Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 3 June 2020


Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 3 June 2020

Benazir is going somewhere in market with zakira. In mandir prays that to protect my husband, keep him save and jodha does the puja. Benazir comes to mandir and sees a snake and i will get poison from it. She sits to take poison from it and jodha finishes her puja and turns where banezir is sitting, benazir takes the snake away. jodha thinks why they were here? she goes behind them to check.

Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 2 June 2020

Benazir comes to isolated place, jodha is following her. Benazir licks the snake’s tongue, jodha sees it and is shocked. Benzir shouts jalaluddin nobody will save you, i will bite you. Jodha remembers soldier’s death because of sanke bite, and the letter and sharif’ words. Jodha thinks viskanya(poisonous lady) and is here to kill jalal.

Jodha tells this to moti and says we have tell this to jalal asap. Moti ask whether he will believe? jodha says i dont know but have to tell him, They ask soldier where is jalal, he hesitates to tell so jodha says i am his wife and i want to know where is he. He tells that he is with ruks. Jodha says lets go there, moti says ruks can mind, jodha says i know her and i cant take the risk. Dasi stops jodha from going and says ruks has ordered to not allow anyone. jodha says ok tell ruks that i want to talk to her, ruks comes outside and says i knew you would disturb jalal.

Jodha says i want to meet jalal. Ruks says i am his special wife, jodha says i know but.. ruks says jalal had come there on his own and you cant meet him, he is sleeping. Jodha says its important. Ruks says whats emergency? jodha says sharif has told me that jalal is in danger. Ruks says wow now you have reached to jail. you can trust him but i dont because i know who is dangerous to jalal. If you people can hurt jalal then you can conspire to kill him too. jodha says try to understand. ruks i understand that you want to become maryam makani but now i will not ignore you, i am standing between you and jalal, i can bear dasi but not you. jodha ask what i have done wrong? ruks says you tried to capture jalal’s mind and soon i will throw you out. here benazir ask zakira can we meet jalal? zakira says no he is with ruks. benazir says we will go there.
Jodha comes to her room, moti says jalal will not meet, you take rest and tell him in morning. jodha says how can i take rest when my hubby is in danger, moti says ruks will insult you, jodha says nothing is more important then jalal’s life.

Benazir comes to meet jalal and sees jodha sitting outside and thinks why she is here, zakira says jalal didnt allow jodha to meet him i dont think we can meet him. Benazir says this jodha always block my way, my heart says to kill her first. They leave.
Jodha Akbar 3 June 2020

Jodha says i will meet jalal, i promised masa and i did puja for his safety too. moti says you are not doing this for masa but because you have developed feelings for him, jodha ask her to shut up, moti says you waited for him whole night tell me these are not your feelings for him? jalal comes out so jodha goes to him and says now i know who wants to kill you its benazir and she is poisonous lady. Jalal says its limit, from day 1st you are jealous of her, who told you about it? jodha says sharif, jalal says you met a betrayer and believed him, he is fooling you, you mistakes are increasing day by day, its wrong to meet a culprit. jodha says you can punish me but i cant put your life at stake.

jalal shouts why dont you understand he is fooling you. Jodha says i saw her myself taking poison, jalal is about to leave but jodha holds his hand and says i have seen benazir taking poison from snake. jalal is about to go but jodha says its your choice to believe me or not, give me punishment but its your duty to find out the truth. Jalal says ok and orders the servant to call everyone in court.he looks at jodha and leaves.

In court all are present when benazir comes. Jalal says we have a complaint against you, beanzir says i didnt do anything. Jalal says jodha thinks that you are poisonous lady. Maham thinks what nonsense. Benazir says jodha is very good and respect women then why jalal says yeah but she thinks you live by taking poison. you have to prove, beanzir says i understand that i am from mali’s palace thats why this allegation but tell what i have to do. Jalal orders to bring a glass of milk for benazir and says that if you have poisonous it will come in this milk when you will drink it. Benazir is tensed, the glass is being given to her. benazir drinks the milk. Jalal says now this milk will be drunk by zakira. Benazir says your order is my command but.. Zakira says i work for benzir and i will drink it to prove her innocent. Zakira drinks the milk and nothing happens to her.

Benazir says i am proven innocent now i want you to behead me. I was servant in mali’s palace and here too. You recpected me but cant change my fate that i am servant so just finish me. Maham says jodha what stupidity is this, you wasted time of all. Ruks says you are one of jalal’s special wife and its your responsibility to act sensible. Jalal says all can go now. He stops jodha and says you asked to go to depth of truth but proof you had, Jodha says i dont have any proof but i know she is poisonous, Jalal says you lived with your sister even then you didnt know about her, I can only see a jealous women in you today nothing ealse. He leaves, jodha thinks one day you will regret that why you didnt listen to me.

Scene 2
Benazir comes with zakira to her room who is choking she gives zakira medicine. Zakira says your poison is very strong. Benazir thanks her for saving zakira says i had to otherwise you would have gone. Benazir says its all because of jodha but thankfully jalal considered me as innocent. she says one side is jodha and other side is abul mali who must be very angry on me.

Zakira says but he is behind bars. Benazir says yes but he dont spend much time there and will come out soon. He will me. And if i attack jalal now people will believe jodha than we wont be able to run from here. Zakira ask what are you thinking? we cant back out we haqve to do our work. Benazir says my work is to kill others, not myself get killed so we will run, zakira ask how? she says we will run from darbar.

Scene 3
Jodha says to moti that i know she is poisonous, jalal is in danger. Moti says please take rest for some time. Jodha says i cant thinking about jalal’s life. She ask moti do you believe me? moti says sometime we see something in dark and assume it other way. Jodha says i saw it clearly. Moti says if she was then zakira would have died, she ask jodha to take rest. Jodha says what about that soldier, snakes in palace and all. Hamida comes.

Jodha ask do you believe me? Hamida thinks how to tell you that its your wrong assumption. She says i know you are worried but in court zakira proved that benazir is innocent and hakims were present there and there were no symptoms of poison on her. She says that do become too obssesed with something that people will think you as nothing. And this way the distance between you and jalal can increase which is not good. She ask jodha to take rest. Jodha thinks nobody is believing me.

Zakira and benazir are trying to leave the palace. Maham stops them.

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