King of Hearts Friday Update 1 November 2019


King of Hearts Friday Update 1 November 2019

Roshni standing near the cliff, when someone keeps hand on her shoulder and says sorry. She steps back and then comes to Sid. Sid says he has organized a dinner in the evening to bring spark in Sam and Yash’s relation and to make everything fine. Roshni gets happy. They come to room and see the door open. Sid says it is a strange hotel. Roshni says I hope nothing is stolen. Waiter comes and says he has cleaned the room and changed the towel. He says Alex asked me to take special care of you. Sid asks who the hell is Alex? A girl is shown, with whom Sid flirted in the pool. Waiter says he is doing his duty. Roshni asks him to leave. She tells Sid that she will massage him.

Alex is shown. She says do you think Sid that you can manage all? Sid and Roshni come for dinner. Sid tells that all girls hurry up to see the surprise. Roshni asks shall I open my eyes. Sid says yes. Roshni sees the arrangement and gets happy. Sam and Yash also comes there. Sid asks Yash, how did he manage to do this arrangements. Yash looks surprised. Sam gets impressed.

Sid says Yash is gracious to call us here. Yash says we are all family. Alex sings song. They go on a dance floor and dances. Roshni tells Sid that she knows that he has done this, and asks how could you be so selfless, and says I love you. Alex sings and roams around them. The man who is monitoring the cameras at DD’s house, comes as a waiter. Alex makes Sid have a drink with her hand. Sid feels dizzy and loses his senses partially. Yash asks Sid, what happened? Sid says dizzyness and jokes it is because of age. Yash says lets have dinner together.

Alex pushes Sid and asks how dare you to follow me in the ladies washroom. Roshni asks Sid what happened? Sid says his head is shaking and he don’t know what happened? Roshni looks at Alex. Resham looks at the mirror. The man who is monitoring the hidden cam gets tensed. Resham wipes the lip stick mark on the mirror. Alex blames Sid for flirting with her. Sid apologizes to her. Alex asks Roshni to take care of her husband. Sid tells that he don’t know what happened? Alex smirks. Sam says who will believe him. This is his reality? He is fooling my sister? She says best couple, my foot. Roshni says we will take part in this competition. She tells Sid that she trusts him blindly and asks him not to explain anything. Alex smiles. Sid says they are raising question on us, and we should reply. Sam asks Yash to come and takes him forcibly. Alex smirks and says Sid…I will make you zero. Sh says game have just began, just see what happens.

All the couples take part in the competition. The host tells about the first round treasure hunt and asks them to sign on the papers. Alex looks at them though the binoculars. They sign without reading. Sam tells Yash that they have to win anyhow. Yash asks her not to pressurize him to win. Sid asks Roshni, did you see this contract and says something is wrong. Roshni asks him to sign and not to make excuses. Sid refuses to take part. Sam asks Sid, if he got scared before playing. Sid refuses and tries to leave. Alex gets tensed and thinks if he don’t sign then it will be a problem. Roshni emotionally blackmails Sid and asks him to take part. Sid agrees. Alex thinks Sid gets defeated by his wife always. Sid and Roshni signs on the papers. Alex gets happy and smiles.

The host announces about the rapid fire round. He says if husband don’t give right answer then wives will be punished. He starts questioning with the couples. The wives get punished for the wrong answers.. Yash and Sam’s turn comes. Yash answers two right answer and 1 wrong. They throw water on Sam. Sam shouts. Sid turns comes. Sid answers all answers right. Roshni hugs him. The host says game is not over yet. He asks Sid to put ball in the basket, else Roshni will be tied and thrown in the water, and then she have to find the keys to the treasure. Sid asks what is this nonsense game. He says we are opting out of the game. Roshni says we will play the game. She asks Sid to agree. Sid agrees and takes the basketball. Roshni says come on Sid. Sid throws the ball in the basket. Everyone looks on.

Sid throwing the ball in the basket and it goes straight in it. Roshni gets happy, hugs him and says I love you. Sid says I love you too. Alex watches them on CCTV and says lets wait and watch, you will lose everything Sid. Alex then sees Patel’s house on CCTV. DD tells Ayesha that the doll seems to be strange and is about to open it, when lawyer comes. Alex gets tensed. DD asks Ayesha to go inside and play. She tells Lawyer that her everything is of Roshni and Sid, and says she is sure that they will take care of the business. She asks him to start the paper work and decides to handover her everything to Sid and Roshni. Sid, Roshni, Yash, Sam and other couples start searching for the keys. Roshni finds something written on the tree and alerts Sid. He reads the sign that the key was there. Sid starts digging near the tree and gets a chit. He reads it. Sam and Yash goes towards there, and read the chit. Sid and Roshni reads the quote. They get inside the coconut leaves hut and get stuck.

Alex laughs and says it is a family entertainer. Sid tells Roshni that it is a game and there must be a place to get out from here. Yash tells Sam that Sid and Roshni’s voice are coming from there. Sid and Roshni ask him to open it. Sam asks Yash to leave them and come with her. Sid asks him to go and play the bl**dy game. Roshni feels disgusted about her sister’s behavior. Sid says it’s ok. Sam asks Yash to go up and get the keys before they reach here. Sid cuts the door and manages to come out. Yash gets another clue, that leads them to swimming pool. Alex enjoys seeing their quest for clue. Sid climbs up and reads the clue chit left by Yash. Roshni asks Sid to come down. Sid asks her to go to swimming pool. Roshni runs towards there. Yash and Roshni jump in the pool to get the keys. Sam comes there and shouts Yash. Roshni and Yash’s leg gets locked by the chain. Sam also jumps in the pool, followed by Sid. Sid opens the lock, and they manage to come out of pool. Sam gets the clue from the treasure box.

Sid scolds the host for the stupid game and says we would have died. He scolds him. The host says that he got impressed with Sid as he left the clue and saved his wife first and then yash, but Sam left her husband and reached to the clue. Sam says I have the clue, but there is nothing in it. I am the winner. Yash says what are you saying? Roshni says I haven’t seen a selfish girl like you. Sam asks her to play the game and challenges Roshni that she will win only. Sid and Yash refuses to play the game. The woman, Alex comes there and says game is mine. Sid recalls that recent incidents. Alex says you should be thankful to me. Sid says to hell with your game, we are leaving right now. Alex says you came here, with your wish, but you can leave when I permit. Sid says I knew it. Roshni says we will leave, and asks her to stop. Sid holds Roshni’s hand and says I want to play this game. The game is on. He tells Roshni that Alex is not an ordinary girl and says she is upto something. Roshni asks what is in that Alex? Sid asks Roshni to try and understand, and says this game is strange. He says this girl is after us. Roshni says I won’t let that Alex come near you.

DD tells Kesar and Resham that she is launching new jewellery line. Resham and Kesar get happy. Resham gets happy seeing SR initial. Kesar asks her to see the thing first. DD says I will make you understand. R says R is for Resham, and says she is happy for using her name in the jewellery line. DD says I will clear her confusion, and says My Jamai’s name Sid- S, and my daughter Roshni- R. Resham says okay. Ayesha comes and says she will also help her badi maa in the event. DD says sure. Kesar takes Resham. Alex sees the jewellery line details and laughs saying Roshni will not be saved.

Sid-Roshni, Sam-Yash get invitation from Alex to play the next game. Sid calls DD. Servant picks the call, and confuses him. Sid asks him to ask DD to call him, and is about to send message, but Alex’s men come and take the phone from their hand. Sid says I understood. DD tells Kesar that something is wrong for sure as they are n’t picking the call. She says she called the hotel, and was informed that they have checked out.

Sid-Roshni, Yash-Sam are seen trapped in the cellar. Alex says hi honey to Sid. She says I was joking until yesterday, but I am not joking now. They are shocked. Alex says you have to play this game, and says all the best. Sid and Yash look at each other. Roshni and Sam looks shocked. Sid thinks okay Alex, I will play my game and know your intentions. You will tell your motive to me very soon and looks a her.

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