Friday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 1st Feb 2019

Sangram asks Disha to sit in mandap. Disha cries and sits in mandap. Pragya thinks I can’t let Sangram marry Disha. She sees glass piece and pushes it near Abhi and signs him to cut the rope. Abhi tries to get the glass. Goon asks them to stand silently. Sangram makes Disha wear garland and makes her sit. Abhi gets the glass and cuts the rope. He hits the goon capturing the video and hits another goon. He comes to Pragya and opens her rope. They free themselves. Abhi says he is searching place to make plan.

Sangram sees them untied and asks goons to catch them. Abhi fights with the goons. Sangram tries to take rounds with Disha fast. Abhi comes there and kicks Sangram. Pragya also beats the goons. He beats the goon and also Sangram. He unties Purab’s hand. Sangram asks his goons to shoot Abhi. He nods no and kicks pistol near Sangram. Sangram holds Pragya at gun point and says he will kill her if Disha don’t marry him.

Abhi says Kaale will you beat Bhai ji. Sangram turns to look back. Abhi kicks on his pistol and beats him. Pragya and Disha also beat him. They all beat him like hitting a foot ball. Other goons come there. Abhi aims gun at them and tells Sangram that he has beaten them and also will take Disha also. Sangram says if my brother comes to know then he will not leave you and will make curfew in the city. Abhi says what an acting? He says we will take all luggage with us.

Abhi takes Sangram and goons out, asks goons to tie him so that nothing happens to him when the jeep goes on full speed. The goons refuses. Bali apologizes and says I am helpless. He ties the rope. Abhi takes him tied to the jeep.

Simonika thinking to talk to Dadi and go home and thinks don’t know when Abhi and Pragya will return. She comes to Dadi and asks can I go home? Dadi asks her to call them once. Simonika says I called both of them, but their call is not connecting. Dasi asks why didn’t you tell us. Dadi gets worried and asks her to go. Mitali asks Simonika if she added something in juice. Simonika looks angrily. Dadi and Dasi gets worried.
Abhi stops the car and asks Sangram to forget Disha as she is his brother’s wife. He asks him to forget about marriage and make her as sister so that she send rakhi every year, remember her like that. Disha smiles. Purab slaps him for slapping Disha. Abhi says I forgot and slaps him. They both beat him. Pragya says we shall go home, everyone

is waiting for us. Sangram says I won’t leave you. Abhi puts cloth in his mouth and asks him to shout. Disha is about to fall. Purab holds her. Pragya falls, Abhi holds her. Abhi says helicopter that way. Pragya asks him to come. Abhi says what happened? You are giving me much respect today. Pragya says today you are done a good work and showed courage. They go in private jet.
The goons drink wine and say Bhai ji tried three times to marry Disha, but he can’t marry her. They feel bad about Sangram. Sangram comes there, takes wine and drinks. He says he will kill Abhi for snatching Disha from him. Tanu tells Aaliya that Abhi and Munni haven’t returned home and says if Munni took him for honeymoon. Aaliya says you are like Sawan ka andha and says thinks so much. Tanu says what she will think being alone.

Aaliya says she has so much and goes. Raj and Taya ji calls Abhi. Dadi and Dasi are worried. Mitali says they would have reached by now and says if their helicopter crashed. Dasi scolds her for taking inauspicious things. Abhi and Purab come home hiding. Mitali sees them and says they are here. Dadi gets angry on Abhi.

Purab hides his face injury. Dasi asks if everyone’s phones were lost. Mitali says she got scolded. Dasi says we were about to go to Police station. Dadi says he might be thinking what to say. Taya ji asks if she wants them to do sit ups. Abhi asks her to end the matter. Dadi asks Dasi to bring the stick. Abhi says 1 min and says he is tired, and thought they will get water and food. He asks Purab to come out and says they will have food and later they will have scolding. Dadi says my son is hungry and asks someone to serve them food.