Kindred Hearts Sunday Update 15 September, 2019


Kindred Hearts Sunday Update 15 September, 2019

Arjun says Jia I love.. some goons come there and hit Arjun with rod, they beat Arjun badly, Arjun falls unconscious. Jia tries to run to them but goons grab her, they drag her away from Arjun, Arjun tries to hold her hand and but they pull her away and leaves with Jia from there while Arjun lies there limply.

Jia wakes up with a headache, she looks around and finds herself in a small house. She says how I am here? Where is Arjun? Jia knocks on door and asks to open it. Aaji from Dil Dhoonta hai show is locked in another room. Goons come to Jia and asks her to remain silent, Jia says I know commissioner, goon asks her to shut up and stay here, they leave. Jia says I hope Arjun is fine.

Chinni bandages Arjun’s head. He is unconscious. Kaki says seems like problems

are following us constantly, we never get peace, dont know where is Jia.. Arjun recalls Jia being dragged away by goons, he screams Jia and wakes up. Nisha hears them too. Arjun says its all my fault, I couldnt save Jia from those goons. Nisha looks on.
Jia is locked in room and says I hope Arjun is fine, how to go from here. Goon brings food. Jia says you want money? I can give it, Nisha sent you right? Goon says we are not disloyal, you will stay here for 15 days, our deal was to keep you here for 15 days. Jia says snake there.. snake.. Goon tries to find snake, Jia tries to run but another goon catches her and says if you try to act clever then we wont spare you, you have to stay here for 15 days so just dont try to run for 15 days, they lock her and leave. Jia says why they asked Nisha to keep me here for 15 days? whats the matter?

Chinni says to Arjun that we should inform police about Jia’s kidnapping. Arjun says no I saw the goons, they looked very dangerous, if we inform police then they can hurt goons. Chinni says you are right, but how we will find about Jia then? Arjun says they will call for extortion, we will wait for it, Kaki says yes and leaves with Chinni. Nisha comes there and asks what is going on? Arjun taunts that thanks for asking about me. Nisha says I am sorry, how are you? he says fine. Nisha thinks I have to control my anger if I want him to tell me things, she says you went with Jia why? Arjun says I went to do your work, I wanted to trap her in talks for you, I wanted to talk to her so she can give property to me and then I will give it to you, I was trying to win her trust for you but someone kidnapped her. Nisha says its good she left, she always was hindrance for me. Arjun thinks that I have to keep fooling this Nisha but where to find that clingy Jia? Arjun leaves.

Jia is banging on door and says I will do suicide if you dont open the door. One goon says she is just doing drama so we open her door. Goon sees blood spilling out from floor, They rush to Jia’s room and finds that its red colored water and not blood, Jia hits them with rod from behind, they all faint. Jia recalls how she mixed food in water to color it red. Jia says I have to call Chinni and Kaki, she leaves from goons’ den. She leaves.
Aaji from Dil Dhoonta is still locked in goons’ den.

Chinni is crying, she says to Arjun that I am worried for Jia. Arjun says I promise I will bring her back. Chinni says but you were against her? Arjun says I thought Jia killed me in last birth but she looks like my own now, you all look family to me, I will bring her back for you too, Chinni says I hope kidnappers call me soon. Arjun gets a call and leaves.
Arjun comes to corner, he takes call from goon and asks what happened? Goon says Jia ranaway, Arjun says you couldnt keep her for 15 days? find her and keep her kidnapped, he ends call. Arjun turns and is shocked to see Priya there, Priya smirks. Arjun says it was insurance company’s call. Priya says they couldnt protect Jia? I am your partner, tell me everything. Arjun says Jia always has eyes on me so I thought to kidnap her for some days and try to pacify Baba in meantime to give me property so I got her kidnapped. Priya asks how you did it? Flashback shows when Jia confessed her love to Arjun, Arjun thought that Jia was a hurdle for me but now she has fallen in love with me and I will use it to get what I want, flashback ends. Priya says this Jia is clever, you took big risk. Arjun says you just handle Nisha, I have to go, he leaves. Priya looks on.

Ravi from dil dhoonta hai gives ice cream to everyone, Vishi says why you are not eating? she says I have sour throat. One family member suggests to play compatibility game. Ravi says some other time but Vishi says lets play it, I want to see how much I know my wife. Family member asks Ravi’s favorite color, Vishi says its pink, Tavi smiles.
Suresh and Sangeeta are searching for papers in house. Aaji’s impostor says I have one plan.

Goons and Arjun are searching for Jia in market. Jia is hiding from goons in market. Arjun says dont know where this clingy girl is. Goon is searching for Jia in market, she hides behind a stall. She hides her face with scarf. Arjun is looking around for her too. Jia finds a phone booth and calls Chinni but Chinni and Kaki are busy in doing pooja and doesnt see her call. Chinni sees her phone, she takes it but before Jia can say anything, goon catches her and throws away phone.
Aaji’s impostor says to Sangeeta that we can ask oldie where papers are. Sangeeta says she wont tell where papers, we have to use her weakness. Sangeeta says I know her weakness, we can use that.

Jia tries to fight off the goon which is wearing helmet, she asks him to leave her. Its Arjun behind helmet, Arjun gives her to goon, goon takes her away. Arjun says she will be away for 15 days.

Family members clap for Ravi and Vishi for knowing each others favorites. She asks Vishi if he wants to talk about his wife? Vishi says I am the most luckiest husband to get wife like her, she left her palace to live in a small place with me,she is not just a good wife but good daughter in law too. Vishi recalls Ravi working hard in their house. He gets emotional. Family members ask Ravi to talk about her husband too. Ravi holds Vishi’s hand and says he has all qualities that a girl wants but the most important one is that he is always standing with me, he always respect me and this love and I have got a family in my inlaws house, I am luckiest girl to get family like this. Vishi says I dont deserve this praise, he leaves her hand and goes away. Ravi runs behind him and asks what happened? Vishi says you have done so much for me but I am not a good husband, you didnt get anything here, only tears, troubles in this house. Ravi hugs him and says relations become stronger in troubled times, everyone can smile while walking on flowers but those who walk on thorns with each other remain together till the end, I promised that I wont hide anything from you and there is something I want to tell, Aaji’s life is in danger. Aaji’s impostor comes there and says Aaji is fine, she asks Ravi to not worry about me. Ravi says seeing Aaji, I feel.. Aaji says you feel that I am going mad? I am fine. Vishi asks Ravi to not worry, Aaji asks him to go, he leaves. Aaji pulls Ravi in a room and locks it, she slaps Ravi hard again and again. Ravi is shocked and says how dare you slap me? she is about to slap her but impostor holds her hand and says you will raise hand on me? really? look at your Aaji’s video before raising hand on me, she shows her video Aaji locked up and tied up to a chair crying. Ravi cries seeing it. Impostor says now you want to beat me? here you beat me, there Aaji dies. Ravi cries and says no. Impostor asks her to say sorry to her, Ravi sits in her feet and says please dont hurt Aaji. Impostor asks her to do what I am saying, Ravi says I will do what you want.

Nisha says to Chinni that I didnt kidnap Jia this time. Chinni says you are her only enemy, where did you hide Jia? Nisha says I am not that bad. Chinni says your sins are increasing but your end is near too. Nisha says shut up, I didnt kidnap Jia. Chinni cries and says you want this property? I will give it to you, where is Jia. Nisha says I didnt hide Jia. Chinni says I will throw you out, she pulls Nisha out of house and says you will come in here when you bring Jia back. Nisha says I am your mother, I am saying that I didnt kidnap Jia. Arjun hides and sees all that, Arjun says all are entertaining here. Chinni says Jhanvi made me learn meaning of a mother and Jia is taking that duty now. Nisha says you cant believe your real mother? I didnt kidnap Jia. Chinni says mother dont let

kids hurt, mother dont kidnap her daughters, she gives her food to her kids, not snatch their food, if you want to comeback to this house then bring Jia. Kaki brings Nisha’s bags, Nisha says how dare you. Chinni says you liked to throw us out of house, now you feel the pain of houseless, use your status and find a place to stay, you dont have a place to stay here. Arjun comes out and says if you threw this Nisha out earlier then Jia wouldnt have been kidnapped. Nisha says I didnt kidnap Jia. Arjun says I married you going against everyone but you are doing all these antics, you have last chance to bring Jia back again and comeback in house. Kaki says you will comeback when you bring Jia. Arjun thinks I have made my place in this house and now snake has to leave. Chinni throws Nisha out of house and closes door on her. Nisha says I promise to enter this house in 24 hours.
Goons bring Jia to a room, Goon says this girl tries to run a lot, Jia tries to push them away but they tie Jia to chair and leave.
Aaji fromDil dhoondta hai is already tied to chair in a isolated room.

Chinni is crying looking at Jia’s picture. Arjun brings food and says you have to eat something, she says I dont want to eat anything. Arjun says if Jia saw you like this then what would she say? Chinni says she would say that I cant lose. Arjun says you didnt lose, you fought with Nisha like a lioness, he makes her eat food. Arjun says the way you accepted Jia, will you accept me too? will you be my friend? I know you remember your father Adi when you see me but that was my past life, I am Arjun now, I cant be Adi, I cant be a responsible father but I am your friend and will always stand with you, promise. Chinni cries. Arjun thinks that please get in trap, you are the owner of house now. Chinni says thank you, you have heard my heart. Arjun thinks that you hear my heart and make Baba sign property papers to me. Chinni says dont know Jia ate or not. Arjun says dont worry. Arjun thinks I cant call goons, what if Jia know that I kidnapped her? Goons will take care of her, she is fine there. He makes Chinni eat more.

One goon comes to Jia and says I cant see you like this, I brought food for you, he tries to touch her face but she jerks away. Goon says your glares are s*xy, he takes off her mouth gag and asks her to eat. Jia screams that if you try to touch me then I wont spare. All goons come and ask the greedy goon what he was doing? Goon says anyone can get lusty seeing such a girl, I say that you take a chance too and enjoy her. Another goon slaps the greedy goon and says this Jia is our golden egg, someone is coming to see her, we have to take care of her. Other goon asks who is coming to see her? Goon says Shaikh Sir. Goons leave. Jia thinks who is Shaikh? is it their code word?

Scene 2
Arjun sees Kaki and starts acting, Arjun prays God please bring Jia back. Kaki thinks that fate is cruel, when Jia is with us then Arjunj is not and when Arjun is here then Jia not. Arjun says God you are doing wrong, that girl Jia just provided justice to my family, if you dont listen to my prayers then I will spill my blood and bath you in it, I will give up my life too, he brings knife and thinks why no one is coming to save me? Kaki comes there and throws knife away, she says what are you doing? Jia will be with us soon. Chinni asks her to not worry, they leave. Arjun starts dancing and says God if you are with me, I will get this property, Jia is safe, I have given money to goons, they will keep her face. Arjun gets a message which says ‘you cant hide truth, your real face has come out Arjun, meet at old factory’. Arjun says what is this now? something wrong keeps happening.

Goons lock Jia in room. Jia tries to open up her ropes but Goons come inside with a Shaikh. Shaikh looks at her with greedy eyes. Goon says this item will give your eyes peace. Shaikh tries to touch her face. Jia thinks who is he? Shaikh says she melted my heart, I will give you 1 box for this item. Goon says you wont get complains, we have guarantee for 15 days. Shaikh gives advance and says I will send more money and take her, Shaikh leaves. Goons come out of room. One goon says what if the one who asked us to kidnap this girl know that we are selling her to someone else? Other goon says I dont care about him, we are just getting good money to sell her. Jia hears it and thinks they are selling me to someone? who is doing all this with me? Jia pulls at her ropes, her ties open up, she gets up from chair and looks around, she finds some material to use.

Ravi from Dil dhoondta hai is searching for Aaji. She comes to goons’ den and finds Aaji tied there, she tries to wake her up but Aaji is unconscious. Ravi brings water and sprinkles on her face, Aaji wakes up and cries seeing Ravi, she asks Ravi to take her away, she faints again. Ravi hugs her.
Vishi’s mother says to Vishi that I didnt like when you left Ravi, we know how much you love her,you want her to be happy. Vishi says so much happened with her, she doesnt say it but that doesnt mean she is happy, I am not making her happy as a husband. Mother says I am responsible for that too. Ravi screams for Vishi. Vishi and mother rushes to isolated room. They see Aaji unconscious there, Vishi lifts Aaji and takes her from there.

Arjun comes to old factory and asks who called me here? He finds Priya tied to a chair. Nisha’s voice comes out and says if you go closer to her then there is a bomb under her chair and it will blast and you both die with your secrets. Arjun says what are you doing? Nisha says you kidnapped Jia and Priya knew it. Arjun recalls how he told Priya kidnapping Jia. Nisha’s voice is coming out of a speaker. Nisha says you kidnapped Jia and blamed me for it? you threw me out of house with Chinni to get property? Arjun asks her to leave Priya. Nisha comes there and says whom you will handle? me? Jia? or Priya? your plan is spoiled and now.. she points gun at Arjun and says you will be finished, how you want to die? from a bullet of from bomb? Arjun closes his eyes.

Jia sees some material in her hand says I cant be scared right now, I will kill goons if I have to, I have to fight for myself.

Ravi says to family that the aaji living with us was a fake Aaji, an impostor, this is our real Aaji. Vishi says what? Ravi says trust me, that fake Aaji threatened me, she was behaving weird because she is not real Aaji, we have to file complaint for that fake Aaji. Mother says what are you saying? Ravi says some goons kidnapped our Aaji. Vishi says who? Ravi says I dont know what they want from Aaji.. Aaji wakes up and says Ravi.. Father says Aaji someone kidnapped you? Aaji forgets and says no, what are you saying?I was not kidnapped. Ravi says they kidnapped you and some impostor was living with us, you were locked in a store room. Aaji says did you dream bad? calm down. Ravi says tell them truth. Aaji says what truth? I went to store room but nobody kidnapped me. Ravi says dont lie, you dont have to hide, all are our own here. you tell them the truth. Aaji says okay what you are saying is truth, I was kidnapped but I am fine now, you okay now? anyone in your place would act like this, you take rest. Ravi shakes her head and leaves from there. Vishi tries to go behind her but Aaji says we are responsible for condition, she didnt get love here from anyone. Vishi is sad.
Ravi thinks why Aaji is not accepting that she was kidnapped? did someone threat Aaji? Aaji comes there and asks Ravi if she wont eat? she says I am not hungry, she leaves. Aaji goes behind her. Ravi comes out of house and says they played a game with me, where did my Aaji go? Aaji comes there and says what are you thinking queen?

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