Jodha Akbar Monday Update 5 July 2021


Jodha Akbar Monday Update 5 July 2021

In harem, two begums come to jodha, they claim same ring to be theirs, jodha says i will check this ring’s data where everything is written whose thing is whose, hamida comes there and says today is jashn for you and you are stuck here, jodha says its my work, hamida says salima told me what step you have taken for bandhies, jalal also supported you so i brought some some gifts for you, she gives her gifts and says when you came here many were against you but forced them to change their mind about you, i thought jalal was alone but now he have partner, he is happy around you, i hope same for you , do you have any complaint against him? jodha says he doesnt give chance for complaints, salima says there are some dresses, wear in jashn from them.

Atgah is checking about jashn’s preparation, suja comes there and says i can give message to this minister, he writes on paper and gives it to one kid to give this atgah, he gives it to atgah, suja thinks who is he who wants to kill jalal and who is involved with him, i cant let this happen, atgah says who gave you this, suja leaves, atgah ask to make security tight, sharif comes there and is stunned to see strict security, atgah informs him that i got news that abul mali wants to kill jalal in jashn, sharif says what else you know? atgah nothing, you came here on right so i appoint you for jalal’s security, sharif and thinks you appointed wrong person. he thinks who gave this message to atgah. Resham says what problem you have with jodha. mahma says she is standing against me, she stopped me and also took jalal from me, i thought ruks will help me but she is of no use, jodah’s jashn is being announced and ruks is getting ready. Javeda comes there and says i dont know what to wear in jashn, i want to look beautiful in jashn, maham says i will give you bandhi to get ready, you look good, javeda says you seem jealous but said a good thing, maham shouts that i am chief minister and you are talking infront of me, resham ask her to control, maham says go and get ready, javeda says you seem tensed today, i will go and get ready.

Jodha says moti what color should i wear? jalal says gree color, it intensify your beauty, jodha says why you came here you coud have called me, jalal says it is sin to call a lady who is getting ready, i need permission, jodha says yu dont need any, jalal says i have to as you pushed me once when i didnt took your permission, jalal says i want your permission will you walk with me in jashn? jodha says its an honour for me, jalal says i am confused why you drank poison for me, jodha says to save your life, jalal says why? jodha says i had to do that, jalal says this is not the answer, i want answer , dasi comes and informs that bharmal has come, jalal says to ask mirza to meet him i will come, he says i didnt get my answer today but i will get it one day, jodha is shy.

Jalal and jodha comes to meet bharmal, jalal tells her about todays celebrations, bharmal says i came to meet jodha all were worried about you, he says you made me proud by drinking poison for jalal, jalal says i am alive because of her, its her favour, bharmal says no she just proved that she is rajvanshi it was her duty, jalal says i hvae to duty too, he says i want to discuss politics with bharmal. jodha leaves from there, jalal tells bharmal about death of his soldiers by sujamal, bharmal says we are not related to sujamal but we are sad that he was member of our family, jalal says he did wrong by attacking mewat, he says i will meet you in celebrations.

mali and sharif are in hut, mali says who he can be that warned atgah about attack, he ask sharif to tell him location of of celebrations, sharif tells him that where jalall will be seated and where shooter can stand, mali says celebrations will start normally, soldiers will be active but with passage of time they will reolax then we will attack jalal. mali says to shooter that you will get only one chance to kill jalal, today will be last night for jalal.
In palace, jodha says its good that bharmal, moti says God also want you to be happy.
In ruks room, hoshiyar says i came to make ruks ready, ruks says i want to look best and want to enter in celebrations with jalal.

SCene 3
All bandhies are heading towards celebrations, they are happy that they are invited because of jodha. tyhey praises jodha.
Ruks comes to jalal’s room but bandhi says jalal went to enter in celebrations with jodha, ruks says she came between us again, i will not leave her.
jalal is on horse, he comes at venue where nation is chanting for jalal and jodha. jodha’s palanquin comes there, jalal and jodha goes on stage, hamida, bharmal, mirza, ruks, maham, javeda and all other begums come there. ruks fumes seeing jodha. javeda says to maham that today i will not get time for you because i will take praise from my lovers.
sharif is waiting for shooter, sujamal is in celebrations too, he thinks that i have promised jodha to protect her and jalal will be attacked too i have to stop him.
Ruks thinks that jodha did a big mistake by coming here with jalal, i will not forgive her, maham says you must be thinking that jalal came with jodha, ruks says i dont care, maham says it matters to you i can see that, jalal leaving you and coming with jodha is big thing, ruks says jodha must have asked him and her agreed to come with her,

maham says wrong he went to jodha and asked her to come with him. maham says its good that you are silent because in future many things are yet to happen which you will have to bear, ruks says i am going out with jalal to spend time with him.
jalal addresses nation that he is thankfull to all for coming here, he says i promised to do celebrations for jodha and i fulfilled it today, jalal says human is free to breath so i am canceling the rule slavery in mughal saltanat, jalal ask atgah to read document, he reads that from today it will be considered as sin to make people servant and if anybody uses servant he will punished severely. jalal says i promised that i will do celebrations with you as common man, he takes off his turban and says now we are all same. he sits, jodha says you didnt tell me that you will announce a new rule, jalal says only you cant do good work, you liked my gift? jodha says alot, they smiles, sujamal is finding shooter.

Scene 4
the celebrations starts, dancer starts dancing on jai ho, all are happy, jalal is smiling. suja sees sharif and says he can recognize me, he must not see me, he bumps with shooter and says sorry, he remembers that he was with mali so he is the attacker, jalal nods to jodha and comes down, he says to atgah that i want to go betweeen them, atgah ask him to be careful, two men comes and takes jalal on their shoulders, attacker comes closer to jalal, he fills tube with which he will attack jalal, suja comes and puts knife on his belly, he says to silently come out with him, he takes him out and beats him, he kills the attacker, sharif and soldiers comes, they grabs him, sharif ask who are you, what were you doing here, sharif takes out his beard and says sujamal, suja runs from there, jalal and atgah comes there, sharif says he was sujamal, my soldier recognized him so he killed him, jalal ask why he came here? sharif says to kill you.

atgah ask who was the man, sharif says he was sujamal he came to kill jalal, jalal says he should not go out of agra, i want him, atgah says i knew that mali will you tonight but didnt know that sujamal was with him.
In harem, jodha says i cant believe that suja came to attack, moti says believe it, jodha says i cant as he is a rajvanshi and cant attack from behind, he promised me that he will protect my husband then how can he attack jalal, moti says but sharif said that, jodha says i dont understand he said to me that he is leaving from agra then what was he doing in celebrations, moti ask when did you meet him? jodha tells her about meeting with him in mandir, jodha says because of some confusion suja is being trapped as killer, she says i have to talk to jalal i will tell him everything, moti says no you cant tell him that you met him ,she says think that he is mughal criminal and you met him jalal will not like it, your and jalal’s relation is smoothing after many problem you should not tell him about suja, he will think that you are taking his side. jodha thinks.

Scene 2
maham says its weird that whenever jalal goes out he gets attacked i think security is not good, ruks says if you are saying that atgah is not competent then you are wrong, its because of him that jalal is safe even after attack, attacks do happen on kings but our soldiers saves him everytime, maham says how attacker reached there, ruks says but he couldnt attack jalal, the only culprit is jodha’s brother sujalmal, even after this jalal doesnt find jodha wrong, she ask maham to find suja,she agrees.
in morning, some dasies come to meet jodha, they say we are going back to our home so thought to thank you, jodha says its all because of jalal, he allowed me take this decision, dasi says he was there before you but nobody listened to us but you brought us in notice, jalal comes there, they thanks jalal and leaves.

jodha says i cant believe that you took such serious notice on my suggestion, jalal says its because of you i came to know about this matter, i served these dasies only because of you, he says you saved me from getting embarrassed infront of God, i went in market diguised and came to know about slavery, he says its because of you that i came to know about all this, he says you have pure heart and i am proud of you, i am happy that harem is your hand, he ask why are tensed, she says because of sujamal, she says i cant believe that he attacked you, jalal says so much believe, she says yes because he is my brother and i know him. he can do wars against mughals but he cant attack you, he promised me that he will protect my husband and he cant break his promise, jalal says you may be right but in battlefield , man is not someones brother, he just crave for win, he says if maham sees me in battlefield she will not recognize me because i will be in anger, i would be craving for win, shedding blood, your brother is doing same, he says he maybe your brother but this is truth, he leaves, jodha is tensed.

maham comes to ruks, she laughs, ruks ask what happened? did you get any shock, maham says i was thinking what game he played, she says those bandhies who were afraid of your eyes got freed and can now answer back you then what will happen, jodha played a brilliant game, she says she is doing different things, she changed harem in 3 days, made place in jalal’s heart and in nation’s too, ruks says jalal will be mine, i am going out with him on hunting, he will forget jodha.
in court, atgah says sujamal is in agra, maham says question is that how he entered agra, came in celebrations, atgah says sorry, jalal says he is agra and you have to find him, he agree, soldier comes and says some kid is pleading to meet jalal, atgah says no, jalal says let him come. he comes, its babu and says i came to say you thanks, he gives him roses, jalal ask why? he says my mom is back home, his mother comes and says thanks, you made me meet my son, jalal says its my duty to serve you, if you want to thank then say it to jodha, she comes t her and says because of you i got my babu back, jodha says i am happy to see babu’s smiling face, babu says we will go to our home, jalal says you left your home where will you go? jalal ask atgah to prepare for servants residence, to accommodate them here in india. bandhi says you made me meet my son i pray that you will get son too soon., jalal smiles and looks at jodha naughtily, she is shy.

Scene 4
soldiers are finding sujamal in agra, he is in mandir, he ask someone will jodha come here. he says she doesnt come daily, he thinks when will she come here, i have to tell her everything.
In harem, ruks ask jalal to wear some dress, jalal ask where are we going, she says you promised me that we will go on hunting, jodha wants to meet jalal,she comes in and says i listened that you are going out, jalal says i listened same, jodha says your life is in danger, you cant go out, ruks says you stay out of this matter, jalal is a soldier and we are taking soldiers with us, jodha says soldiers was there in celebrations too, ruks says attacker was your brother, jodha says he was just attacker for me, ruks says you dont want jalal to go out with me, jodha says nothing like that, ruks says he will go out with me, she ask jalal, he looks at jodha.

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