16 June 2020

Tuesday on Kulfi the Singing Star update 16 June 2020: Kulfi rushes to bhayankar baba with money, and asks for medicine, hands Kulfi a small sack of powder, Kulfi hugs him, and says thank you, you saved me from getting alone, he had lost hopes to live now we will live together forever, Baba pulls the medicine and throws it on floor.

Kulfi the Singing Star Monday update 15 June 2020

Jimmy’s wife worried about her son, she gets a call, saying she won mega lottery, she says I didn’t opt for any, he says may be you filled some form in malls, amount of 1 crore is credited in your account. She gets very happy and says now no one will stop my Fateh from getting better.

Bhayankar Baba tells Kulfi he is fake, he lied to her, Kulfi in tears heart broken, says I trusted you, how will I cure my father now, Bhayankar baba says I know one way to cure your baba, take him to chandnaur they have Ayurvedic medicines for every illness.

Kulfi says we will go chandnaur and all will be fine, Kulfi sees everyone dancing in chawl, Himmat gives Sikanders blessings and says may god give you all blessings my chawl will finally be renewed, Sikander says no more kerosene here, we will have gas pipe line here, Yusuf says Raju you have new car now get into taxi business, Sikander gifts sandy and his team with new music instruments and helps with music manager.

Kalti tells Kulfi sikander paid for everyone’s education, Sikander walks to kulfi, Kulfi hugs her, sikander says I have surprise for all of you and takes Lovely amyra and kulfi back home, Amyra Kulfi Lovely very happy to get back home and remember all their memories spent, Amyra and Kulfi happy to see Jonny. Lovely gets emotional says I will be back soon. Amyra leaves with Jonny, Sikander holds Kulfis hand and says I did all right, undid all the wrong that bothered you, Kulfi hugs Sikander.

Amyra takes Kulfi away with her and says kulfi like in chawl we will stay here together, and we will get here window for you, Kulfi says but like staying alone, Amyra says now we will stay together, both celebrate.

Sikander performs pooja of his music room, Lovely talks to Sikander about research on his illness, Sikander says no use, Kulfi sees them talk, sikander says I have tried all, Lovely says but let’s give it a try,let’s keep hopes, Sikander says don’t, I am going and stop talking about illness it spoils my day, I want to spend remaining day with you three.

Sikander leaves, Kulfi sees lovely cry. Sikander calls Mohendar and asks him to come back, Mohendar plans a trip, sikander says we surely will you just come back, Kulfi sees Sikanders behaviour and says how will I tell him we have to go chandnaur.

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