Fire and Ice Thursday Update 19 September 2019


Fire and Ice Thursday Update 19 September 2019

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Twinkle and Kunj are praying, Twinkle finds Devika seeing her, she comes to Devika and recalls how Mahi fell off from cliff, flashback shows Twinkle sad about Mahi’s death and sitting in garden of her house and praying for Mahi, she says i am going to Mumbai to get strength to fight with Yuvi, i cant live here as i miss you, all say that you wont comeback but you will comeback, my heart says you will comeback, wind blows heavily, Twinkle sees Mahi coming there in injured state and falls unconscious, Kunj comes there too, Twinkle cries seeing her injured, Mahi says when everything felt like finishing, i recalled faces of my family members, when Yuvi pulled rope and i feel off from cliff, i held tree and didnt fall from mountain, if Yuvi knows that i am alive then he will try to kill me again, i am scared,

Twinkle says you wont go anywhere, that Yuvi will go to jail, Kunj says we cant show Mahi to everyone like this, we have to trap Yuvi so he confesses his crime himself, Twinkle says i have a plan and for that Mahi will need new identity and new place and that place will be Mumbai, we will initiate our plan in Mumbai only, we will get justice for Mahi, flashback ends. Mahi hugs Twinkle and says i never saw your love, you kept loving me and i kept misbehaving with you, i did mistake, i couldnt understand your intentions, Twinkle says you cant cry, you are strong Devika now so now you have to take revenge from Yuvi for all his deeds, Kunj says Mahi have done great acting, Yuvi now believes that she is Devika, he is so stupid that he fell in our trap, flashback shows how Twinkle and Kunj deliberately talked about finger-prints infront of Yuvi, how Mahi held glass by putting extra skin on her finger so when Yuvi did finger-print test, it couldnt match with Mahi’s finger prints.

Yuvi comes to Anita, Anita says this cant br true, maybe this is Mahi’s plan, Yuvi says i did finger prints test and also Devika has style and ego, how can Mahi change so drastically in such short time?
Mahi says to Twinkle and Kunj that i have got confidence and attitude in such short time because of you both, this new Mahi has so much confidence, Kunj says dont say anything against my real Mahi else i will scold you, our Mahi is best than Twinkle too, Twinkle says i miss my old Mahi but we will continue with Devika till we dont trap Yuvi fully. Yuvi calls Devika and says i wanna meet you with my mother, my mother wants to meet your parents too, Mahi says i will meet your mother alone first as i have to see if she has class to meet my parents or not, what if she has low standards? Yuvi says okay we will meet you first then we will meet your parents, can we come in half an hour? Mahi says are you mad, you cant come to meet at anytime, i dont have time to waste like this, come at given appointment to meet me, she ends call, Anita says she is so arrogant, Yuvi says if you want her money then you have to bear her attitude, Anita says i will prepare so much to meet then she will know my class, she called me of low standard, now i will show her my class.
Mahi says to Twinkle that i wanna talk to mom and dad, Twinkle says just wait for sometime, let Anita also know that what she sow shall has to reap.

Anita and Yuvi comes to Devika’s house. Anita finds Kunj and Twinkle there, Yuvi says there are wedding planners of Devika, Anita says i wont allow them in Yuvi’s marriage, she says we will hire other planners, you both get lost, Mahi/Devika comes there, Devika says who the hell is this lady talking like this? Yuvi says is my mother, Devika says i dont like anyone insulting my guests(Kunj and Twinkle) and i dont like people talking in high tone, Yuvi says sorry, Anita whispers to Yuvi that she is exactly like Mahi by face. Anita sits and starts questioning Devika, Devika says your son is marrying me so i dont have to answer you and look at your clothes, they are so down market, it feels like you have come from some village, you have any idea if i make you meet my parents then it will be insult to me too, they will say no for this proposal. Kunj mixes some tablets in juice. Servant brings juice, Yuvi drinks it. Yuvi says to Devika that mom has brought Shagun for you, she has brought fruits, jewelry and clothes from best shop. Mahi sees jewelry and says this is so tacky? from where did you buy it? who wears these cheap things in this age? these clothes are so cheap. Anita gifts bangles to Mahi, she says i have ordered these specially for you, Mahi calls her servant and gives bangle to him saying gift it to your wife, Anita is shocked, Mahi says cheap bangles like these are worn by servants here, Anita is stunned, Mahi says to Yuvi that i wanna talk to you alone, she starts taking him from there but Yuvi feels dizzy, Mahi says i will take you to guest room, she leaves with Yuvi. Twinkle says to Anita that why you are silent today? i have seen you getting insulted from daughter in law for first, now you know how Mahi would feel when you used to insult her being her mother in law? Anita angrily leaves from there.
Yuvi is sleeping in room, he wakes up, he has headache and listens some noise, he finds a silhouette there and says Devika? he comes out in corridor, its all dark, he gets afraid.

Someone stops yuvi in dark.. He truns back its mahi. Kunj says what happened? Twinkle says what did you see? Devika comes and says what is wrong why are you shouting. Yuvi says someone was there. Devika says no one is there. Yuvi falls down. Devika says what? Kunj says get up. Devika says what did you see? He says maybe shadows. I was scared. Devika says I don’t like your mom. She is loud and unclassy. I was unsure about your relation but now when I have to stay with you lets get engaged. He says let me tell me. She says I am coming with you.
Kunj says he pretends to be brave. Twinkle says we will record his confession tomorrow in engagements. He will end up in jail.

Next morning, Kunj says all cameras are fixed. When he sees mahi’s soul again he will confess everything. Twinkle says don’t worry mahi. Everything will be okay.
yuvi says devika lets go and pray. I was planning engagement to happen in my farmhouse instead of this haveli. I hope thats okay with you. Devika says but.. he says I have made all arrangements. Mom is calling.
Twinkle says what will we do now. He was so scared that he changed the plan. Mahi says I will say no. Kunj says no he will doubt then.Twinkle says but our plan. He says I will get camera fixed there too.
yuvi comes back and says I am cool with farmhouse. He says okay lets go to temple.

Twinkle and Kunj come to farmhouse. Anita says what are you two doing here? Twinkle says devika fears your local and loud taste. So she sent us here to decorate. Our people will do all the arrangements.

Yuvi and mahi are on their way. Mahi texts twinkle that they are on their way. Kunj says lets recheck everything. Yuvi stops the car near a house. He says come out. She says I don’t wanna go. He takes her hand and takes her inside a garden. Devika says what is this. A grave is digged there. He shoves mahi. Yuvi says you know what I was married to a girl mahi. She used to stutter like you right now. She was so scared. are you too jaan?
Yuvi says what you thought you can fool me by saying you are devika? Its not easy to fool be. It was a good plan. The ghost I saw was actually of mahi and I was really scared but when I was leaving for home last night.. mahi said yuvi why are you so worried? Whom did you see there? He saw the dress there. Yuvi says I told mom everything. And when you were asleep in your room my mom fainted you there. Poor kunj and twinkle must be thinking we will come to farm house and they will expose me there. Her phone rings. Its twinkle. Mahi says twinkle di.. Twinkle says what happened to you mahi. Yuvi takes the phone and says sorry the user you are tying to talk is busy trembling. She will stutter while talking. You can talk to me instead. Twinkle says yuvi.. He says no mahi’s death. you and your husband wanted to expose me but you forgot whom you were messing with. Now I will do what I couldn’t last time. Your sister will die now. Twinkle says even if you touch her.. He says then what? You will call cops? And what will you tell them?That I killed my wife again? Or you will tell them I killed devika khana?The fake id. This time I will win.Come and see your sister dying. He hangs up.
Kunj tries to go out but the door is locked. Anita says you were messing with meand yuvi now see how can you save mahi?
Yug knocks and says is someone there?

Twinkle says according to GPS she is not in haveli. Kunj says then where is she? Yuvi says nothing can save you this time from me. He starts throwing sand on her.Mahi is crying.
Kunj breaks the door. Twinkle detects her location. he says you got trapped in your own plan. your sister will keep crying for you. Mahi screams for help. Kunj shoves her.They see mahi’s hand.Twinkle takes her out. Police comes and arrests Yvi. He laughs. Twinkle says you wanted to ruin my family I answered you in your language. Yuvi laughs and says you are so innocent. you never understand no one take you from me. Because you are nothing without me and I am nothing without you. Kunj says inspector take him before I kill him.
Yuvi says you will come to me yourself Twinkle, begging.

Leela says thank God all three kids are fine. Tj says to Twinkle sorry I always got you wrong. Twinkle says elders don’t apologize. She hugs him. Mahi says maa I know you love me a lot but I wanna go back to London. Leela says I won’t let you go anywhere. You will stay here with us. TJ says yes everything just got better. she says papa i wanna do something on my own. Leela says you can do everything here. Twinkle says let her go. She will forget everything easily. Leela says but how. Kunj says let her go. Leela says okay if thats your happiness. but you will video call me every day promise me.Mahi says okay and hugs her.
Mahi says twinkle di and kunj jeju I have this new life because of you two. Twinkle you always told me how to fight. You killed my fear, I always got you wrong but you never left me alone. you support means everything to me and I am glad you are my sister. I am not alone my sister is with me. i love you. Twinkle says I love you too and they hug each other. Kunj holds twinkle’s hand.

Next morning, babbe gives parsad to everyone. She says I prayed for all my kids. Leela says where is anita? Babbe says she is seeking lawyers. Anita is responsible for his condition. Leela says she can’t save him. Babbe says leave it. Better not talk about them on a good day.She says to twinkle now think about your tomorrow. Mahi planned a surprise for you. Its in your room. Twinkle says let me check.
There is a box. Twinkle tries to open it. he says you can’t give it to me. There are so many tapes. Twinkle says see. Lets open it together. They untape it together. Its a musical ball with couple in it.
There is a voucher for one night stay at the honeymoon suite. Kunj says I have such a good sister in law. you know what happens in a honeymoon suite. He says both alone..Twinkle says leave me. He says. Be shy, I will come close to you then your heart will beat fast. he comes close to her. Twinkle shoves him. he falls on candle stand. Twinkle says I am so sorry. She takes out first aid box. He says its a small cut. She dresses it. She says I am sorry.
Twinkle says I think we should cancel it for today. You have a bruise. He says no we are going today. She says are you sure? He says lock it.
She says how will you ask everyone for permission?

Twinkle and kunj come downstairs. Babbe says got the surprise? Kunj says yes. Babbe says what is this bruise?He says I just slipped. kunj says twinkle wants to say something. Twinkle says no kunj wants to say something. He says mahi’s gift was so nice. Babbe says now go to doctor. Kunj says I was saying honey.. Leela says what? Babbe says doctor asked me not to eat sweet. if i put honey on it and eat towards moon. She says i am not allowed to eat sugar but you are. Leela laughs. Leela says so this is mahi’s gift. Babbe says this is your age. Go. Kunj says okay then we are going.

Doctor says we need your blood sample for precaution. Doctor says to nurse take his blood sample.
They reach the hotel. Manager says we can’t give your suite. You had to call and book. Twinkle says where is it written? Kunj says calm down. he says give us other one. I will pay. He says we are full. Twinkle says you are giving this attitude because you are five star? we are leaving. A man is overhearing.
Twinkle says they are so stupid. The man comes and says I have special room for you. A lot of people come there. Its about one night. Kunj says go from here. Twinkle says lets go. He says its not that type of hotel. Twinkle says it will be fun. The man says you are so smart bhabhi ji. Kunj says shut up. Twinkle says lets go please. it will be adventurous.

Kunj and twinkle come to room, twinkle says neon lights. And siri divi’s picture, she was looking so hot in that movie. Musical bed. and there rahul loves anjali.We will write our name there. He says people’s wife want taj mehal and you just want your name there.
The man comes and says this is our special milk for our special people.
Twinkle drinks it and so does kunj. They are both hungover. Kunj sings a song. he says my wife in sari with loose hair look so hot. Twinkle unbuttons his shirt and says you should look hot too then.

Twinkle comes in singing ‘zara jhoom lun main’. She dances. Kunj tries to control her.

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