Kulfi the Singing Star Sunday update 8 December 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Sunday update 8 December 2019

Sikander goes to Kulfi and says listen to me kid, try and understand the truth is different, trust me I’m your father, even I was angry when I learnt about this truth, it’s our pain.

Kulfi says I never knew about the truth, everyone knew the truth but no one told me, I talked to the star, cried, all saw me cry but no one told me truth all are liars. Kulfi says Ma I’m so sorry, I was with them all the time but you said nothing, I was with those people who killed my mother, all lied, no one cares about you here, I was happy with those people who killed my mother, you aren’t with me, I want you Ma, sikander says listen, Kulfi says if my Ma was alive all this would never happen I would be with her happy in chiroli.

Kulfi says Ma and amyra we’re right, you are liar, helpless, and always will be, why can’t you take a stand and why I always have to go through it. Sikander says this is how I am, all get upset and sad with me, just punish me, Kulfi walks away. Kulfi very angry sees gunjan and Mohendar, they ask her what’s wrong, Lovely sees kulfi and asks what’s wrong, Kulfi remembers nimrats last moments, and gets in shock, Kulfi pushes lovely away, Mohendar asks Sikander what did he say that she is so scared, Lovely asks wait let’s resolve, don’t complicate, sikander shouts enough of fighting, you guys have no idea what happened, she found out I don’t know how, that nimrat died by lovely’s car accident and we all hide that from her, Lovely remembers the accident.

Kulfi goes in her room and says all this is lie, and says mom I should have trusted you, I wish I would have never met sikander. Gunjan says lovely should be sent jail, Lovely says it was an accident and you all hide the truth so you will be jailed too, sikander says stop it you two, she is scared, she lost faith in us like amyra once did, Mohendar says sikander is right. Sikander says we should apologise to her.

Sikander sees his gifted bracelet to kulfi on the floor and starts crying, he asks kulfi to open the door and all are here to talk to her and tell the truth and explain the situation, Mohendar says kulfi open the door, Jonny walks to them, sikander finds a note in him, where kulfi writes thank you you gave me shelter, I could never repay for this. Sikander starts looking for kulfi. Kulfi alone in streets.

Sikander and Mohendar looking for kulfi everyone, Sikander says god why does she always have to bear so much, lovely on call asking everyone to look for kulfi, amyra walks to lovely and says I know what has happened and you looking for kulfi, she is doing all this to get dads attention I did this same, and you want to get her back, go find kulfi, adopt her I don’t want anything not even you.

Kulfi says Ma I don’t want to stay with those people, Kulfi hears a bus going to chintpurni, and says I remember mama says this bus can go chiroli, and asks driver can he drop her, he says come sit in. Sikander at bus station but doesn’t find kulfi.

Mahinder begging the police to find Kulfi . They got a photograph of Kulfi’s to recognize her. Sikander was desperately searching for Kulfi; he went to temple to pray for her. Kulfi also went there feeling that the goddess want her to return. Mahinder informed Sikander that Kulfi was somehwere around the temple.

They started searching for her. Kulfi thought that Sikander loved her but she changed her mind remembering Amyra. She met a person who told her to follow her heart. Sikander tried searching for Kulfi in the bus but a Baba told him that Kulfi was like a free bird that can’t be controlled. They both came home where Lovely Gunjan told Sikander to not pretend like he cared for Kulfi and showed him a video of him launching Amyra.

Lovely acts to care for Kulfi while Vikram learned that Kulfi was missing and decided to find her. He found Kulfi near the music school and informed Mia that Kulfi was not in the condition to perform. Kulfi stated that she will sing wherever he asked her to.

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