Kindred hearts Monday Update 23 September, 2019


Kindred hearts Monday Update 23 September, 2019

Nisha brings Jia to a ring, Nisha says I have family in danger and remote is with me, they can be killed soon, you have to cut colored wires of this ring using clues and if you cut wrong wire then bomb will blast and Kaki will die, first you have to go to a jewelry shop and do what I want, she gives phone to Jia and says I will call you there, my men will keep an eye on you, Jia leaves.

Jia comes to shop, Nisha’s man shows her gun stealthily. Nisha calls Jia, Nisha asks her to check diamond rings, seller shows rings to Jia, he shows her their featured ring. Nisha says on call that you have to steal that ring from that shop. Jia comes out of shop and says have you gone mad Nisha? there are so many people here.

Nisha says do what I say, I have given poison to family and you

have only 2 hours, my men will keep an eye on you, steal it. Jia comes back to the shop, she asks seller if she can get water? he says yes. Jia deliberately throws rings box down, she starts picking up rings, seller starts picking up too, Jia steals the ring, and says I should leave, seller says just let me count rings in box, he counts and says all are here, you can leave. Jia leaves.
Arjun is in jail, he says to inspector that I want to talk about private jet, Inspector says I didnt know you cant give me private jet, you are from Jindal house, you are rich. Arjun says I can give you jewelry too, I can set your family.. deal done? Inspector grabs his hand and says you dont have any penny, you will rot in this jail. Arjun says something happened in my house, if anything happened with my Kaki then you will be responsible. Inspector says shut up your dialogues, today is your court date, Arjun says but it was later, inspector says just enjoy today here then court might send you anywhere.

Jia brings ring to Nisha she stole from the shop, she left her ring there and stole ring Nisha wanted. Nisha gives her next clue which says ‘I am a color which blossoms when boy proposes a girl”. Nisha gives her cutter and asks her to the wire from wires making ring, Nisha thinks that if she cuts wrong wire then she will get shock. Jia looks at wires and cuts white wire, she says love color is red but for you love is white which is diamond’s color thats why I cut it. Nisha says you just solved first clue, move on.

Jia comes to jewelry shop disguised. She calls Nisha and asks whats next clue? Nisha asks her to open the envelope she gave her, Jia opens it and finds necklace picture, Nisha says you have to steal that gold necklace, Jia says what? Nisha says you have less time, she ends call. Jia sees one girl trying that necklace, she comes to the girl and says it will look very nice on you, girl says I will buy it, Jia says I will get it packed. She takes the necklace and asks seller to pack it, he starts packing and says its of 50lacs.

Arjun is sitting in jail, he sees inspector eating sauce with food, she gets an idea, he says I have to go to the toilet, please take me, inspector opens the jail.

Jia asks seller to give her extra box and bag, he gives her, Jia says that man will pay. The girl’s boyfriend will pay, boy starts paying, Jia gives him empty bag and leaves with bag which has necklace.

officer brings Arjun from toilet, she pushes him in cell, Arjun acts like he fell down, he says you hurt me, officer says I didnt push you much harder, Arjun puts hand on head and says its bleeding, he shows red liquid on his hand. Flashback shows when Arjun went to toilet, he met delivery boy and asked him to give him ketchup, he used that ketchup as blood. Flashback ends. Arjun says take me to hospital, I am injured, police starts taking it.

Jia brings stolen necklace to Nisha. Nisha gives her next clue which says “my color is mixture of sea and sun”, Jia looks wires and thinks which color to cut? Nisha says as soon as you cut wrong wire, Arjun and Chirag will die and you will get shock and will die too. Jia looks on. Jia takes cutter, she looks at green, yellow and blue wires of the ring and thinks about cutting. Jia reads clue again and says thank you for helping me, she cuts green wire and nothing happens. Jia says first I thought its yellow color but yellow and green becomes blue, next clue? Nisha says to Jia that now you will go back to that jewelry store and steal 75lacs, Jia says have you gone mad? I cant go back there, Nisha says you have 45 minutes left. Jia leaves.

Kaki wakes up in godown, she looks around and sees herself in godown, she says where is Jia? God keep Jia and Chirag protected, how to tell Jia that Arjun is not with us, she faints again.

Jia comes to jewelry store with veil on her face. She shows gun to cashier and asks everyone to lie down, guards and people lie down, Jia asks cashier to fill her bag with money, he starts putting money in her bag,
Jia starts leaving with money bag, she sees one man trying to use asthma pump but it falls down from his hands in panic, Jia sees it and thinks of picking pump for him but hears police siren coming near, she looks at man huffing for pump, she takes pump and gives it to the man, she leaves with money bag.
Arjun is taken to hospital in ambulance. He acts like crying and says they killed me, he says to police that God wont spare you, officer says your blood stopped? he sees Arjun’s dried up head. Arjun kicks ambulance door and jumps out of driving ambulance, he sees inspector’s car coming there.

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