Gangaa Wednesday Update 29 January 2020


Gangaa Wednesday Update 29 January 2020

Ganga apologizes Shiv for going there, Radhika was also injured because of her. Shiv says it’s good she has realized her mistake, she must take care from now. They were happy watching Rangoli. Shiv remembers Parvati used to create such Rangolis with her own hands, she used to sit in this corner quite often.

Gangaa Tuesday Update 28 January 2020

Ganga says she didn’t know this, she explains she isn’t attempting to take Parvati’s place. Shiv says he understands, she is well aware to create a place for herself and she has been successful in that a servant comes to call them for Pooja. They all come outside Kushal lights a stick. Everyone prays as Shiv lights the wood sticks.
Radhika’s dress catches fire at once. Ganga attempts to put it off using her own hands. She gets flashbacks from her past when her own dress had once caught
fire, and faints. Shiv was sitting beside Ganga in the room, when she wakes up he comes to help her sit and gives her medicines. Ganga was worried about Radhika. Shiv says she was only afraid, he wonders why she fainted. Ganga says she doesn’t understand, she can feel it happened with her once before as well. She was confused. Kushal comes to remind Ganga it’s her first Holi tomorrow. He shows her both permanent and temporary colors. Ganga replies she doesn’t feel like playing Holi, Kushal says they would see tomorrow.

The next morning, Shiv wakes up by the laugh of Ganga who stood behind the bed. Shiv wakes up, his face filled in color. Shiv laughs watching moustache on Ganga’s face. Radhika laughs watching them both from the door, and shows them her colored fingers. Ganga was moved watching Shiv laugh, she looks towards herself in the mirror and was taken aback. She rubs her face to get the color off her face. Shiv was only laughing, Ganga tells him he appears to be a joker and it’s the permanent color. Shiv also comes to look at himself in the mirror. Shiv says there is only a single way to get rid of this color, and gets her a bottle of mustard oil. Ganga says it has strong fragrance, she won’t apply it over the face. Shiv likes the fragrance and had gotten rid of his marks by the time Ganga comes out after washing her face uselessly. Shiv rubs the mustard oil over her face, then realizes at once about his action. He backs up, Ganga smiles.
In the kitchen, Jhumki was upset that she has to work in the kitchen even on the day of festival. She was hopeful as soon as she gives birth to a son,she would own the house. She feels nauseatic at once. Savitri watches the burning Poora and scolds her. Jhumki comes to Savitri in a shy way as she wants to say something to her.
Savitri gathers everyone in the hall and announces that Jhumki is expecting a child. Everyone cheers. Riya was the only one to get shocked. Pratab comes to hug Jhumki. Ganga also congratulates Jhumki. Riya wonders how Jhumki discovered about it. Jhumki says what the need to get tested is, she has realized about it by herself. Savitri defends Jhumki and asks them to invite all their relatives. Pratab gets a call and goes on a side, he scolds the lady on call warning her not to come here. Shiv assures Savitri about making the best arrangements for Holi.
In the room, Savitri gifts Jhumki some jewelry and says she always wanted her first grandchild to be borne through Pratab. Riya comes in and complains Savitri for not gifting this piece of jewelry to her, she cries as she is always treated as step. She says she doubts today if Savitri would even be happy for her good news or not. Savitri says everyone cares for her and her husband here and taunts he only stays here. In the room, Riya cries about not getting any respect in the house. Kushal apologizes Riya for not being able to bear a child. He hugs her and says he wish they hadn’t faced anything they did. He tries to cheer her up as its festival, then decides a dress for her.
During the celebrations everyone played Holi. Kushal runs behind Riya and fills her face with color. Kushal tells her to put the color on Shiv and Ganga, and shares an idea to bring them both closer. Riya comes to Ganga. Savitri was speaking to a villager that Ganga and Shiv were injured, still the work of school would continue. Kushal comes to take Shiv’s attention that Ganga isn’t playing Holi. Shiv says until he puts the color over Ganga she won’t play, this is what she said. Riya tells Ganga the same about Shiv. Kushal and Riya leaves from the middle, Shiv and Ganga move to each other. Shiv places color over Ganga’s face. Aashi and Radhika were happy watching this. Some children come to throw a tray full of colors over them both.
Ganga soon gets flashes from Sagar throwing color over her. She recalls Sagar hugging her and faints over Shiv as if hugging him. Everyone from the family was shocked, Shiv tries to wake Ganga while she fell down. Sagar was travelling in the jeep, recalling the same Holi.
Everyone was worried in the room for Ganga. A servant comes to inform Shiv every worker is waiting for him for Holi ritual. Savitri sends Shiv for work, and promises to take care of Ganga. She sends Kushal away as well and leaves Dai Maa with Ganga. Ganga gets conscious, after having a dream of wedding Sagar. She takes her wedding dress out of the wardrobe, it was different from the one in her dream. She tells Dai Maa about being restless, she says there is something wrong. it seems as if someone very dear to her is nearby, she wonders what it is but wants to find out. It seems someone is calling her name, she must go. Dai Maa stops Ganga but Ganga says she has to tell everything to Shiv. Dai Maa says Shiv has gone to the under construction building of school. Ganga runs towards the road trying to stop Shiv but he drove away.
Sagar watches a lady running across the road and pulls the driver’s hand to stop the car. Shiv’s jeep was right behind them, he comes for their help and hold Sagar over the shoulder. Ganga had reached the crowd.

Ganga’s hand touches Sagar’s while he was being carried. ‘Ishq nasheen’ plays in the background. Shiv suggests about taking Sagar home and tells Ganga to sit on the front seat. Others had minor injuries only. He hurries to the jeep and drives home.
Jhumki cheerfully comes to the room and takes her jewelry off, placing it in the cupboard. Pratab thinks he must be in a problem if he doesn’t shut her mouth, then thinks about gifting her with something precious. He was curt over Shiv for not leaving him with any money. He opens the wardrobe and finds Jhumki’s jewelry there. He takes the jewelry Jhumki had just placed there. Jhumki comes out of bathroom and was worried about where she had kept her gift from Savitri. There, Pratab was assuring a lady about his love for her. The lady slaps Pratab
angrily saying she won’t believe Pratab anymore, she is aware Jhumki is expecting a child.
In the jeep, Ganga was worried about Sagar and says he was really alone. She says it’s all fate in whom we meet and how. Shiv asks why she had come here. Ganga tells Shiv about the flash of her mind and her dream about her marriage as well. Sagar’s wallet fell into the jeep, there was Ganga’s photo in it as well. Shiv assures Ganga that everything would get well soon.
Jhumki comes outside afraid, Savitri was boasting about her pregnancy in front of a lady. The lady asks Jhumki to show her gift from Savitri but Jhumki goes inside for serving her guests.
The lady Pratab went to meet comes to meet Shiv. Pratab catches her in the corridor, he slaps her hard warning her to return here at any cost. She keeps on crying wondering how she would survive alone.
Shiv brings Sagar home. Savitri asks Shiv who this man is, and asks why he has created this drama on the day of festivities as well. Shiv hold Sagar’s wallet from the floor without looking at it, and goes to call the doctor. Savitri takes Ganga along her.
The lady was peeking through the window, Savitri comes to her and asks her about the letter in her hand. The lady had written she needs to speak to Shiv but no one would let her meet him. Savitri inquires who she is, the lady tells Savitri that Pratab played with her emotions and life with a promise to marry her. Savitri takes her along and tells a servant to throw this girl out of here, she must never be seen here again.
In the room, Dai Maa asks Shiv what he is thinking. Shiv says he wonders how troubled must his family be, he could have informed his family had they known about it. Dai Maa assures he would soon be conscious. The servant comes to call Shiv outside, Shiv instructs Dai Maa not to leave him alone.
Savitri comes to scold Pratab for what he has been doing. Pratab says that was a weak moment, but she has created a hype only. Savitri says she doesn’t have any courage to trust Pratab again and warns her to be cautious.
Shiv sends Riya to get Ganga drunk, He goes to Shiv. Shiv comes to distribute clothes among the poor. Pratab was walking outside. The lady watches him from the line of needy girls.
Riya brings a drink for Ganga, Ganga denies having it. Kushal takes the glass and black mails Ganga, as he had heart fully sent it for her. Ganga stops Kushal and agrees to have the drink. When Shiv comes to the lady, she requests to speak to Shiv. Two men arrive arguing each other, Pratab goes to part them but Shiv’s attention had also been diverted. Shiv turns to find the girl had left already. Kushal comes to take Shiv inside to see something important. In the room, he leaves Shiv in Ganga’s room.

Ganga held a gun over Shiv. Shiv forbids Ganga drink the rest of the glass but she gulps it in front of him. Ganga laughs over the gun and says she isn’t a bad wife, enough to shoot him. She slips over Shiv who holds her into his arms. Ganga laughed. Shiv stood helpless as Ganga poked the gun into his moustache, saying she dislikes them as he looks really old with them. She suggests him to shave these. A servant comes in, Shiv hides Ganga behind him. He then tells Ganga to keep sitting on the stool he is leaving her, he turns around thinking he must send Dai Maa here.

Jhumki watches Kushal and Riya enjoying sweets together. She thinks Riya must have stolen her jewelry. Riya argues she didn’t steal it at all. Savitri had come there and accuses Riya. Riya explains she didn’t take it. Jhumki was sure Riya had stolen it. Pratab comes with Jhumki’s jewel, saying she had left it down the cupboard. Riya leaves silently. Savitri scolds Jhumki for being careless. Riya was packing her bags, Savitri asks if Riya is leaving her own house. Riya was upset she can’t go to her in laws, but she can live in a rented house for sure as she and her husband have no respect here. Savitri makes Riya up apologizing, she tells Jhumki to apologize Riya.

Jhumki says a sorry and leaves annoyed. Savitri smiles at her childishness and takes Riya along with her.
Ganga reaches Sagar’s room wondering who is asleep at the time of festival. She goes to wake Sagar up. Dai Maa comes inside and asks Ganga to let the guest sleep as he is unwell. Ganga goes outside with Dai Maa. Sagar had opened his eyes behind.
Riya discuss with Kushal that making Shiv drunk might be of any use. Kushal thinks about giving him qulfi and only Riya can do this. Riya brings a qulfi for Shiv which he bites from. Kushal looks forward for the real fun coming up. Ganga was playful in the hall and runs outside.

She comes across Shiv who was also drunk. He tells Ganga to keep her finger over her mouth as she speaks a lot. Ganga abides by him, he says he doesn’t know how to speak and she must understand with his little. He dislikes scolding her as well, she makes him scold and he hates apologizing and for her he had to apologize repeatedly. Both laugh together.
Sagar wakes up in the room and tries to get off the bed.

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