King of Hearts Saturday Update 2 November 2019


King of Hearts Saturday Update 2 November 2019

Alex telling Sid and Yash that Roshni and Sam’s life is dependent on them now. She says if your target fails, then their life will end. She announces that the game starts now. Roshni and Sam is seen standing with apple on their head, and their hands tied. They are tensed and shocked.

Roshni tells Sid that she trust him, and says I love you, I knew that you can do. Sam asks Yash to be careful and says he should not do any mistake. Sid and Yash are seen holding knife in their hands. Roshni asks Sid to throw the knife, and says you can do it. Alex starts counting the numbers. Sid and Yash target the apple. Sam bends down and gets hurt, before knife would hit the apple.

Sid hits the apple kept on Roshni’s head. Yash runs towards Sam. Sam scolds Yash for his wrong target. Alex declares them runner up and asks her men to take Sam for medical treatment. She tells Sid that she will see how he plays the game now. Sid and Roshni are tensed. DD asks the servant to tell about the phone call. Servant says I can’t recall anything. DD asks him to get out. DD says I am in tension, and says if it was Sid’s call then I have missed them.

Later Alex welcomes Sid and Roshni and says this is the last part of the game. She asks them to play truth and dare? She starts the game with Sid and asks him to kiss her (Alex). Roshni says Sid will not kiss you. Sid refuses to kiss her and says he will leave the game. Alex’s goon try to strangulate Roshni. Sid agrees to kiss her and goes near her. Roshni nods no and cries. Alex looks at Sid. The goons hurt Roshni and strangulate her with belt. Sid says no. He goes near Alex and is about to kiss her. Alex keeps hand on his mouth and says I just asked you to kiss me, you would have kissed me on your hand, what is going on in your mind. She gives her hand. Sid kisses on her hand. Roshni feels bad. The goon frees Roshni. Alex asks Sid to go and sit. Sam and Yash comes back to the den. Alex welcomes them. She says I know what is going on in Mr. Khurana’s mind, and says you will leave with my wish. She says next dare is for Roshni. She asks her to choose any one goon among the three goons and gives her 30 sec time.

Roshni asks what? Alex says today is your wedding night and asks her to choose? Sid gets angry and says I will kill you Alex. Alex targets pistol on Sid, and asks Roshni to agree. Roshni folds her hands and asks her not to agree. Alex counts the numbers. Roshni says she can’t do this. One of the goon asks Roshni to come near him and do everything with him. Sid says I will snatch your tongue. The goon is taking Roshni.

Sid asks Roshni to stop and holds on the pistol asking Alex to shoot. He says I don’t get afraid of you or your bullet. Yash and Sam looks on shockingly. Alex is shocked too. Sid snatches gun from her hand and targets her. Yash and Sam are happy. Sid says your face is looks scared, as the trigger will not make any noise again. He asks the goons to free Roshni. Roshni runs to him. Sid says we have come here with our wish and will go with our wish. He asks Yash and Sam to come. They leave. Alex says you have broken this game rules, and you will repent for this, you will be left alone and nobody will support you. Sam and Yash are in the jungle and wait for Sid and Roshni. Sam continues to argue with him. Yash sees the goons coming and asks her to come. Sid and Roshni pack the bags. Roshni apologizes to Sid. Sid says first we will leave from here. They find the door locked. Alex sees CCTV live footage of DD’s house. Ayesha asks DD to come somewhere. DD agrees. Alex calls someone and says bird is freed from the cage, and her eyes are looking at him. She says Sasumaa will be punished for her Jamai’s mistake.

DD and Ayesha coming to the same resort and wonder there is nobody here. She checks her phone and says there is no network. She asks Ayesha to sit in the car. Sid and Roshni try to come out through the AC duct. Yash asks Sam to get up. Bouncers look for Yash, Sam, Sid and Roshni. DD sees a car coming. Bunty gets down the car and asks DD what happened? DD says her car has stopped working at this place. Bunty asks her to come and offers to drop her. DD sits in his car with Ayesha and they leave. Alex’s goon is seen hiding near there. Alex checks in the CCTV and thinks she can’t let Sid run away from here, and will make him pay for his crimes. Sid and Roshni come out of the AC duct with much difficulty and sees Yash and Sam. Yash and Sam say that they were waiting for them when Bouncers followed them. Just then Alex’s goons throw net on them and catch them. Alex says she is very particular about rules and asks her goons to take them inside. Sid and others fool the goons and trap them in their own net. Yash tells Sid that they should run in different direction. Sid-Roshni take bike to escape while Sam and Yash take car and escape. Sid finds a joker eyeing them.

DD tells Raj that she was scared when her car stopped on the road and says she is sensing as someone is eyeing them. Resham tells Ayesha that she will change the doll’s clothes. Ayesha refuses to let her change the clothes. Raj asks DD not to worry and says everything will be fine. Alex scolds her goons for their failure, and thinks Sid is not safe in his house. She says you can’t do anything and have to pay the price for eloping from here. She burns his pic and smiles like mad. Sid stops the bike as they reach to safe place. Sam and Yash also come there. Sid tells them that they shouldn’t tell anything to their family, and asks Sam to forget it all.

Roshni says we will lie to them. DD is very worried much. Sam- Yash, Roshni – Sid return home. DD says you all have taken my life. Resham comes and asks what happened? DD asks what is going on? She says her BP have increased and says she was behaving normal because of Ayesha. Sid says it is not a big deal and says they got hurt because of adventure sports. He says atleast their life is saved. DD asks them to settle down in their room and asks Ganpath to keep first aid box.

Just then a courier guy comes and says there is a courier on Sid’s name. Ganpath says there is no Sid Khurana here. Sid hears them and tells that Sid Khurana is him. Ganpath asks Sid not to complain to DD as he has small kids. He sees the courier and finds it from Alex’s place. He opens the courier and reads Alex’s letter, that she is returning Roshni’s blood drops and she will catch them.

Roshni comes and asks what he is reading? Sid says resort people sent letter to thank them. Roshni asks are you sure? Sid asks her to read the letter. Roshni says I trust you and hugs him. She says she gets goosebumps thinking at that place and says thank god it is over. Sid thinks to find out about the truth. He comes to the agent and was informed that the payment has been done with his name.

Sid is shocked and recalls a man returning his wallet. He calls someone and asks him to find out about Alex as she has done payment with his credit card and organized the event. The man says he can’t enquire. He comes to the ad company and sees models’ pic. He finds Alex’s pic and says I got you finally. Your game is over now, and my game starts. He says I will host the game for you. A man is seen keeping eye on Sid. He comes to Alex’s house and kills her. Alex dies.

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