King of Hearts Thursday Update 19 September, 2019


King of Hearts Thursday Update 19 September, 2019

Roshni crying in her room after Sid leaves the house. She recalls DD and Sid’s words. Shabnam comes to her and asks not to cry on the day of karwachauth. She says you should not have fought with jiju and says jiju might take a wrong step. She says I am worried for Sam also, and Yash might not forgive her. She asks her to call Sid. Roshni calls Sid, but he don’t pick her call. Roshni cries and tells he is rejecting my call. Shabnam smirks happily. Sam tells I am sure that I would have talked to Yash and resolved the matter. She blames Sid for spoiling his marriage.

Roshni comes and asks her not to say anything against Sid as she can’t tolerate. Mona asks her to make Sid’s name aarti. Nani comes and says you should do his aarti as whatever he has done, nobody can do for your daughter. She says you couldn’t see your daughter’s mistakes, and asks her to think when her brain gets calm.

Nani asks Roshni not to think her wrong. Roshni tells Sid isn’t picking my call. Nani tells that Sid does so much for this family and the question is raised on his doings, so he is angry. Roshni says he went in the morning hungry. Nani says he will be back and will not let you hungry for long. Shabnam looks on. Sid thinks about Roshni and DD’s words. A tea seller comes to Sid and asks to buy his tea. Sid offers him 1000 Rs. note. The seller refuses to take the money. Sid says he can’t drink tea as he is fasting with his wife on karwachauth. The seller asks then what you are doing here? Sid feels sorry to Roshni and gives the money to the seller asking him to give tea to the needy.

Shabnam spills a bucket of water near Roshni while she is busy talking to Mona and apologizing. Roshni falls down in the swimming pool. Shabbnam tells that Roshni’s fast is broken as water entered her mouth. Sid comes and says nothing has happened. Shabnam gets angry. Sid tells Roshni that her fast is not broken, and says a person shall have shraddha in her heart. Shabnam says but water entered her mouth. Sid says I told that her fast is not broken.

Sid comes to Shabnam. Shabnam asks if we are going out. Sid laughs and calls her cheap, naagin etc etc…He says you can make me fool, but not others. He says you likes to hurt Roshni, and said that her fast is broken. He says nothing can happen to his wife. He asks what happened to his hand when she applied mehendi, and asks what did she add in it. He says you want to be Patel, but can’t be as there is venom inside you. He asks her to remember one thing, and says he is standing between her and Roshni, and if anything happens to his wife then he will put her on fire. He gives her 24 hours.
DD gives compliment to Roshni and asks about Sid.

Roshni tells he came, but then left somewhere. DD says she will call him. Just then Raj and Simran come there and meet DD. Simran asks about Sid. DD says he is not picking the call. Just then electricity went off. Sid comes and says Sid is here. He says this is her Jamai’s magic. He fowards his hand and holds Roshni’s hand. He sings Hasi Ban gaye………………….and dances with Roshni. Everyone looks at their dance performance happily. Roshni and Sid see the moon appearing and is happy.

Sid leads Roshni to the pool while Kritika-Bunty; Raj-Simran too perform the Karwa Chauth ritual. Sam breaks her fast looking at Yash’s pic in the mobile. Roshni- Sid exchange eyelocks as Roshni breaks her fast. Shabnam too opens her fast. She glares at Sid-Roshni. DD smiles watching Roshni complete her fast. Sam is forced to break her fast herself. Roshni also breaks Sid’s fast. Sam sadly looks at Sid-Roshni. Ayesha gives Sid her glass to drink from and Sid drinks from her glass and feeds Roshni too. Simran bends to take Rajs blessing but he stops her saying your my friend, dont do this, feel strange. Simran says ..traditions.

Sid-Roshni are in their room, lying on the bed, hugging each other. Roshni says she is relieved that all ended well as she was worried ever since he left angrily that he wont return to open her fast. Sid says where would i go without you. Roshni asks Sid not to talk of fights anymore. Both hug and say I love you to each other.

Next day morning, Sid wakes up and asks for glass of water coz of headache. He finds his sherwani buttons open and is about to get up when Shabnam pushes him down saying whats the rush. Sid is shocked and asks what mess is this. What did you do. Shabnam says dinno you feel such things for me. Sid fumes on her and says what is this. Shabnam says a boy and girl together, alone in a room, what could have happened. Sid screams on Shabnam and slaps her. Shabnam says dont shout, you will be the one embarrassed. Well you came here 2 hours back. You gave me 24 hours, and i destroyed you in 2 hours. Sid slaps Shabnam again and says right now have only defamation to gift you. Imagine, how a drunk jiju forced himself on his sis in law. You shouldnt have given me 24 hours. Sid angrily squeezes her chin and asks how did i get here. Shabnam says i spiked the Karwa chauth water and you reached here. Sid forces Shabnam on the bed and says do what you want. No one will believe you. This is Sid Khurana’s family. They know me, my heart and my soul. Neither Roshni, nor my family will believe you. He is about to leave the room when Shabnam throws the photographs on Sid and they show Sid-Shabnam in compromising position. Shabnam asks how will you deny these pics. Shabnam says anyways lets leave this. Lets complete what din happen last nite. Touch me one time, you will forget Roshni. Sid pushes Shabnam to the door and says you are a blot on the name of women. He tears the pics and says do what you want. Shabnam says tear them but i have the recordings of your deeds. Sid says these recordings are easily sold but characters like Sid are carved. Play your games, now its my turn. Sid gets out of Shabnams room fuming and DD watches shocked.

Mona comes to DD and taunts her for her hypocrisy. She says, First scold Sid, kick him out and then welcome him back with open arms. Mona says after all this ceremony realized that my daughter Sam has no value in this house. DD keeps mum. Mona asks are you listening to me. DD says problem is Yash- Sam are adults, let them solve their own issues. Something must have happened that made Yash take this decision. Mona says i can see all this and that if this was Sid-Roshni you wouldnt have breathed so easy. DD says neither you would have accepted coz Sid- Roshni love each other truly. Despite all that happened, Sid came back coz Sid loves Roshni a lot. He cant live without her and Roshni can oppose anyone for Sid coz she knows he is crazy about her. All can see this in the house and feel bad when there are problems between them.

DD says as for me and Sid, we fight all the time. But Sam. Tell me what to do. What can i do. She cant digest happiness. When she returned from USA, she came back with Rajbeer. Am relieve that Rajbeer went to Kritika. Then Sam took the job, i warned her but still she din listen to me. Sid and I helped Sam. Sid convinced Yash and still Sam cant be happy with him. Please convince Sam. She cant digest happiness. All is going on well, what was the need to mess with Kritika. Whats the enemity. You know Yash, i too. If Yash had to do this then I cant say anything. Mona says remember one thing, time is the most powerful. Hope Roshni never has to doubt Sid. Else i will ask you who should explain whom. DD says me too, i too pray that the same never happens.



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