Fire and Ice Wednesday Update 18 September 2019


Fire and Ice Wednesday Update 18 September 2019

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Kunj comes to Twinkle and says lets go. Mahi/Devika sits in car. Twinkle feels something and says i felt Mahi here, she calls out for her, Mahi’s car passesby Twinkle but Twinkle doesnt see her, Twinkle says to Kunj that i felt Mahi was here, Kunj says you are hurt by her accident, Twinkle says i believe Mahi is alive, i can feel her, can you take me to Ganesh mandir, Kunj says okay.

Twinkle and Kunj comes to Ganesh mandir, Twinkle says to Ganesh ji that i am this flower in your feet, make me meet my Mahi soon, she prays, Devika enters mandir, Twinkle has back towards her and praying with eyes closed, Twinkle says to Kunj that i will pray to lord and will comeback, Devika is coming towards her, Twinkle turns but her flower falls down, she bends to pick it up, Devika passesby her, they dont see each other, Twinkle leaves. Devika comes and stands beside Kunj, Kunj doesnt see her as he is looking towards Twinkle, he turns and looks at Twinkle whispering her wish in Lord’s ear, Devika finds flower which fell from Twinkle’s hands, she picks it up and prays, Twinkle turns and sees Devika glimpse, she says Mahi? Devika leaves from there, Twinkle runs towards her and says to Kunj that i saw Mahi, she tries to find her but cant see her, she says to Kunj that first i used to feel her presence but today i saw her in this mandir, Kunj says i know you believe Mahi is alive but truth is that Mahi is dead and she cant be alive, please accept this truth, Twinkle looks on.

Anita’s friends tells her that millionaire Devika Khanna has come to India, she is finding groom for herself, Anita thinks that if Yuvi gets married to her then he will stop being crazy for Twinkle and i will become rich too, i have to meet Devika. Anita asks servant to bring refreshments, Babee comes there and says no one will get refreshment as Anita is hurt by her daughter in law’s death, she is so grieved that she wont eat anything, she ask her guests to leave from there, Anita says you cant insult my guests like this, Babee says i can do anything, she asks guests to leave, all leave, Anita gets angry.

Kunj says to Twinkle that Devika Khanna is very rich businesswomen, she is throwing party tonight, we should go there for our wedding planning business, Twinkle says i am not in mood to go in any party, Kunj makes her eat food and says you are coming to party and thats final, Twinkle says okay, you are stubborn and you call me stubborn, Kunj thinks atleast Twinkle smiled for a minute, i promise Twinkle, i will get justice for Mahi, i can give away anything for your smile Twinkle, Twinkle makes him eat food too, Yuvi sees them feeding food to each other, he says they can have dinner together for last time, as i said earlier, they came together but only one will go back, he calls his man and orders for gun.

Twinkle and Kunj comes to Devika’s party, Twinkle sees guest and says she top wedding planner, if Devika has called her then we are not needed here, Kunj says Devika can be anything but we are not less too, Yuvi comes in party too, he keeps eye on Twinkle and Kunj. He comes behind Kunj and is about to shoot him but lights are switched off, Yuvi comes near Kunj but spot light blinks. Some people bring palanquin there, all look on, Devika comes out of palanquin, she has veil on her face, lights are switched on, Devika takes off veil from her face, Twinkle, Yuvi and Kunj are stunned, Twinkle says Mahi? Twinkle says to Kunj that i told you my Mahi, my sister is alive. Host says welcome only heir of Khanna empire, most beautiful and pretty Devika Khanna. Twinkle says she is my Mahi, Twinkle tries to go behind her but Devika leaves, security doesnt allow Twinkle to go behind Devika, Kunj says come with me, i wanna talk to you, Twinkle says i have to go to Mahi, Kunj says let me talk to you, you know there are seven people of same faces in this world, her face matches Mahi but she is Devika, Twinkle says no she is my Mahi. Yuvi is confused seeing all this, a guy comes to Devika, he says i wanna marry you, Devika asks security to throw him out, man is drunk, he throws wine bottle towards Devika but Yuvi holds her arm, pulls her aside and saves her, they both fall down, she looks at Yuvi.
Kunj says to Twinkle that she cant be Mahi, we found her deadbody too, Twinkle says but her face was smeared, it was not clear that it was Mahi’s deadbody, Kunj says Mahi fell off from such a height then how can her face be fine like Devika? and how can she become multi-millionaire and have new identity? Twinkle says i dont know anything but i am sure she is Mahi.
Security takes drunk man from there, Yuvi and Devika gets up, Yuvi asks if she is fine? Devika says to Yuvi that whoever touches me without my permission, i break their arms but you are lucky as you saved my life so i am sparing you, your face seems like you put people in danger instead of saving their lives anyways face can deceive easily, she gives her business card and says come to my hotel, i have to payback your favor of saving my life, she leaves, Yuvi looks on shocked. Anita calls Yuvi and says i have found that a multi-millionaire girl Devika Khanna have come from London, you should meet her, yuvi says i met her, Anita says you are lucky, Yuvi thinks if she is Mahi? i have to find out.

Devika is leaving, Twinkle comes to her and hugs her tightly calling her Mahi, Devika pushes her away and says who are you? Twinkle says i knew Mahi you will come, why you have changed your name and identity? Devika says what are you saying? Kunj says i will explain, Twinkle’s sister’s name is Mahi, she died in accident, Twinkle hasnt come out trauma, Mahi’s face was like you, Devika says i am sorry to listen but i am not Mahi, Twinkle says you are my Mahi, Kunj says to Twinkle that she is not Mahi, Devika says one minute, she signs cheque and gives it to Twinkle and says this is for your sister, she leaves, Twinkle and Kunj looks on shocked, Twinkle says she is Mahi, Kunj says just see name and sign on this cheque, she is Devika, Mahi is dead and she wont comeback, Twinkle says no that is Mahi.
yuvi thinks that Kunj and Twinkle cant play such big game with me, Mom called me and told me about Devika too, i have to find about her now.
Yuvi comes to Devika’s room and sees her trying to close her dress’s zip, he eyes her, she sees him, he gets tensed and says i am sorry, Devika says cut it out, go and wait in lounge, Yuvi leaves.
Devika comes to Yuvi and says what you rightnow, i can kill for you that but you saved my life so i am leaving you, debt is clear now, she offers him drink, he drinks, she drinks wine too, Yuvi thinks that she cant be Mahi, she was ugly but this Devika is hot, she is arrogant but has magic around her, Devika says lets go inside, Yuvi pulls her closer, Devika falls on him, they share eyelock, Twinkle comes there, she grabs Yuvi by collar and says how dare you touch my sister? dont try to come near him, Devika says let him go, Twinkle says dont say like this, you are my Mahi, Devika says what is this? I am not Mahi, i am Devika Khanna, Twinkle says why dont you agree that you are Devika? Devika says you wont agree like this, she brings her legal papers and throws it on Twinkle, she says these papers prove that i am Devika and not Mahi, Twinkle sees her identity card and everything which proves that she is Devika, she sees her birth certificate too, Kunj comes there too, Devika says now you believe that i am Devika? you have given me headache, if you try to irritate me again then i will call cops, Kunj says i am sorry, this wont happen again, Twinkle says she is lying, Kunj says why dont you understand that Mahi is dead, he starts taking Twinkle from there but says to Devika that we know this Yuvi very well, he killed Mahi, he cant be trusted, just be careful, he leaves with Twinkle, Yuvi looks on confused.

Kunj asks Twinkle to listen, dont do this please, i cant see you like this, i am hurt seeing you in pain, please explain yourself, Twinkle says i dont know why she is lying, she is Mahi, i will find out why she is lying, this time i wont let Yuvi destroy her life, i wont let Yuvi play with Mahi this time, she leave, Kunj looks on.
Yuvi is working out in his room, he recalls how he met Devika, how she was arrogant, how she was wearing short dress while Mahi used to wear eastern clothes, how Devika was drinking wine, Yuvi says she cant be Mahi, Yuvi gets inspector’s call and says the body which we found from cliff, we did its DNA test and found that it was not Mahi’s body, Yuvi says you continue your searching, you will find another body there, inspector says we didnt find any other body there, Yuvi ends call and says this means Devika is Mahi only.
Its morning, Twinkle and Kunj comes to Devika, she says you both are here again? Kunj says i have made Twinkle understand that you are not her sister, Devika says you came here to tell this? Kunj says we want you to give your wedding planning contract to us, we will find best groom for you, Devika asks how? Kunj says we will arrange your swayamvar, all bachelors will come in it, Devika says i like this idea, i accept your deal, Kunj says Twinkle will help me in this, you dont have any problem? Devika says no, i am happy that her misunderstanding is clear, Kunj says we will start work now, they leave.
Yuvi comes in hotel lobby and says i dont understand, Devika is so different from Mahi but where did Mahi’s body go? Twinkle and Kunj comes in hotel lobby, Yuvi listens them talking. Twinkle says to Kunj that i dont believe that she is Devika, i have agreed to her marriage contract so that we can get her finger prints and can match with Mahi’s finger prints, Kunj says promise me that if she is found to be Devika then you will stop your stubbornness, Yuvi listens this and says this is great idea, i will use this idea before them.
Devika comes in hotel lobby, she is checking preparations of Swayamvar with Kunj, Twinkle gives her juice, Devika takes it and leaves. Twinkle says to Kunj that we cant get her finger prints on glass, you have to retrieve it from her, Kunj says dont worry i will get that glass from her. Yuvi is working there in disguise of janitor, Devika drinks juice, Twinkle asks her to put glass on tray, she does it, Twinkle leaves tray on table and starts discussing work with Devika. Yuvi comes near glass, he wears gloves and takes glass from there.

Devika’s Swayamvwar starts, Kunj says to bachelors that i know you all want to marry Devika, now you all will have to propose Devika and impress her.
Yuvi calls his man and asks him to bring reports.
Bachelors try to impress Devika but acts funny, Devika is irritated, Twinkle is laughing.
Man brings reports and gives it to Yuvi. Yuvi opens report and finds Mahi’s finger prints doesnt match with Devika’s finger prints, Yuvi says its clear now that Devika is not Mahi, this is good news, now i will follow my mother, i will trap Devika to get her money, Twinkle i love you but Devika is just for money, he smirks.
Yuvi comes in Swayamvar, he comes there on bike in style and dances around Devika, he takes her hand, Kya Karoon ladies song plays, Yuvi closely dances with Devika, she is impressed, Yuvi says i see only you, i want to live after seeing you, i want to walk holding your hands, he pulls her closer and hugs her, Twinkle is angry, Devika hugs Yuvi and gives thumbs up to Twinkle and Kunj, they smirk.

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