King of Hearts Wednesday update 5 February 2020


King of Hearts Wednesday update 5 February 2020

Gangu Tai knocking on the door and breaks open the door. She comes inside and takes the gun in her hand. She says I am ashamed that you are my son, you should have died then. Satya says I am real Satya, your own blood and you can’t shoot me. I will molest your bahu right infront of your eyes and you can’t do anything. Gangu Tai shoots seeing him laughs. Dhruv holds his chest.

Gangu Tai is shocked….Kajal gets shocked and worries for Dhruv hearing gun sound. Satya hears the bullet sound and comes there. He sees Dhruv collapsing on floor and takes gun from Gangu Tai’s hand. He acts as if he has shot him. Mahi gains consciousness and sees gun in Satya’s hand. Kajal, Payal and others also come there and see Dhruv injured and unconscious. Kajal asks him to wake up and turns
him. Everyone is shocked him dead.

Gangu Tai sits down shockingly. Payal says Oh my God…what you have done Satya…He is dead. Kajal asks Satya, why he killed Dhruv on their marriage day and cries. Inspector comes. Constables takes Dhruv’s body. Inspector takes gun from Satya’s hand and says it is open and shut case.

Payal smirks and tells him that Satya is not a murderer. Inspector says court will decide, and arrests him. Mahi tells Inspector that her husband saved her from getting molested, rape by that dirty man. Satya asks her not to tell all these things and asks her to take care of his Aayi. Kajal gets angry and throws her bangles on Satya, saying he made her widow. She curses Satya.

At the police station, Satya sees someone in the lock up, but couldn’t see his face. Mahi comes there and asks Satya, why did he shot Dhruv and must have controlled his anger. Satya says I told you that I have done what I thought is right. Mahi says I will get best lawyer for you and will get you out from here. Satya says I don’t care about myself and asks her about Kajal and Aayi. Mahi says they are in shock and says she will take care of them. Satya asks her to promise and asks her to keep his Aayi away from Police station and court case. Mahi looks on. Constable asks her to go. Satya leaves her hand. Mahi leaves. While Mahi is leaving, a blind woman collides with her. Mahi says I am sorry. The man sitting in dark asks her if she is fine. She says she came with much difficulty. Man says this is our life now. Woman leaves. Satya hears them.

Kajal asks Gangu Tai to say something and cries. She asks her to listen to her and cries resting on her lap. Mahi comes there and cries. Payal comes. Mahi says I can’t see all this, I have to bail out Satya, please do something. She says whatever Satya have done was to save me, Dhruv was trying to misbehave with me, and don’t know what would have happened if he had not come. Payal says I know Satya’s heart is cleaned and that’s why I have lighted this lamp. Mahi goes. Payal blows the candle and thinks Satya will be finished.

Man tells Satya that he used to work in gun factory and saw owners doing wrong use, and thought to inform Police, then they kidnapped his daughter and raped her, he cries…..Satya asks him to have patience and says I am with you…God have given you pain and will solve your problems also. Man says owners sent him here, and threatening his wife, he couldn’t find his daughter yet. They see Inspector putting 2 criminals in the same lock up. They say we are asked to beat this handicapped man. Satya gets up hearing that and beats the criminals. Man shouts for help. Inspector takes the criminals to other lock up. Satya asks the man if he is fine. He nods.

Mahi talks to Lawyer and asks him to take Satya out anyhow. Lawyer says he is trying his level best, but prosecution have hired city best prosecution lawyer. He says he will plead to judge in closed chamber. Mahi thinks Dhruv is not having any relative then who hired the city’s best lawyer. Payal calls Lawyer Zaveri and asks him not to let Satya get bailed. Zaveri agrees and says he never lost any case.

A burqa clad woman (Payal) comes to court and sits in the court. Judge asks Zaveri to start the case. Zaveri says it is a cold murder case, and accused name is Satya. Gangu Tai comes out of shock and asks Mahi to take her to her son Satya without asking anything. Mahi says he asked me not to take you there. Gangu Tai folds her hand asking her to take her there. Mahi cries. Lawyer Zaveri tells that Satya killed the victim Dhruv in full consciousness. Defense lawyer says this is a lie. Judge asks Satya, if he wants to tell something. Satya says no. Judge says it is proved that Satya is a murderer. Payal reveals her face and wear mask again. Gangu Tai comes there and says I am the murderer. Satya and others are shocked.

Judge is about to give his verdict on Dhruv’s murder case. Gangu Tai comes there and says I am the murderer. Satya says Aayi. Mahi asks what are you saying? Payal in burqa looks on shocked as her plan have failed. Gangu Tai tells Judge that Dhruv was her son and she killed him with her hands. She says I gave birth to an animal and not a human, I had to stop him. She asks him to leave Satya and says he is innocent. Satya says he is my Aayi and that’s why lying to save me. He tells Judge all proofs and witnesses are against him, and asks Gangu Tai to take back her words. Gangu Tai tells that she is accepting this and asks Judge to punish her. Satya asks Gangu Tai not to do this. Judge asks do you agree that you have committed this murder. Gangu Tai says yes.

Judge asks
Constables to take her. Lady constables arrest Gangu Tai. Satya asks them to leave his Aayi and looks on. Payal is angry and removes veil from her face. Mahi asks Satya to listen to her, just as he goes out of court room. Payal asks how can this be happen. Satya asks Mahi, why she brought his Aayi here. Mahi says she was insisting her to bring. Satya refuses to believe her and says he will never forgive her.

Payal comes home and tells that punishment will be severe. Satya asks her to help his mum take out of this charges and jail. He asks her to hire best lawyer and says he will get the money. Mahi says I talked to best lawyer and will get her out. Satya is angry with her and says you have done already what you wanted to do. Payal smirks. Mahi cries and says she don’t know what to do? She says Satya is upset with me, I want Aayi to get out of jail, and he is not understanding me. Dida asks her to talk to Satya and convince him. Mahi says I will get Aayi come out of jail.

Satya talks to Lawyer and asks him to do something and free his mum..Lawyer says she has accepted to have done crime by herself. Mahi comes to Satya and holds his hand. Satya asks her to leave his hand and breaks pot angrily. Mahi asks him to listen to her once. They see bullet in the pot. Satya says how can this be possible as one bullet was shot. Payal also happens to see this, and thinks they will know the truth. A fb is shown, Payal recalls shooting Dhruv and killing him, when Gangu Tai also shoots him. She then bribes Inspector and gets pistol exchanged. Fb ends. Payal thinks they can’t reach me. Satya tells Mahi that Khan Bhai will help us. They come to the police station. Payal talks to Mrs. Khanna who invites her for venture. Payal says she is busy today and says she will meet her tomorrow. She talks to Lawyer. Lawyer tells her that Gangu Tai will be shifted to central jail and then she will die there in a week. He asks her to start plan B then.

Satya shows the bullet and report to Khan bhai, who he had saved the previous day from goons. Khan Bhai checks the bullet and also forensic report. He says there was two guns and the bullet was shot from other gun which killed Dhruv. Satya and mahi are shocked. Satya says I couldn’t understand what you are saying? Khan Bhai says I am sure that this bullet was not fired from that gun and tells Satya about the dealer who must have sold this bullet. Satya says I will go now itself. He thanks Khan Bhai and asks him to call him if he needs anything.

He tells Inspector that he wants to meet Gangu Tai. Inspector says she is shifted to Central jail on order. Mahi and Satya are shocked.

Dealer checks the bullet and says this bullet was brought from me only. Satya asks javed Bhai, the dealer to tell who was that person. Javed Bhai says she was a woman. Mahi says the woman might be in the house that time. Satya asks javed Bhai, if he will identify the woman seeing her pic. Javed Bhai says yes. Mahi says lets go and bring the pics. Payal is standing there and looks on.

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