Gangaa Monday Update 24 February 2020


Gangaa Monday Update 24 February 2020

Ganga was walking towards the forest, worried. Kushal suggests they must leave Ganga alone for some time, he will go to take her if she doesn’t return after a while.

Ganga sits up again finds a stuffed toy there. She thinks this belongs to Radhika, then how it came here. She calls Radhika and looks around for her. She finds a piece of saree along with the toy.
In the room, Ganga comes to Radhika with the toy and asks if this is her toy? Radhika says her friend Namrita also plays with it, she doesn’t look towards Ganga and asks her to find her tie.

Shiv enters the room, Ganga’s saree gets tucked with Shiv’s watch. Ganga thinks she would never be able to get well again. Shiv thinks he really hurt Ganga. Kushal comes to Shiv with some papers for signatures. He says Ganga knows everything now, why these misunderstandings. Shiv says Ganga would never forgive him for hiding the truth. Kushal says Shiv now has to become Ganga’s courage.
Savitri comes to Jhumki who was crying. Jhumki says they must all practice to get to Ganga’s feet, she know her daughter is dead and she returned to rule this house. They must apologize her before she throws them all out of the house.

Shiv watches Ganga sit in the kitchen, lost in thoughts. He thinks he can’t let her waste herself this way. Riya comes to him. Shiv asks for her help, he thinks they must send Ganga closer to kids in Math. She would be happy while teaching, playing and spending time with kids. Riya assures to speak to her.

Ganga comes to Math and watches the children play in school. She thinks she must find peace of mind in these children. The children get to their seats as they watch Ganga arrive. Ganga takes attendance. A boy tells Ganga that a child Gopal would not come, his mother isn’t ready to give him money for book. Another girl tells Ganga about her friend that her mother won’t allow her to study. Ganga thinks about speaking to ladies. Later, Ganga tries to convince ladies that they must also come to Math for an hour and study there. She thinks only Shiv can make these ladies up.
In the Panchait, Ganga stands up and raises her issue. She discuss that may women feel study is useless for their children, she wish women also come to attend her classes but the ladies fear they won’t get permission from their
husbands. The Panch says this is a personal decision, and if Ganga had to raise an issue she must have sent MathaDesh here. Shiv arrives. The Panch says its not a difficult task for MathaDesh to solve a petty issue at home, then why call Panchait. Ganga leaves. Shiv thinks he will surely send a solution of the problem to her.
At home, Ganga was cleaning Radhika’s room when she finds Parvati’s photo. She speaks to it promising she would always take care of Radhika just like she had loved Krishna. She notices soil and leaves on the floor and bed. Radhika says she was playing outside and forgot to wash her hands and feet, she lay down and hurry to sleep. Ganga sits besides Radhika and asks if everything is fine. Radhika says everything is fine and asks Ganga to turn the lights off. Ganga notices the Parvati was wearing the same saree in photo as she found in the forest. Ganga sits beside Radhika and wait for her to sleep.

Riya comes across a servant who drops a letter. The servant says it’s a letter for Ganga. Riya takes the letter and calls Ganga. Radhika asks Ganga to turn the light off before going. Ganga goes to Riya. Ganga takes the letter and goes to read it, it was Shiv’s letter who advised her to teach ladies about household, calculations, recipes and other matters. Ganga smiles wondering who her well-wisher is. Shiv stood behind thinking this was the best way to convey his message to Ganga.
Radhika runs towards the forest when she comes across a lady with lantern. She calls her as Maa but the lady runs into the forest. Radhika follows her.
Ganga wonders who sent her the letter.
Radhika runs across the street back home and climbs the ladder towards her room. Ganga comes into her room and finds her lying in bed, not asleep yet. She notices soil and torn leaves on the floor and thinks she had just cleaned the room, where this soil came from. Radhika watches Ganga through the corner of her eyes.
The next morning in kitchen, Jhumki and Savitri were in kitchen. Jhumki goes to take the Pandit inside, Riya tells Savitri that Jhumki isn’t expecting. Savitri scolds her to fill her ears against her daughter in law and not be jealous of Jhumki.
There, Ganga comes to Radhika’s room. She notices a drawing on her sketch book where Radhika was shown with her mother. She thinks Radhika is behaving really strange, there is surely something going on in her mind. She comes downstairs to Shiv but a servant comes to speak to him. Another servant brings Ganga a book and informs that kids are waiting for her in school. Ganga leaves for Math as Shiv was busy.

Ganga welcomes the children at school. Their mothers had come to drop the kids there. Ganga begins her class with ‘household’. She speaks to children about various cooking methods and calculations. A lady comes there and asks Ganga if she is teaching the children to cook. Ganga says she has brought the recipe of a salad and offers the ladies to join as well. She was happy that she will be able to teach the ladies this way.

Shiv watches Ganga teach successfully to the kids and ladies.
Jhumki sits for the pooja. The Pandit suspects this house surely has some ill shadow, he does a pooja against it.
After the class, a lady asks Ganga’s permission to let her take her daughter, girls must not be let to wander alone. Ganga thinks about Radhika going to forest, and thinks she didn’t get time to speak to Shv about Radhika.
The Pandit asks Jhumki to light a candle on terrace. Shiv had arrived by then, Pandit takes a left. Ganga comes inside. Jhumki also comes outside and sits on a corner, Savitri tells her to come inside. Jhumki and Savitri leave, Riya asks Ganga if she also wants something as Shiv is going to city. Shiv wonders what if Ganga dislikes his offer and leaves. Ganga thinks he didn’t
even ask her once. Riya says to Ganga that Shiv has really changed since he returned to city, he speaks less to anyone

Ganga tells Riya she had to speak to him about Radhika, but she would now manage by herself. She leaves to take Radhika.
Radhika was walking towards the forest. Ganga comes from behind and asks where is she going, there is no way towards home. Radhika says someone told her about a way from here, and asks why Ganga came to take her. Ganga says she would now give Radhika pick and drop from school.

Radhika looks towards a ruin house desserted in the forest. Radhika leaves the other way, but Ganga looks towards it suspectedly.

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