King of Hearts Tuesday Update 17 September, 2019


King of Hearts Tuesday Update 17 September, 2019

Shabnam opening the stitches of DD’s blouse. Gaffur calls her and says milk cartoon hasn’t reached at its destination. Shabnam says it is because of security. Gaffur blames her for trying to electrocute Roshni and failing his plan. Shabnam asks him to eat chicken and sleep. She says she will take care of everything, and asks him not to worry else he may get heart attack. She says she has a surprise for him and he will be very happy. Kesar comes and asks who will get happy.

Shabnam lies to him that she was talking to her husband and told about Roshni’s school. She says her husband got happy. Kesar says okay. Shabnam makes water falls on his shoes. He goes to change his shoes. Beeji asks Krutika why she is sad? Krutika is about to tell her about Sam and Bua Dadi’s tortures, but just then Bua Dadi comes and shows the jewellery saying she brought it for her. She says Bunty will keep her happy and signs her not to tell anything. Beeji thinks something is wrong. Sid thinks about Roshni, just then he gets a call and hears some noise.

Bua Dadi asks mehendi designer to apply Mehendi on Krutika’s hands. Just then door bell rings, and sees Simran and beeji standing. She gets shocked seeing Simran, and asks why you didn’t call before coming. Simran laughs and says I will go then. Krutika hugs her and says I missed you. Simran asks what happened? Krutika says nothing. Bua Dadi says Krutika wanted to have mehendi for her navrathi function, so I called mehendi designer. She takes Simran inside. Krutika looks on.

Sid comes home and calls Roshni. Roshni asks Sid if he will obey his begum. She stands sensually and wears yellow saree which he brought for her. She dances with him on the song Khatra Khatra main girun……………while flower petals fall on them. Shabnam wonders what is happening and comes inside the house. She peeps in their room and sees Sid and Roshni romancing. She says I will snatch all happiness from you Roshni Patel. I know Sid is your life and I will trap him in my net. She says it is time for him to become bad Jamai, and people will badmouth about him for keeping eye on sister in law. She says today you can get closer, but from tomorrow, there will be separation. She tries to go and something falls alerting Sid and Roshni. Shabnam hides. Sid asks who is there? Roshni comes and asks who is here? Sid says someone is following us. Roshni says I am scared. Sid asks her to come.

Roshni gives the blouse to DD and says I brought it for you. DD thanks her. Shabnam thinks DD will be insulted in school inauguration function. DD asks why you both have done formality? Roshni says it is nothing. Roshni takes a clothes from the cover, and asks Sid to give. Sid asks her to give it. Roshni comes to Shabnam and is about to give clothes. DD asks why you are giving new clothes to her, we give new clothes to staff only during festival. She asks her to give old clothes to Shabnam and asks her not to cross line. She asks Lakshmi to bring Roshni’s old clothes from godown. Lakshmi brings it. DD throws the clothes near Shabnam and asks her to wear Roshni’s Utaran. She says it is not torn from anywhere and asks Sid and Roshni not to give her dress again. Shabnam says you just see who will wear whose uttaran.

All the guests congratulate DD for the new school inauguration. Simran and Raj hug Roshni and Ayesha. Raj says our bahu have made our dream come true. Raj kisses Sid and asks didn’t you miss us. DD feels her blouse stiching breaking and gets shocked. All the guests look on surprising. Someone tells that school malfunction is happening even at schools. Some ladies click her photos. Shabnam acts and covers her dupatta on DD’s back. She asks Roshni to take her inside, and thinks she has covered her with her own uttaran.

Pandit ji do the aarti and gives to Roshni. Roshni does the aarti and then gives it to DD. Shabnam looks on. Everyone do the aarti. Shabnam goes to the room where juice bottles are kept while everyone is busy doing the aarti. She picks the green label cartoon, but just then hears Kunj’s coming. She hides. Sid comes and asks where were you? Kunj says he has read about him in the newspaper. Kunj says he is getting married and invites them for his wedding. Sid asks him to sit. Kunj tells that a woman was doing something with the cartoons. Sid says security is tight and nobody can enter without passing the security.

Media asks DD, what she wants to convey to the people. DD tells that Roshni want to open a school since childhood and Sid fulfilled her wish. Roshni thanks Sid and gives him credit for school. DD and everyone is happy. Someone brings the milk shake bottle and serves to the guests and kids. One boy faints, followed by other kids. Shabnam smirks happily after playing with others kids’ lives. DD and Roshni are shocked. Roshni asks to call the doctor. Media person says that pesticide smell is coming from it. They guest get crazy and tries to beat Roshni and DD. Shabnam smirks. She recalls going to the cabin and keeping the compromised milk shake on the top. Sid thinks about Kunj’s words that a girl was doing something in the room.

Police comes and arrests Roshni. Roshni tells that she didn’t do anything. Roshni tells Sid that she didn’t do anything. Sid tells I am coming there and will free you. Shabnam thinks did you like the trailor. She calls constable and asks her to beat Roshni in the Police station. The lady constable agrees. Roshni is locked in the lock up. Sid comes to meet Roshni and assures that nothing will happen to her. Roshni says we didn’t do anything. Sid says we will fight again. DD asks her to be strong. The lady constable asks them to leave. Sid asks Roshni not to be scared. Sid tells I am coming back for you.

Roshni cries. Mona asks Ayesha to have food. Ayesha refuses and says she wants to have food by her mumma’s hand. Nani Maasi comes and blames Shabnam for the happenings. She asks her to leave. Ayesha refuses to have food and says she needs her mum. Shabnam takes the food plate and tries to convince her. Ayesha agrees and eats food. Mona says Shabnam is the same girl whom you called inauspicious. Nani Maasi says she don’t care. She tells her that she will make something for them. Mona says I will help you. Shabnam thinks she will take revenge from them as Shiv went back to them.

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