Jodha Akbar Saturday Update 7 March 2020


Jodha Akbar Saturday Update 7 March 2020

Raja Bhaarmal is furious after seeign Jodha and Sujamal together.Jodha tries to justify the act by saying that letters were sent in their names.Bhaarmal still isn’t pleased.Desperately trying to make her parents understand,she goes to her mother and begs her to trust her.

But Menavati also pretends to be angry.Deeply hurt,Jodha leaves.Bhagwan Das suggests that it is best to get them married as soon as possible. Bhaarmal agrees,but he is still unsure as to how to make Suryabaan understand the need of the hour.

Menavati tells them that she’ll talk to Suryabaan .Bhaarmal is skeptical at first,but then agrees. Menavati goes to talk to Suryabaan. But he still sticks to his word.Desperate,Menavati begs him to agree to get married to Jodha before the war,Suryabaan,feels for the mother and finally agrees,because he couldn’t disrespect the queen.

Cut to,Sujamal is shown shown practising sword fighting with some of his soldiers.He had put together an army of his won and believed that unless each and every soldier needed to be as good as him in sword fighting,so that they could declare war against Amer.But none of the soldiers seemed good enough.Meanwhile,a soldier comes and informs him that Shareefuddin and his army seemed close-by. They were hunting. Sujamal quizzes him about how many men might he have behind Shareefuddin etc.The soldier replies “12,0000”.One soldier(seemed like a senapati) tells Sujamal that Shareefuddin had not lost a single war till date.He was known as Jalal’s right hand.

Meanwhile,focus shifts to Agra.The mughal baawarji khaana(kitchen) is shown.An aged hindu woman is shown searching for something.One of the mughal ladies politely asks her what she was doing here?Before she could answer,one lady announces Maham Anga’s arrival to the kitchen.Everybody seemed a bit scared.The lady hides the hindu lady behind her.

Maham Anga sees the hindu lady though.She questions her,the hindu lady says that she had come in search of her kaali maa pendant.Maham Anga simply walks around and finds the pendant.She picks it up with a khanjar(a long knife like thing) and places it in front of the hindu lady’s eyes.The lady fears.All of a sudden,Maham Anga throws the pendant(along with its chain) into a vessel containing hot boiling water.She pulls the hindu lady and asks her to remove it now.The lady doesn’t.Maham Anga questions her belief in the Almighty,she shoots out angrily and then leaves.The hindu lady is left there crying,she then puts her hand into the hot water and removes.Her hand was burnt,she was prfusely crying.the mughal lady comes,asks her to apply malam(medicine) and consoles her.

Menavati is shown doing all the preparations for the wedding.The grandmother gets to know that it was Menavati who had sent those letters to Jodha and Suryabaan.She verfies,but doesn’t ask why.

Jalal is shown entering Ruqaiya’s chamber.He was impatiently waiting for her,but she was nowhere to be seen.He is seen walking around the chamber,he finally picks up some beverage for himself and then lyes down on the bed.

*He was seen in the light blue sherwaani.His hair the usual fluffy “hawaa mein udta jaaye” thingy isssh!this handsome munda! *

After sometimes Ruqaiya arrives with a plate of food and some beverages in her hand.

She smiles at Jalal as she enters.She then adds some toppings to the beverages.

Meanwhile,Jalal questions her about her whereabouts in a very ‘nok-jhok’ kinda tone *It was so cute! *

He tells her he had been waitinf for her sicne what seemed like eternity

Ruqaiya simply giggles it off.She looks up at him,only to see his feet on the bed.

She tells him,that no matter how great a baadshah he is,he still behaves like a ‘bandar’.

Like how all lovers have their sweet silly fights,Jalal and Ruqaiya have a fight too.* adorable they looked <3 * She then orders him to keep his foot down,since he was wearing his shoes in a ‘singsong’ tone.Jalal looks at her for a while,then,so as to tease her,he rubs his foot repeatedly (along with the shoe) against the bedsheet. He was amused looking at her,she seemed irritated. Both of them keep fighting like how they did when they were kids. The scene signified that their relationship was strong,since they had known each other since childhood.

They both then fall on the bed giggling (Their heads opposite to each other,jalal facing west,ruqaiya north :p ahem ) Jalal says that he had known her all his life,she was so tiny back then and now she was all ‘javaan’. Ruqaiya agrees and describes to him,they in some ways,they both were very much similar. If he was the ‘shahenshah’,she was ‘mallika’.If he controls the ‘siyasat’,she controls the internal politics of the ‘harem’. Since all the begums kept fighting over who is supreme.She had to maintain that Rquaiya was the shahenshah’s favourite wife. Jalal’s eyes turn softer and he pulls her close,he tells her that she was his ‘sabse chaheeti begum’,’meri bachpan ki dost’,she was HIS RUQAIYA. He then teases by calling her by her petname,with which she was addressed in her childhood.

He holds her chin and repeatedly chants her petname ‘gatti’. Ruqaiya frowns and says that only he could call her by that name.Jalal says ofcourse,he was her husband afterall. Meanwhile,Maham Anga secretly enters the chamber,Ruqaiya notices someone and then throws a show.She yells and asks her’how dare she enter?”. Ruqaiya didn’t know who it was though. Jalal asks her what happened,to which she says,some maid must have come. They then lie down again.

Ruqayia is searching for something. and she sees mahamanga waiting outside for jalal and she goes out side and asks her what she wants now.. and mahamanga says she doesn’t have any restrictions for meeting shehansha any time. Ruqayia says she has the only right on her every min while she is with him and leaves

Resham comes , and mahamanga has been asked.. and mahamanga says ruqayia didn’t let her meet shehansha then she gives a ring to resham and tells her that she likes it right then says it is filled with poison and says that she has to give it to zaheer and then zaheer will be murdered and the guild will be coming to bairam khan and why this couldn’t reach to shehansha and she says that the guilt has been already taken by Ruqayia now. This poison will kill 3 lives together

Morning arrives and Jalal starts practicing with his sword and suddenly he keeps a trigger and some one is standing with an apple on his head and then he starts aiming on it and then jalal says he doesn’t believe in him and believe can only be learnt from zahir and then he calls for zahir and some one comes and says jalal that zahir is dead before sometimes in the jail.

in Akbar’s darbaar (court ) he asks who ordered to arrest zahir and mahmanga says , bairam khan has ordered and jalal asks why she didn’t let him know if she knew it , mahamanga says she tried but ruqayia didn’t let her meet him and she also shows some proof and then jalal calls for ruqayiya and she says yes she did it mahamanga and the jalal says because of her this deed it took a life and he could have saved it and then he calls for bairam khan’s peshi ..

Akbar says did he arrested zahir and why , bairam says he has been taking all these decisions while jalal was only 15 and will take all in good in for of him . And jalal says don’t he think that he had done injustice but he doesn’t agree and leaves ..

Jalal says only 3 people are important in his life that is ruqayia , bairam khan and mahamanga and he shouldn’t have talked to them like this
Mahamanga says she should not fall weak like this and then says this chair is strong and the man who will seat in this should be more strong

Mahamanga comes to resham and gifts her something and says no body got the clue of zahir’s death and ruqayia hears this and says mahamanga that she also has interest in playing chess. move was good but she should remember that now this is her chance .

Akbar is in bare body and many ladies are aorund him in the bath area and he is in the bath tub with rose plates and water and ruqayiya comes and orders every one there duty regarding the smell of the room , and lunch , then medicines etc. and this makes smile Jalal and after saying all these ruqayia starts leaving and jalal stops her saying that he is sorry for what he did and ruqayia also says sorry and then she says jalal should promise that he won’t say anything infront of others and jalal agrees. Ruqayiya says behind all this mahmanga has a hand and jalal opposes and ruqayiya says he lets people to rule his life and jalal says in his life and soul only ruqaiya rules and no one can take her place

Amer Fort:

Some lady is praising Jodha’s beauty, she says that the jewellery is gifted by her brother Sujamal, she finds her ear ring missing and goes to find it at her mother’s room. She overhears the lady and her mother’s convo and comes to know that it was her mother who sent the letters to her and SB. She is deeply hurt and questions her mother, enquires the reason which spoilt her reputation in front of her brother and father. Finally her mother relents and tells her about the prophecy by Shagunibai. Jodha assures her that she will prefer death and wont ever go to the Mughal’s house as she is a true Rajputani.

Sujamal is conniving with Shareefuddin to topple Amer and take revenge from King Bharmal. Shareef asks him to prove his loyalty by licking his shoes, Sujamal refuses and tells that its loyalty which he wanted from Mughals and not slavery. Shareefuddin is impressed and strikes friendship, gives him a token and assures him of the right time to start the war.


The ladies from the harem are organising a mela, Meena Bazaar and discussing who will get the best benefit at the hands of Jalal. Whom will Jalal favour and from where will he buy the most.They wonder why Rukaiya is given so much importance than them. Ruqaiya comes there and gives a cold stare at everyone. She tells the eunuch that though she wont put up a stall but still for Jalal –she will be the chosen one.

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