Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 6 July 2021


Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 6 July 2021

in court, atgah says sujamal is in agra, maham says question is that how he entered agra, came in jashn, atgah says sorry, jalal says he is agra and you have to find him, he agree, soldier comes and says some kid is pleading to meet jalal, atgah says no, jalal says let him come. he comes, its babu and says i came to say you thanks, he gives him roses, jalal ask why? he says my mom is back home, his mother comes and says thanks, you made me meet my son, jalal says its my duty to serve you, if you want to thank then say it to jodha, she comes t her and says because of you i got my babu back, jodha says i am happy to see babu’s smiling face, babu says we will go to our home, jalal says you left your home where will you go? jalal ask atgah to prepare for servants residence, to accommodate them here in india.

bandhi says you made me meet my son i pray that you will get son too soon., jalal smiles and looks at jodha naughtily, she is shy.soldiers are finding sujamal in agra, he is in mandir, he ask someone will jodha come here. he says she doesnt come daily, he thinks when will she come here, i have to tell her everything.
In harem, ruks ask jalal to wear some dress, jalal ask where are we going, she says you promised me that we will go on hunting, jodha wants to meet jalal,she comes in and says i listened that you are going out, jalal says i listened same, jodha says your life is in danger, you cant go out, ruks says you stay out of this matter, jalal is a soldier and we are taking soldiers with us, jodha says soldiers was there in jashn too, ruks says attacker was your brother, jodha says he was just attacker for me, ruks says you dont want jalal to go out with me, jodha says nothing like that, ruks says he will go out with me, she ask jalal, he looks at jodha.

ruks ask jalal his opinion, he panics and says i.. ruks says look he said yes, jalal says no.. jodha says he will not go. jalal says you both stop it, he ask to bring salima. salima comes, he explains his situation, she says you should stay in palace but you should play chooghan, he says its brilliant idea, ruks is satisfied.

javeda is crying, maham comes and what, javeda says i slipped, maham ask for bandhi, javeda says she left, she ask where are you hurt, javeda says its in heart, maham says i will hakima, javeda says its because of your son, i saw dream where i was playing chooghan with him, i was looking beautiful in its dress. i was about to win but dream broke, maham says i also got dream in which i became deaf so write whatever pproblem you have, she leaves.

Scene 2
rahim is in pond, he splashes water on jodha, jodha says i came to make you learn swimming i dont want to be wet, rahim comes out, he pushes jodha in water, she falls in water and scolds rahim, sharif sees jodha in water. he imagines to be with jodha at pond, he says you dont have right to be wet, jodha ask why? he says you can kill anyone, you are looking like mermaid, everyone want to touch you, jodha says who stopped you, his imagines vanishes. bakshi comes there and ask what are you doing, he says i was looking at jodha, i am imagining you in her, soon you will there, and my son will there in place of rahim.
jodha says to rahim that have become naughty, he says you have to get wet for swimming, jodha says okay, PRECAP. jodha ask forgiveness, moti gives him towel, jalal ask what did i do that you punished me, jodha says it was accident, jodha comes out, jalal comes closer, he says look you made me wet, jodha says your take advantage of situation, you are clever, look how you managed to make me and ruks satisfied. jalal says salima saved from getting compressed between two begums,jodha says you fear of wife, jalal says nobody can be saved from wife’s problems, he ask you are coming at spot where i will be playing chooghan? jodha says yes, jalal says so i have to prepare to look good, he leaves, jodha is thinking and smiles.]

jodha comes with salima at spot of game, she says we will enjoy it, salima says i like these games. javeda says to maham that i saw dream of chooghan today and now setup is being set, maham ask her to be quite. jalal is coming in very different and nice dress, wearing shalwar kameez and vest. jodha stops and keeps looking at him, she cant take off her eyes, she comes to jalal and says so you were talking about this look, jalal says i was talking about it hope you like it, jodha says you are looking handsome, jalal has broad smile and says to keep looking at me, i mean i will play game with you next time so see it clearly. ruks comes dressed nicely, javeda says she is looking same like in my dream. ruks come to jalal and says are you ready it? jalal says lets see who wins, ruks says if i take it to heart then nobody can win against me, jodha wishes jalal to enjoy, they leaves.

Scene 4
game starts, jalal and ruks sits on horse. they take their sticks, gives each other challenging look, they start hitting ball, jodha ask salima how you find solution of every problem, you came and solved problem between me and ruks, salima says i got this from bairam khan, he was excellent in taking decision. if you spend time with someone, you take his good habits, she says i didnt solve jalal’s problem but i did it for me, i like these type of games so by my solution jalal’s problem was saved and i get to see it, jodha says you are intelligent. sharif is looking at jodha, bakshi sees it and fumes, he says its good game. jalal and ruks are playing. salima says to jodha that you should leave harem responsibilities, jodha ask why, salima says you solved problems now only begums scuffles are left, look at ruks, she has thirst for win, she wants to show jalal that she is best, she tries to be owner of everyone and its in her blood, this harem and its world is ruks, dont involve yourself in politics, nothing is left to be solved. jodha panics for jalal, salima says he is alright, jalal and ruks are making goals, jalal looks at someone and runs towards it, he takes out his knife and throw it at atgah, atgah falls on ground, all are stunned. Jalal is rushing towards the killer and throws a knife at the killer of Atga all watch very upset and Jiji Anga also faints and Akbar removes the knife from Atga and calls the Hakim who says it is superficial wound and take some rest it will get healed and Atga does not to take rest as he is a soldier and shield of Jalal and Akbar,Hamida Banu ,Jijianga , Ruq and all ask him to take rest and Akbar hands over the responsibility to MA and Atga says that man says is a person who has misappropriated from treasury and we could have gone to the original people behind him and Akbar does not agree saying your life is more important for me

Moti wants to go to mandir but Jodha is sick and does not go she asks Moti Mata to do Ambe mata Anustan Moti goes lot of rush .When Suja asks the pujari he comes to know about Puja and he waits but no Jodha its Moti who tells pujari Jodha Begum is sick so get the Anustahn (puja) in her name done. I am representing her and pujari gives her flowers so that she is well soon and when Pujari raises a nara Ambe mata ki Jai all say jai Moti sings aarti and Sujamal thinks he can’t wait and will send a message to Jodha and he takes some flowers from the arthi plate and hides and sends a message written with haldi to her .He keeps the leaf on the plate and put the flowers in the leaf by the time song is over and Moti goes taking his flowers. He hides his face waiting for his message to reach Jodha.
MA asks all should be searched whoever enters or goes out of the palace so all are searched. Moti stands in the queue and MA searches takes Prasad it and makes Moti eats it MA opens and also sees the flowers , the message and reads it and she knows someone sent a message and gives it back to Moti after tying it. She wants to know what is it and it may help her to separate Jodha from Jalal.
Jodha is waiting in her Hojra and asks Moti whether the puja is over and Jodha feels Atga has been attacked by his own soldiers all the attacks has happened after Ben came

Jodha sees the leaf with the message and is worried ,Moti sees it and Jodha asks whether Moti met Sujamal Bhaisa but Moti does not know how it came in her plate Jo thinks she should meet Sujamal bhaisa but Moti says no . Jodha decides she will go tonight but she plans to go despite Moti warning her and saying that she is Mughal begum now and it may be considered a treason as SH thinks Sujamal attacked him but Jodha does not believe he attacked him as Sujamal promised her.

Jodha tells Moti Sujamal bhaisa cant attack SH and she has to meet him in the mandir to get to the bottom of all these attacks as he may know.
Sh comes and says she need not go anywhere, Jodha is worried I came to meet you the leaf falls and he says something fell down
SH picks up the leaf and sees it Jodha is worried but he keeps it and says he has something important to tell says he wants to talk . Moti goes he says he wants to tell I came to warn you about Sujamal and says he is in Agra and maybe you want to meet him. Jalal says I will go as I have some work.
Jodha but she wants to go and find the truth and she asks Moti to TC if something happen. Jo is worried and plans to go. In DEK SH comes and MA names 3 people who will serve SH and she is pleased to have her men there who are loyal and capable . And SH says they should TC of all things as MA recommended them and he wants to get to the bottom of things as he and Agta were attacked and he will get to the bottom of things He asks Shareef where Sujamal is there and he says his men will find soon . SH feelshe was attacked because he was SH and that Agta could have been attacked because he was looking into the discrepancies of the treasury and wants MA to find out . MA is thinking she wants to keep an eye on Jodha and find about about things and when SH asks what is preoccupied about she says maybe all attacks are interlinked SH says maybe but he will find out , but she is preoccupied about Jodha and whom she is meeting.

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