Gangaa Sunday Update 9 February 2020


Gangaa Sunday Update 9 February 2020

Kushal comes inside to Shiv and complains about Ganga. Shiv makes Kushal sit beside him and tells him not to worry. He wonders why Shiv isn’t angry about it, how can he be so calm. Shiv says no one can reach the solution when angry. He thinks for a while and asks for Kushal’s help, then shares an idea with Kushal. Kushal appreciates Shiv’s idea.

Shiv walks outside to see hot business on Ganga’s stall. He makes way
for himself and appreciates Ganga for such a business initiative. The things that aren’t being used are better sold, he only wish she can do this work inside the house. He speaks to the customers to go to the yard, he will arrange for all their comforts inside. Ganga wasn’t ready to go inside, but customers give consent about inside. Kushal and Shiv take everyone inside. A lady appreciates Shiv’s steps to prevent them from scorching heat. Shiv tells Ganga a good businessman always look for comfort of their clients. They hold the stall inside. Ganga was left confused.

Ganga comes inside where Shiv was entertaining the customers. He comes to Ganga and says it’s his duty to see no one points a finger towards him, he will fulfil it anyway and calls her inside. Jhumki comes to Ganga and warns Shiv would now be angry at her, she tells Ganga to inform her if she needs some help. Ganga says she doesn’t want any bad for Shiv, she only wants Shiv to begin hating her.

Poorab tells Savitri to shoot him and herself. He questions why Savitri stopped Ganga into her home. Savitri was worried they must have to leave the village otherwise. She assures Poorab to take him back home, he should only make place in Shiv’s heart for himself. She cheerfully tells Poorab that Ganga is after getting Shiv disgrace.

Shiv speaks to Parvati’s photo and wonders how he can break the promise he gave to Sagar. A flower fell off Parvati’s photo. Ganga comes to Shiv and hands her earning to him. Panchait told her to stay in his house for a month, she won’t stay here for free. She would get him more money till evening today. Shiv says if Ganga has to work she can do it in Math, it would be his help as well and he would give her as much salary as she wants. Ganga says she never wished someone to be her support, she can stand on her own feet. Shiv thinks it’s necessary for him to stay with Ganga right now.

Ganga walks to a jeweler in the market and asks him for work. The jeweler says he doesn’t need someone for help. Shiv arrives at the market in his jeep and watches Ganga looking for work. She was standing with an old man for help and ready to take any money he offered. The old man watched Shiv standing behind her and promises to get her any work if needed in future. Ganga turns to see Shiv and says she now understands it’s because of him she doesn’t get work. Everyone is afraid he would be angry if they give her some work. She tells him to clarify to anyone he won’t be angry if they give her some work. Shiv asks if she wants a reference, and was ready to help her with any shop. Ganga turns to leave enraged. Shiv requests her to sit in the car, finding work by foot would take much time, she has to make payment to him as well. He stops Ganga and tells her to cover her head in such scorching heat. Ganga initially covers her head, thinking it would be a favor to Shiv she removes it. Shiv brings water to her, she empties the water bottle and move on. Shiv feels helpless as she was really stubborn.

Ganga comes to sight and asks for help in construction work. The manager says its government work on daily wage. Shiv had reached the site. Ganga goes to help with the work. The manager comes asking what she is doing. Ganga requests him to let her work. She comes to Shiv boasting she got work for herself. The workers there wonder what’s the need for MathaDesh wife to work on sites. Ganga thinks Shiv must be angry at her now and his promise would break. Shiv watches Ganga’s pally stuck with the wires, it unwinds around her after being stuck with the wire. Shiv comes to hug Ganga. She tries to withdraw herself but he covers her cautiously, saving her grace. Ganga looks around watching everyone stare at them. He tells her to go.

Ganga and Shiv return home. Dai Maa asks how her saree was torn and takes her to wash her hands. Kushal comes to inform Shiv that tomorrow in a fair he is going to get an award, he had brought the sweet along him. Kushal says there is a problem, he must go there with his wife. Shiv denies going to the award. Kushal says this might seem as a disrespect to the ones who invited him. Shiv says he doesn’t care and leaves. Jhumki comes there and makes Dai Maa leave. She tells Ganga she won’t get another chance, she should go with Shiv. She can ruin Shiv’s respect there.
Kushal informs on call about the award. Riya makes arrangement of food in the Math. Jhumki comes to ask Kushal about some work. Shiv comes outside. Jhumki reminds Ganga what she had advised her. Shiv watches Ganga stand thoughtful. Kushal
tells Shiv about Radhika’s call who wanted to speak to him.
Jhumki comes to meet Pratab and cries in front of him. She says she urged Ganga to go against Shiv but she won’t go against him. She had brought food for Pratab and leaves.
Ganga comes to the room and asks to go to the function with him, she won’t like if someone has to apologize because of her. Shiv says she must get ready like the daughter in law of this family and veil her head if she wants to go, she must also behave like his wife; does she accept it. Ganga nods. Shiv tells her to wake up early from tomorrow, she might get considerable fees if she teaches some kids in the Math. Ganga comes out happy. Ganga watches her own self telling her if she fells soft for Shiv she would never win over him. Ganga decides she has to stay to her decision.
Shiv gets a call from Radhika and tells her to come here soon, he assures Radhika that Ganga takes care of him and the family. Ganga stood behind and hears this, she thinks Shiv can’t win over him at any cost. Everyone was waiting for Shiv and asks about Ganga. Ganga the event and stand beside Shiv. She removes her veil and says it suffocates her. She goes looking for a fan and goes to remove veils off other ladies as well. People there gossip about her. Ganga says everyone has a right over cold wind, she has only been helping these women. Shiv walks towards Ganga and removes his waist coat saying its really hot today.

Ganga was shocked to watch this. Ganga thinks if Shiv wants her to fell weak in front of him, this won’t happen. She goes to stand beside Shiv. Shiv asks why she is standing right behind him, Ganga reminds he told her to stay besides him. Shiv comes to an aunt and tells her how to make Karela vegetable. The lady takes Ganga to explain the recipe. Ganga was forced to sit beside her. Shiv smiles watching Ganga there. Ganga stands up and tells the ladies to think further from cooking, they have only hidden themselves behind veils. The men there insults women and says women never know what’s good for society. Shiv replies if a woman is unaware of society’s well-being, they can never know about it.

He comes to stage and appreciates Ganga’s efforts and care about others. Everyone clap for Ganga. Kushal comes with the chief guest. Ganga sat upset while Mukhya gives an award to Shiv. Mukhya calls Ganga up on stage, it’s her husband’s ceremony. Ganga thinks this is the right chance to disrespect Shiv and live the life of her wish. Ganga walks up the stage and asks if Ganga wants to say something about her husband’s success.

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