King of Hearts Thursday update 6 February 2020


King of Hearts Thursday update 6 February 2020

Satya and Mahi talking to bullet dealer Javed Bhai. He tells that he has seen the woman’s face who had bought bullet from him. Mahi says this means that woman was in our house that day. Satya asks can you identify her if we shows pics. Javed Bhai says yes, I will.

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Payal hears them. Mitul asks Naina if she shall burn the marriage pics as Kajal will get sad seeing it. Naina says yes. Mitul says what is the use to keep it, I will burn it. She lights the match stick and throws on pic. Satya and Mahi come there. Satya blows off the fire and saves the pics. Mahi asks him to be careful. They shows the pics to Javed Bhai.

Mitul asks what you are doing? Naina looks on clueless. Payal is shocked as Javed Bhai sees pics. Satya says Sasu mummy. Payal says what this man is saying?
Why I will buy bullet from him. He is lying? Satya asks Javed Bhai, if he is sure that she is same. Javed Bhai says I am not talking about this madam, but I am talking about the woman who is standing behind her. They see Dhruv’s physio doctor and girl friend behind Payal.

Payal tells that she saw her arguing with Dhruv that time. She says something was wrong. Satya says this woman was not his doctor, but his wife. Kajal hears him. Satya says two bullets was shot that day. He leaves with Javed Bhai. Payal takes a sigh of relief. Mitul says Dhruv was married. Payal recalls and a fb is shown, she messages Javed Bhai. He reads her message that she will give him much money and not to take her name. She sends Sunaina’s pics asking him to take Sunaina’s name. Satya, Javed Bhai and Mahi come to Police station.

Zaveri talks to Payal and says she is transferred to Central jail. Gangu Tai is asked to sweep the ground in the jail premises. Satya shows the other bullet to Inspector that two bullets was shot, and tells that Sunaina shot Dhruv. Satya says I am sure that my aayi is trapped and asks him to free his Aayi. Two woman see Gangu Tai and misbehaves with her, and start fighting with her. Gangu Tai asks what I have done? They beat her and twist her hand. Other prisoner see the fight. Zaveri comes there and asks Satya to show proofs in court. Satya tells him that he will bury him in court. The women push Gangu Tai on ground and hits on her head. Mahi threatens to call media there and says you shall have kept Gangu Tai here in remand room rather than sending her to jail. Inspector looks at Zaveri and asks Mahi to come with him now itself to Central jail to bail out Gangu Tai. The women continue to beat Gangu Tai badly and hit her forehead with the stone. Other woman witness the fight and stands far. Satya, Mahi and Police are coming there. Women is about to stab Gangu Tai. Gangu Tai shouts for help. Satya hears her screams and runs to rescue her. The women get shocked and run away. Gangu Tai tells Satya that those women were stabbing her with knife, and asks him to save her. Satya asks her not to worry and says I am with you. Gangu Tai cries. Mahi stands with her. Lady constables bring those women there. The Inspector comes to Sunaina’s house and sees her dead lying on a pool of blood. Inspector says this is the case of suicide and asks constables to send dead body for postmortem. Payal is there with her face covered by her pallu and is relieved. She thinks even this work is done.

Satya is sitting at Gangu Tai’s side. Kajal is also there and feels bad. She apologizes to Satya for misbehaving with him. Satya says our Aayi needs us. Kajal nods. Mahi is relaxing on Payal’s lap. Payal says she couldn’t understand the happenings (when she has done all the murders), says she couldn’t understand why people can’t live peacefully. Mahi says everything will be fine, and looks at the papers on her bed. She asks Payal about it. Payal tells that this is Sen Gupta’s Industries are organizing mega fashion event. Mahi says we couldn’t look at business because of the situation, and thanks her for handling the business. Payal says its okay, everything is yours. She says if Satya and you can get time then come to office.

Mahi tells Satya about Payal organizing mega fashion event and needs them. Satya says Aayi needs us. Mahi says I thought about her, and tells that Naina and Mitul will take care of her. She says if you are not comfortable then, he shall stay at home and she will go to office. Satya says okay and says they are both our mums, and we have to take care of them together. Mahi says yes. Satya tells her that she argued with Inspector well today and that he got scared. Mahi smiles. They come to room. Mahi asks Satya what he is doing here? Satya says he thought to be with Aayi for some time. Mahi goes to bring water. Payal is hiding there and gets tensed. She thinks if he sits here, then how my work will be done. Satya is sitting on the bed, while Payal is hiding beside the bed. She sees him taking a quick nap and silently escapes. Satya opens his eyes, and wakes up.

Next morning, Satya tells Mahi that it seems they will get late today. Mahi is getting ready for the event too and says I asked you to get ready fast. you would have brought Aayi’s medicine before only. She says Mamma might be waiting for us and wants us to meet Mrs. Khanna. Satya says I have to go and buy medicine first and gets upset. Payal sits in car and throws medicine bottle of Gangu Tai far, says you will get late Satya as I wanted this. I took your mum’s medicine, else her master plan would have gone wasted, smiles

Satya and Mahi’s car stopped at the check post. Satya thinks it seems we will not reach on time. Inspector tells him that a criminal ran away from jail and asks him to open car decky. Criminal is hiding in Satya’s car decky. Inspector is about to open the car decky, but seeing someone running away, they go after the other criminal. Satya says we shall leave, and they leave. Later in the night, Satya and Mahi are sleeping. Satya wakes up and finds something strange. He comes out of room while the criminal is hiding in the house and looks on. Satya senses something is wrong and looks on.

Just then Mahi comes and keeps her hand on his shoulder asking what he is doing here. Satya turns and says you…He asks her to be silent and goes to catch the criminal hearing the
sound. He sees Khan Saheb there and asks you here. Khan Saheb says his owner tried to kill him again in jail and tells that he eloped from there and entered this house. Mahi says you will stay with us and is saved here. Satya says no, you can’t stay here as it is a police case. Mahi says he has saved our Aayi. Khan Saheb says what about my wife Rumana. Mahi says we will call her here also. Satya looks on.

Satya tells Mahi what was the need to keep him here, we would have managed to keep him somewhere. Mahi asks him to think that they are lowering his favours. Khan Saheb peeps in their room and smirks. In the morning, Mahi introduces Khan Saheb and his wife Romana, and says they will help them in work. Payal asks from where they came? Mahi says Satya knows them. Naina asks her to think again and says he is looking thief from face. Mitul says she is blind, how she will do work. Romana says she will do work, no problem. Mitul says okay. Romana starts walking. Mitul gets doubtful and says how did you know where I signed you to go. Everyone looks on.

Romana says when God takes away eye light then sparkles the mind. She says it is God’s gift that I understand hearing the person. Mitul says okay. Payal looks on. Mahi comes to Satya and tells that Romana will take care of Gangu Tai’s as Kajal and Sunil wants to go home. Satya says it is good as we will get busy with sasu mummy. Mahi says they are so humble people.

In the room, Romana takes out her black googles and laughs doing hi five with Khan. She says we were saved somehow. Khan says it is difficult to act to be handicapped and honest. He says they got gold laying hen. Romana praises his planning. Just then Payal enters them and sees him standing on his feet without support and Romana looking at her in shock. Satya is on the way. Payal asks what is the planning? Romana says nobody shall know that I have done planning with you both.

Khan closes the door. Payal asks her not to tell herself also, and asks her to forget the planning. She asks Khan if he brought something which she asked him to. He says yes, and shows small bomb kept in his shoes. Payal looks at the bomb. Romana shows the jacket. Payal says she will explode this bomb in the house, and then Satya and Mahi’s happiness will vanish in air for forever.

Satya is busy talking on his mobile. A car hits him. Satya gets slightly hurt. Driver of the car gets out and asks what? Woman in the car tells that she is going inside the office and asks driver to take care of car. Satya looks at the woman as she pass past him. An emotional music plays……………Satya looks on.

Mahi comes there and says Satya is coming. Mrs. Khanna comes. Payal welcomes her with a hug and asks her to sit. She asks Mahi to show samples to Mrs. Khanna. Mrs. Khanna sees the sample. Mahi calls Satya and asks him to come. Payal thinks I won’t let Satya meet his bua today. Mahi says she will order coffee and is about to go, but makes Mrs. Khanna purse falls and her valuables coming out of it. Mahi sits down and picks the things. She couldn’t see Sid and Mrs. Khanna’s pic.

Mrs. Khanna asks her to call her Krutika. Payal says I think
Satya can’t come today and says lets go. She asks Mahi to stay there. Krutika/Sid’s sister gets sad as she couldn’t meet Karanveer. Payal and Krutika leaves from there, Satya comes then and tells Mahi that he fell down because of the car. Mahi says you are looking fine.

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King of Hearts Thursday update 6 February 2020