Jodha Akbar Sunday Update 8 March 2020


Jodha Akbar Sunday Update 8 March 2020

The ladies are awaiting and Jalal is doing the rounds of the stalls , he doesnt like the shoes which Zeenat shows him and then visits the stall where Ruqaiya is busy having hookah. He asks Ruks why has she not decorated her stall, she states that its the simplicity which counts the most.

She tells him that she will show him something which he will buy at any cost. She comes up with pasmeena shawl and tells Jalal about its importance and the goodness. Jalal is in doubt so she makes him wear it, asks him to have hookah and see for himself. Jalal finally agrees that though its old but its really good, she quotes its price to be 1 lakh gold coins, Jalal is surprised but eventualy agrees as he always likes to keep the things he loves. Jalal leaves after giving a final glance at others and then Ruks.

Ruks tells the ladies that they spent their time decorating themselves and the stall but forgot that its only her who knows what Jalal really wants.
One of the ladies tell that very soon Ruks pride will fall.

Jodha is preparing food in the kitchen, Dadi and other ladies tease her, she blushes. Dadi tastes and finds it very spicy, Jodha says that this dish was according to SB’s tastes.

Dadi tells that she wants to celebrate Diwali and yamdwitiya for Sujamal as this will be the last one before marriage. Bharmal gets angry at the very mention of Sujamal, Dadi sees him some reason, Bharmal tells her that she has to cross Agra to reach Mathura for a holy dip in Yamuna. The other men assures him of her safety.Dadi tells the story of brother-sister of Yam and Yamuna to all the girls.

Jodha along with girls are celebrating Diwali festival with diyas, performs puja of Laxmi.


Some ladies are putting diyas and MA comes there and threatens them to stop the rituals when Jalal’s mother arrives there and asks them to go ahead with the function, she tells MA that it was on Diwali nite that she was saved by some Hindus when she was carrying Jalal. MA agrees and Jalal’s mother leave. MA takes this opportunity to once again threaten the ladies there and tells one of them that she will make her life hell if she continues lighting up the diya. They back out and MA tells the eunuch to clean the place as she will do the namaaz on that very place.

Another confidante of Ruks informs Ruks about the incident, Ruks tells that she is getting too big for her shoes but she knows her weakness, MA’s son–Adham Khan.

Adham Khan is whipping someone and everyone is petrified, he tells all to pay jaziya asap which is levied only on Hindus. Some old man tries to go against him, AK asks him to convert to Islam, threatens him for his grandson’s life, the old man relents and AK announces that the Mughals will neither have to pay jaziya nor whipped. Some soldier comes and informs AK that BK has won over some Rajput kingdom and he is going to cut off his head.

A king is in chains produced before BK, BK asks him for a last wish, BK is about to kill him. Jalal comes there and tells him that it will be jaan ke badle jaan, zindagi ke badle zindagi. The Rajput king tells him that Jalal’s granpa Humayun who was defeated at the hands of Sher Shah Suri , was given shelter by the Rajputs hence he should be freed. Jalal thinks over it and announces that the king should be released. BK is shocked to hear this and demands reason from Jalal, Jalal says that he has to respect his grandpa else his subjects wont ever believe in him.

MA and Adham Khan arguing with each other, AK is gloating about his success when MA gives him a slap and assures him that she will make him the Commander in Chief and to wait for some time when she will tackle Bairam Khan.

BK is with his soldiers, a soldier informs him that the whereabouts of Rajput king whom Jalal had pardoned. He thinks to wipe out the king, a soldier tries to challenge his decision, he cuts off his head and asks everyone present if anyone has any other doubt.

The king is hanged from the tree, BK tells his soldiers to bury him. Adham Khan watches this.

On way to Mathura, Jodha takes a detour and lands up at Suryabhan’s kingdom, Bhanpur. SB’s sister takes an examination before Jodha enters the house—to choose SB’s sword among the many laid, Jodha-SB share an eyelock and Jodha picks up the right one. SB takes Jodha on the fort tour and tells that she cant forget the sword as this was the one which she had put on Jalal’s neck. SB assures her that he will get Jalal’s head and both have an eyelock and their BG song starts. SB shows her the painting of Prithviraj Chauhan which is painted by him, Jodha is very impressed and SB asks if its fine if she can be his muse too.

Jalal is practicing with the aword and Abdul warns him about BK as he thinks that BK might challenge Jalal and take revenge. Jalal once again puts full faith on BK and tells Abdul that he trusts him like a father.

Jalal is looking at his painting, Jalal teases Ruks, both have a slight nok -jhok and Ruks informs him that the painter has never ever seen Jalal and this impresses Jalal.

A soldier comes and informs that some people from Amer are on their way to Bhanpur and the Rajputs are ganging up against Mughals. Jalal gets agitated and searches for Jodha’s payal, Abdul warns him about the war.

A lady who is the painter comes and Jalal praises her and asks her to make another painting and he describes Jodha which is in mute.

Jalal ask the artist to make another portrait and here suryabaan is also making one. He ask jodha to sit for while and he’ll make the portrait of most beautiful girl. Here jalal says she sharp,bubbly , has wet long hairs, soft hands and has sword in them, eyes have rage in it.

Suryabaan’s sister is making fun of her brother . He ask jodha to see portrait. Portrait is okay type. Jalal ask completed and artist says she is queen jodha. Jalal comes and sees her very good portrait. Artist praises jodha that she is honest,clever and beautiful queen. Jalal is impressed.he gives her gift and ask to leave.

Jalal remember jail incident and ask abdul for fire torch to burn this potriat. He burns it and says somethings are made to enjoy when they burns. Adham khan says that bairam khan did opposite to what jalal said and now jalal will spare him. Maham anga says she will tell jalal but one of the heir of thakht maal comes and ask for the body. Maham anga says to ask the king. He comes to jalal and tell him everything jalal is very angry and distraught.

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