Kulfi the Singing Star Monday update 9 December 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Monday update 9 December 2019

Vikram asks kulfi what is wrong why is she so upset, Kulfi says I’m sorry I can’t share details, Vikram says it’s okay, for first time you trusted me and I promise I will make you a star, but where were you going alone, the journey of success is tricky, I’m with you, you aren’t alone,

Kulfi touches Vikrams feet and says you are my guru and I will do as you say, I want to make my mother proud, just don’t send me back to that house,that won’t be possible.

Sikander complains about kulfis missing report to police station. Mia says to Vikram why will she stay here, Vikram says I would take her home but I can’t raise her,she will help us become rich, she will make us power couple,she will be our success ladder, let her stay with you

and tia. Mia says if she is our success ladder we need to handle this together.
Mohendar meets Vikram alone, Vikram says kulfi is with me, she doesn’t want to see anyone of you, she is disturbed and wants to move on and has called me her guru, I will take care of her, she will beat sikander and amyra, I promise.

Mohendar walks to Sikander and tells Kulfi is fine, sikander asks where is she let me go, Mohendar says she is at Vikrams, she went on her own, and wants to stay there. Kulfi having food with Vikrams family, Kulfi sees everyone is busy on their own and initiates them to sit together and have food. Mohendar says felt bad right, she made a huge decision, and also has decided to distance from you, your house, your wife, daughter everyone here, she has grown up, she has found her way.

Kulfi starts missing her mom seeing Mia and Vikram get along their daughter. Mohendar stops sikander from going to Kulfi and says let her live in peace their, sikander doesn’t hear and leaves. Seeing kulfis behaviour Tia gets along with her. Amyra asks lovely why is dad always behind that dirty girl, Lovely scolds her, and says I’m with you, I’m doing everything for you, listen to me, Kulfi won’t come back, your dad will go, but kulfi won’t agree, just keep quite, amyra asks what happened, Lovely says then please be quite and let things happen.

Sikander gets to Vikrams house and asks for kulfi, Vikram says calm down she is fine, give her space, Sikander says she is my daughter no one can stop me from seeing my daughter, Kulfi hears the noise and runs out. Sikander calls kulfi, she doesn’t go to him, sikander says let me talk to her once, Kulfi says yes tell me what is that you want to talk about, all leave them alone, sikander says one hug, Kulfi Denise, sikander says I know I always have betrayed you, I never choose you, I’m a useless father, but I beg you please come home with me,I will give you, my name, Kulfi says I don’t want all of this from you, sikander asks what you want, please come home with you, Kulfi says I will but get me my mother.

Mia says Vikram Jimmy never give second chance, Vikram says help me then, we have to do this, Jimmy’s wedding is our big break, and then you will make news that sikander Abondon his daughter, and she will get all sympathy.

Sikander seating alone, and thinking about kulfi,sikander remembers and episode where kulfi said she trusts him the most,and smiles.

Sikander talks to himself I can’t loose this war, Amyra comes to him and hugs him, amyra excited about performing together with sikander and says we will be twinning and dance too. Sikander says I will go out and meet some people and leaves. Mia and Vikram interviewing for kulfis secretary post, sikander walks in disguised as Murphy Singh, Murphy praises Mia, and says it was like a dream to see you, and you looked great in long hair why did you trim, Vikram says enough let’s begin the interview, Vikram says will you be able to get jobs for kulfi, Murphy says sure, Mia says okay sell me this laptop, Murphy closes the laptop and runs away with laptop, Mia says stop it, my laptop, Murphy says want it, Mia says yes, Murphy says buy it then, Mia starts laughing and says he is the man.


says let me introduce you to Kulfi, Murphy says wait in Canada we have a rule, we meet personally in first meeting I would like to continue that here, Mia allows . Kulfi sitting in a room listening to radio, Murphy comes and breaks it, Kulfi gets scared, Murphy introduces himself as her agent. Murphy asks are you scared, she says no, he says I don’t like girls who scared, what you like, Kulfi says singing, Murphy says good that’s my job to take you singing, let’s be friends and enjoy this phase, you won’t feel lonely too, Murphy makes kulfi laugh, Kulfi stops herself from laughing, and says I’m here to work and not make friends, Murphy says we will be work friends, Kulfi says done.
Vikram walks in, and says Murphy your first job, get Kulfi job at Jimmy Gazdar wedding in place of Sikander and his daughter, Kulfi asks is this necessary, Vikram says it is necessary to make place, your name, amyra will get everything easily you won’t, you will have to snatch things. I’m your teacher right, so do as I say, and then you will be a superstar.

Vikram asks Murphy not to tell anyone that kulfi is sikanders daughter, Murphy says okay, Vikram says Amyras publicity is too much, cover for kulfi, sit with her and make list of her songs. Gunjan sad, missing kulfi. Mohendar says think about kulfi, she had to leave the house that is her , she deserves but must be that her destiny and Vikram has appointed secretary for her, and they really taking good care of her, amyra hears that.

Lovely waiting for sikander. Sikander gets call from lovely but he cuts it. Murphy asks kulfi what songs will she sing, Kulfi says those which Vikram says, sikander thinks I know music will give you happiness and when that happens I will take you with me, Kulfi says Murphy are you saying something, Murphy keeps her diverted, Kulfi keeps starring at him, Murphy suggests sikanders song to sing, Kulfi says I won’t sing his songs, Murphy says he loves his daughter so much, Kulfi says yes he loves his daughter amyra a lot, Murphy says even I have two daughters there’s no favourite in such things.

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