kindred hearts Sunday Update June 23rd 2019

Jhanvi meets Adi in garden of his house, Jhanvi asks Adi what his wants from him? Adi says she wants me to become CEO of company, she wants to get hold of this house so she can rule over here, Jhanvi says give it to her, Adi looks at her in shock, Jhanvi says to save your family from this pain, you should give her what she wants, this is only way to save your kids from pain, i think you should give her everything.
Nisha says to baba that if you dont take medicine then.. kaki comes there and asks baba to have medicine, he takes it, Nisha leaves.

Adi says to Jhanvi that this is not my business, its my family’s, i cant give it to Nisha, i cant disrespect them. Jhanvi says you will do it to protect your family, the way which your wife has chosen have made your family go away
from you and now your kids are going away too, they are very small and if they get hurt at this age then it will badly affect them so for their sake, you should agree with her.
Nisha is going to see who Adi is meeting with and thinks that i hope that person didnt leave. Nisha comes out in garden and sees Adi meeting with Sameer, she smiles, Adi looks at her confused.

Adi calls his family in lounge, he says i am taking decision for this family now, i am ready to become CEO, one more thing.. he brings sindoor plate, Adi makes line in house with sindoor and says to family that i am dividing this house in two, family will not come on my side and me, Nisha and my kids will not go to family’s side, but believe me i am doing this for good of our family, i want to give another chance to my marriage with Nisha, Nisha is stunned.

Adi says forget about divorce, Nisha always wanted me to become CEO, she wanted a lot more but i wont be able to give it but if i can bring happiness back in family just by giving her position in house then i will do it. Nisha says what are you saying? i just wanted my family to be happy with us. Kaka says when baba came to me and said that i should trust my own blood, i doubted if i was doing wrong by not trusting you and not listening to you but thank you for clearing my doubts, i am sure that i was not wrong about you, i am happy that you got everything you wanted, you accepted what you want from us, i am proud of you to get everything, he claps on Adi’s face mockingly, he says you wanted all this then why blaming Nisha? why using her name? you had dreams about this CEO position and all, its our fault that we couldnt give you good upbringing, i am happy that you decided to give another chance to Nisha, i wish you knew me well, if you asked me gently then not only this house or CEO position, i would give my life for you, you shouldnt have ridiculed us.

Adi says i wont say anything in my favor, i promise you that when truth will come to everything then you people will know why i did all this, i promise that, he puts his hand above fire handle to emphasize his point, all are shocked to see it, Nisha is tensed. Kaki runs over to Adi’s side and pushes his hand away from fire, she says have you gone mad? Adi sadly looks at her, he touches her feet and says please go on your side of house, he leaves from there. Nisha says i will talk to Adi, she tries to cross line Adi created but kaka stops her and leaves from there with family. Nisha is confused seeing all this.

Adi says to chinni and Binni that i have good news, mummy and papa wont fight anymore, we wont be separated. Kids get happy and hugs him, Nisha sees this from far and smiles seeing Adi hugging them, kids go to play. Adi puts their family photo on table, he sees Nisha standing on door, he smiles at her broadly and leaves. Nisha is confused.
Nisha comes to her room and says Adi i dont understand anything, what you did outside? i am happy with your decision but how did you change? Adi shows her family photo and says i like this picture, see its nice, it has our whole family in it. Adi keeps that photo on dressing table.

Nisha says can you tell me? Adi says i am doing this for my kids, i cant see them suffer, you wanted all this from me, i have given you everything, i have become CEO, i have divided my house, i will do anything you want me to do so now you do what i want you to do, trust my family, show love and affection to them, start caring for my family, try to understand them. Nisha says i kept telling you this for years but you never listened to me, this is not your league, this is not your play, who made you realize all this? Adi says doesnt matter, i am giving another chance to our relation, you try to make amends too, he leaves. Nisha says it doesnt matter? it means someone is advising Adi, is it Sameer? but Sameer is not that clever, that much sensitive and sensible can be girl only. A girl? what if there is girl behind Adi’s changed behavior? she gets angry thinking about it.

Jhanvi is massaging Survi’s head, Survi says when you meet Adi, do you feel something? Jhanvi gets silent and says i feel numb, i feel agitation, i would have forgotten if it was infatuation but its love and i cant forget but then my values and upbringing come into play, i dont want to win him over, i just want him to get happy, these feelings will remain with me forever but i wont tell Adi ever. Survi gets someone’s call, she says i will come later, Jhanvi says who is it calling? take it here only. Survi gets tensed and says no i will go and take it, she leaves from there. Jhanvi says God help me to keep Adi happy.
At night, Adi and Nisha’s room is dark. Adi is sleeping, Nisha takes Adi’s phone from bedside table and thinks that i have to find out who is making my innocent husband to clever fox? she takes his phone and turns to leave but Adi comes to her side, Nisha gets scared as he caught her, she says you scared me, Adi says thieves get scared, what are you hiding? Nisha says i was just seeing what is going on in my husband’s life, Adi says i am trying to mend everything, dont test my patience, please cooperate, he takes phone from her. Nisha thinks that someone else is trying to give you advises and you are trying to hide that person’s identity.
Adi comes to office. He asks assistant to change his cabin to CEO’s. Jhanvi hears it too. Adi says to employees that i am the new CEO of this office now. Jhanvi smiles seeing that he agreed with her suggestion, she says good morning, he says good morning.
Adi comes in CEO’s cabin, Raj brings things for him, Raj says i know there is depth behind your actions, tell me full truth, Adi says your trust in me gives me so much hope, i wish kaka could trust me.
Kaki asks Kaka to get ready for office. Kaka says i wont go to that office from now on, kaki says why you are getting sutbborn with Adi? he is immature, Kaka says when kids grow up, they take things from your hands, Adi have become mature, he has taken control of things so i am giving up office, i am giving everything to him.
Adi says to Raj that i will never take kaka’s place, he will be rightful owner of this cabin, CEO’s cabin.
Nisha comes to Adi’s office and thinks that Adi spends his whole time in office so he must have help from here only.
Jhanvi comes to Adi’s cabin, she says to Adi that you become CEO but kept Kaka’s chair in CEO’s cabin, this shows your respect for him. You are doing all this to protect your family, this shows how much you care for you family and can do anything for them.
Nisha comes inside Adi’s office and is looking around to find any clue of person that is helping Adi

Jhanvi says to Adi that you have chosen right path to protect your family. Adi says but my family doesnt trust me, they are getting hurt, kaka is not coming to office because of me.Jhanvi says i thought about it and i knew he would not come but i have already found solution of this problem and how to bring him back.
Nisha comes to Adi’s office. Jhanvi is telling some plan to Jhanvi. Nisha hears Adi saying to Jhanvi that if this way kaka will comeback to office then i will do what you are asking. Nisha hides outside his office. Jhanvi comes out of his cabin and goes. Nisha sees her and glares.

Adi comes out and sees Nisha there, Adi says what are you doing here? you were checking my phone last night and now here? are you doubting me? she says not at all, i have brought snacks
for you. I thought you are working on this marriage to make it work so i thought i should try too. Adi says i am doing everything geniunely, i hope you are not doing drama this time.Nisha says i know i have done a lot in past but you said you are doing this for Chinni and Binni, i am their mother too so i agree with you. Nisha gives him snacks and goes out of his cabin. Nisha looks at Jhanvi and calls peon, she says to peon that i want to talk to you.

Jhanvi comes home. Adi is at his home, he messages her. Jhanvi calls Adi. Adi sees Kaka there, he talks to Jhanvi and acts like he is talking to client, Adi says what you will take me to court? we have always done good work, dont cancel this deal. Raj says client is not agreeing? Adi says Raj they should not cancel this deal, you talk to him. Raj takes call, Jhanvi asks if Kaka is affected? Raj says little. Adi takes call and says client if you want to go to court then fine, he ends call. Raj says court case will be destruction for us, Adi says someone elder have talked to client then it would have been better but now we have to go to court. Kaka gets upset hearing all this and leaves. Adi thinks that i hope this plan works and kaka comes back to office.

Maa says to Jhanvi that you go to office daily and see Adi with his wife, you might be getting hurt seeing him with someone else, try some other job. Jhanvi says you have taught me to never runaway from problems, i have learned to face my problems and i have done nothing wrong and i will not runaway like i did something not acceptable, i am leaving for office now. She opens door and sees Nisha standing there, Maa is shocked.Nisha says i want to talk to you Jhanvi, can you come out? Jhanvi says you can talk infront of my family, i dont hide anything. Nisha says fair enough, she says to Jhanvi’s mother that you might know whats going on between your daughter and my husband, its call extra marital affair. Jhanvi says what? what did you see? PRECAP,, Adi was totally right about you, yes I have relation with him but of humanity, trust, empathy and most important of friendship, there was nothing between us and nothing will happen but you see what you want to see, when your heart is dark then whole world is dark for you, you wont trust me but why will you? how can you say all this? i am woman and i know pain of broken house so i would never do this deliberately, when i have seen people not able to come out of this pain for life, she sadly looks at her Maa. Jhanvi says to Nisha that you said i gave advise to your husband but i was the one who gave him advise to agree with all of your conditions,if i wanted to break your house then i wouldnt give him advise to try reconcilation with you again, mine and Adi’s relation is pure and there is not malice and wrong intentions involved in it. Nisha says i am sorry, i didnt know what i was doing, you were right Jhanvi, i was seeing things from my perspective only, i was selfish, i am sorry.

Jhanvi says you are lucky to get husband like Adi, two pretty daughters and good household with all the money, Adi is trying from heart this time, please handle him this time and gather all the happiness he can provide you, Nisha nods, she whispers thanks and leaves. jhanvi silently cries.

Nisha sits in her car and wipes her fake tears, she smirks and says very sweet Jhanvi, i was right about you, you like to solve problems of others but i wonder what you get in return? dont worry, you have met Nisha now, i will make sure you get gifts in return for helping my husband, i hope you like surprises, Nisha leaves.

Kaka comes to office and asks peon to bring tea. Kaka comes in cabin and sees Adi talking, Adi says i cant come to court. Kaka says i am sorry, i came without knocking, he asks Raj where is my place in this office now? as Adi sits in CEO office now. Adi says this cabin is of kaka’s, Kaka says i am just mere employee of this office now, ask CEO Adi where i can sit? Adi says i am CEO and i will decide where you will sit and you are going to sit at CEO chair, this is my instruction, Kaka glares at him and sits on CEO chair, Adi thinks that my way is little twisted in handling everything but i hope you understand my intentions.

Adi brings kids home and ask them to change uniform, they leave. He sees Nisha tensed, he asks what happened? Nisha hugs him and says i am sorry,dont get angry. Nisha says i went to Jhanvi’s house, he says why? Nisha says to Adi that i saw Jhanvi talking to you in office and i had wrong thoughts about you two so i went to her house and accused her for having wrong intentions with you, she cries, Adi looks at her stunned and says have you gone mad? are my family members less that you are embarrassing me infront of world? she works with me, are you mad? he gets angry, Nisha says after talking to Jhanvi, i said sorry to her.Adi says i agreed with your demands after talking to Jhanvi and you accused her? i am trying to give chance to this relation but you are turning away from your antics.

Jhanvi asks Maa if she thinks she is wrong? Maa says you are not wrong but i saw my past today, Jhanvi makes her sit down and says dont worry and trust me.

Adi shouts on Nisha, Adi turns and sees someone standing there, Nisha turns and sees chinni standing there, she asks if they are fighting? Adi says no we were talking, Nisha says yes, Chinni takes Adi with her for homework. Nisha takes Adi’s coat and brings out his phone, she says sorry Miss Jhanvi but you wont be able to contact Adi now, she hides Adi’s phone under mattress.