Saturday Update on Sacred Ties Zee World Update


EPISODE 125 – 127

Sulochana tries in vain to convince Archana to part ways from Manav. Satish confronts his father for taking such an important decision about his and Archanas life without their consent. Archana comes to know that Manav and his family are in jail under a false case of physical and mental torture done to her. Archana and Varsha come to the police station to get Manav and his family released from jail. But Savita humiliates her and asks her to stay away from their family. Even Manav blames her for their suffering and asks her to keep away from them.

Archana tries in vain to convince Manav and his family that she is innocent and she had not made any complaint against them. But Manav and his family refuse to believe her. Archana and Varsha come to know that Manjusha had made the complaint against Manav and his family. Archana gets furious and confronts Manjusha for filing a false case by her name. Archana and her family hold Manjusha responsible for the trauma Manav and his family went through but her husband, Vinod stands by her. Archana meets Satish and asks his help to get Manav and his family out of the jail. But before Archana and Satish could reach the police station, Shravanis father Girishji bails them out. Manav confronts Archana for the trouble he and his family suffered.

Manav and his family are extremely distressed as they have to face criticism from one and all. People living in their neighborhood insult Savita and blame her of torturing Archana. Manav tries to make them understand and takes Savita along with him to Archanas place. Manav confronts Archanas entire family and demands an answer from them. Manav speaks his heart out. He even twists Archanas hand to make her family feel the pain that he and his family went through.