Friday Update on Gangaa 4th January 2019

Mehri shouts Amma ji. Jalebi Prasad tugs at her saree. Ganga finally picks him up. Mehri understands that they are behind this. She rushes downstairs to tell Amma ji. Ganga asks Jalebi Prasad if he is fine. Sagar is more worried about his Dadi’s reaction.

Mehri’s scream brings out everyone in the courtyard. Mehri tells her that she saw a puppy upstairs. Amma ji and Madhvi think of pundit ji’s words. Amma ji tells Mehri to speak the truth. Mehri agrees. The puppy was upstairs in the balcony. Amma ji confirms it with her thrice. Mehri still nods. He barked at me and tugged at my saree. What would have happened if he had bit me? Amma ji scolds Madhvi. How did a puppy come inside our house? How dare this puppy come to our house? Show me where he is.

Ganga doesn’t want Amma ji to find out about Jalebi Prasad. She wont spare me. Sagar too fears the same.

Madhvi and Amma ji follow Mehri upstairs. Madhvi does not trust Mehri. Everyone in the house knows you (Amma ji) don’t like puppies. Who will bring it inside the house then?

Ganga says I will also leave this house if someone throws him out of the house. Sagar is taken aback.

Mehri asks Amma ji to ask Ganga and Sagar. They too saw the puppy. Amma ji gets scared thinking about 14 injections. She asks Madhvi to go ahead. We will follow you. Saagr wears a jacket. Madhvi asks them about the puppy. Sagar lies to her. We haven’t seen any puppy. Ganga too says the same. Mehri calls them liars. Sagar walks up to his Dadi. Mehri Didi is calling me a liar before you and you are accepting it? Amma ji scolds Mehri. Ganga and Sagar look at the box. Amma ji warns the kids too. If the puppy is found inside the house and you two are behind it then I wont spare you. Madhvi says we should check that particular box first. Madhvi opens the black box but there is a soft toy (of puppy) inside it. Mehri is shocked. Amma ji scolds her. Sagar says how you will find it when there was no puppy actually around. Sagar caresses his jacket. Mehri notices his jacket. Why is there a bulge inside his jacket? Maybe it is inside it. Mehri starts acting. I had no idea Sagar scolds me so much that he made you scold me. I will still stick to my words. The puppy is here only. Sagar asks her where it is. Mehri points at his jacket. Amma ji can check his jacket herself if she doesn’t trust me. Madhvi and Amma ji look pointedly at him. He tries to make excuses but Mehri stays put. Mehri opens the jacket but there is nothing inside it. Sagar says I was only feeling cold. Is it a crime to wear a jacket? Amma ji scolds Mehri. Mehri still insists that she saw a dog. She checks all the boxes. I heard his voice too. Mehri looks sadly at the kids. All the ladies go downstairs.

Sagar pulls out Jalebi Prasad from the washing machine kept nearby. She appreciates his idea. He says we have to hide Jalebi Prasad at such a place now from where no one can see him. They get thinking. Ganga gets an idea.

Maharaj ji enters. He has brought Gangajal and Gau-mutra for shuddhi. Niru asks about the same. Amma ji explains about what pundit ji asked them to do. Niru cannot understand why she cannot understand the basic logic. How can shuddhi happen this way? Amma ji speaks in favour of Gau-mutra. He talks about science and its logics. Amma ji wants to believe in her scriptures. He advises her to use phenyl if she wants to clean the house. Madhvi tells him to let Amma ji do it if that makes her happy. we cannot change her perception in this age. You are her son. Let her do it. Amma ji asks Madhvi if she is instigating her son against her. My Niru argues with me because of you only. Niru tries to say something but Amma ji doesn’t let him talk. I wont leave my age old rules and traditions till I am here. Niru tells Madhvi he doesn’t like it all, but get the house cleaned with phenyl afterwards. I don’t like dirtiness in the house. It is unhealthy, especially for sagar. Madhvi agrees. Amma ji repeats her decision. Niru agrees for it. I don’t want to come between your dharma or God. I always suggest you what is right as per science. You can do anything you like. He wants to leave for work. Amma ji points out that court is closed on Dhanteras. Postpone all your works for later. Get utensils for your house and family. She asks Madhvi if she has called Prabha. Madhvi nods.

Ginny talks to Prabha. You did a lot of expenditure today. Why did you buy so many things today? Prabha asks her if she thinks she cannot buy all this expensive stuff. Ginny says I am trying to make you understand as you are my friend. Ram ji BHai gave you jewellery on my credit. Return his money on time. Prabha agrees. I will give it to Ram ji Bhai before Diwali. Ginny looks tensed.

Amma ji buys a silver coin. Madhvi is checking out sarees.

Ganga has kept Jalebi Prasad in her potli. She feeds him biscuit. Sagar is scared of his Dadi’s reaction. She will scold us badly and the punishment will be big too! Ganga says Amma ji will find out about Jalebi Prasad only in one condition. If we leave him here then he will roam around in the entire house on his own. If we keep him with us and be careful then no one will find out about it. Sagar likes her plan.

Raghav ji greets Amma ji. Amma ji asks him to buy something as well. The saree vendor tries to make him buy things for his family. Raghav ji shares that he is unmarried. He buys a silver coin to do shagun. Madhvi checks out a necklace. She finds it expensive. The shopkeeper (Phoolchand) talks sweetly to her. Raghav ji seconds Phoolchand. She is just like Ma Laxmi. The necklace is of 99,999. Madhvi is pensive about it. Niru says it is wasting money to buy gold. You are anyways doing shagun. Why spend more money then? madhvi nods sadly. She excuses herself to do some work. Niru smiles. Ganga wonders what happened to Babu. She must be feeling so bad. Sagar asks her why she thinks so. Mumma agreed with papa when he spoke about expenditures. Ganga calls him stupid. You don’t understand anything. When a girl refuses for ornaments, they are lying. They still want it. They do want them. As per that, Babu should have gifted Babu the necklace which Bahu ji wanted. She leaves. Sagar calls girls stupid. Why do they say no if they actually want it? why don’t they say it straight forwardly?

Madhvi mutters to herself in her room. He dint even understand me till date. Do I waste money while running the house over all these years? Niru comes there looking for her. I am proud of you. She replies a little angrily. He says you are not like other women. You can differentiate between right and wrong. If it was any other women in your place then she would have bough 3-4 jewellery items atleast. I loved what you did out there. You are becoming all the mature with your age. He signals Sagar to keep quiet. Sagar quietly stands by the door. Niru continues, you must be thinking it doesn’t suit a mother of 2 kids to dress up and all. All the new brides like to do it. She taunts him using the same lines. I am old now. He signals Sagar to turn around. Madhvi has her back to Niru. He puts a necklace around her neck. You are old just like gold. She is surprised. When did you buy it? He shares that he got it for her on Karwachauth. I wanted to give it to you but things got different. Let us not think about bad things. You should always think that this house and husband is yours! Only think about what you want. Don’t be scared of anyone even Amma ji. We all are yours only! Did you like your gift? She gives him a hug saying she loved it. Niru teases her. You are becoming bold these days. Sagar is watching us. Sagar covers his eyes and runs away saying he dint see anything! Niru and Madhvi smile. She asks him about the necklace. It looks expensive. He says it is not as expensive as the shine in your eyes. They share a hug.

Prabha looks at all the jewellery she has brought from Ginny’s home. Someone rings the doorbell. She gets angry. She asks Yash to open the door. Send whoever it is back from the door only! Yash says it is papa. What should I do? Prabha tells him to let Ratan come in. She hides the jewellery boxes under the duvet. She also pushes the bags under the bed. Ratan asks her if she is hiding something. She lies to him. She asks for the bonus. Ratan tells Prabha that this time the bonus will come after a few months time. I tried telling you yesterday too but you got so hyper. The salaries have been delayed from government’s side. I cannot do anything. The bonus will come by New Year’s time. She talks about Dhanteras. It is shagun to buy gold on Dhanteras. He tries to make her understand. She is all panicked. He repeats Ginny’s dialogue. Prabha retorts but he has left the room by then. She still shouts after him. I would have never married you in the first place if I knew who you are! You are inauspicious for me. Why dint you tell me earlier! She realises she wont be able to pay Ram ji Bhai now. It will be such a big insult to me. God, do something. She kisses her new jewellery sets. Don’t leave me please!

Sagar thinks how his mother got happy when papa gave her a gift. Ganga is also a girl. She will also get happy if I give her a surprise. He empties his piggy bank.

Ganga is making garland. Jalebi Prasad is still in her potli. She has hanged it on her shoulder. Amma ji asks her about the garland. Ganga assures her that she will make it soon. Amma ji asks her about her potli. Mehri comes there looking for Amma ji before Ganga can say anything. Amma ji cannot read properly because of her vision. She makes Ganga read it. Ganga reads the letter. Amma ji’s elder sister (Shanta Massi) is coming over. Ganga is surprised to know that there is someone else who is actually bigger than Amma ji. Amma ji looks tensed. READ SATURDAY 5TH ON GANGAA