Fire and Ice Wednesday Update 16 October 2019


Fire and Ice Wednesday Update 16 October 2019

Twinkle gets worried for Yuvi and comes near ring, Yuvi gets up and beats Kunj, Twinkle says yes Yuvi, go beat him, Kunj takes over and beats Yuvi, Kunj beats Yuvi more, he punches him one after another, Twinkle is worried for Yuvi, she comes in ring and says move back from him, you arent ashamed of yourself? you are international player, Yuvi accepted your challange and came in and you did this with him? see what you have done to him, you are disgusting, she comes to Yuvi and makes him get up, she holds him and says to Kunj don come near him, she supports Yuvi and takes him from there who is injured, Kunj gets angry.

Twinkle is bandaging Yuvi’s wounds, Yuvi says be careful, Twinkle scolds him and says what was the need to fight with him? you could have accepted your victory, and Rocky, he is so unprofessional, he beat a common person, he is so unprofessional, i will kill him, yuvi says i like that you care for me so much, i can get beaten up every day if you care for me so much, Twinkle says i am serious and you are joking, i dont think we should plan Rocky’s business, we should stay away from him, dont know what kind of man he is, Yuvi says i am fit and fine, i think we should meet him, if we get contract of such big boxer then our business will grow, everyone will be happy, our family will be happy, Twinkle says but.. Yuvi says just think business will reach new heights, Twinkle is tensed.

Yuvi and Twinkle comes to meet Rocky, Yuvi gets call, he says okay, he ends call and says we have to wait for Rocky, Twinkle says we decided to meet him and now we have to wait for him? he is so unprofessional, Yuvi says we will wait for a while. Twinkle and Yuvi waits for him for much time, assistant comes and says Rocky is not coming here, he directly left from boxing ring, Twinkle gets angry and says he called us here and made us wait and now he is not coming, she goes to talk to his manager, Yuvi goes behind her. Twinkle comes to manager and takes his phone, he says what is this? we were waiting for him and you didnt tell us that he is not coming here? he doesnt have courtesy to apologize, he maybe a bug shot boxer but we have work too, he beat Yuvi so much then he made us wait, this is disgusting. Servant comes there with flowers and gives it to Twinkle, she reads chit which says that i am sorry, i had to attend urgent meeting so i had to leave but i will meet you tomorrow, i am sure you are not miffed anymore seeing these flowers- from Rocky, Manager smiles at Twinkle, Twinkle murmurs that how does Rocky know that my mood lights up seeing these flowers?

Kunj is working out in his room. Twinkle comes there with flowers, he looks at her and says you? Twinkle throws his flowers on floor and says i dont need your flowers or your apology, why did you say sorry? because you made us wait or because you showed your useless talent on my innocent husband? Kunj gets angry listening this, Twinkle says what if anything had happen to my husband? i dont care if you are international boxer, i only care about my husband, i didnt want to see your face again as you angered me so much but my husband is so nice that he asked me to come here for meeting but you are so shameless, we dont need your flowers or your contract, she tears contract and stares him angrily, she leaves from there, Kunj gets angry and flinches his knuckles.
Babeee and Usha are bandaging Yuvi’s wounds, Babee says he beat you so much, Yuvi says i am fine, Babee says once i meet that boxer, i will beat shit out of him, he beat my son so much, Yuvi says if i knew that you are so strong then i would have taken you instead of Twinkle, Usha says he has beat you so much still you are joking, why did you box with him, Twinkle comes and says this is all result of exhaustion of a mad man who shows his power on his fan, he is really arrogant, i broke contract with him, i told him that we dont need it, Yuvi, Babee and usha are shocked, Yuvi says what? Twinkle you promised me that you will go to talk only, Twinkle says i just went to talk but he was showing me tough looks, i know you wanna give him one chance but he is very arrogant, Yuvi says you fight with everyone, we need him for business, just think that if we get contract of such big celebrity then our business will be promoted, i will get fine in two, three days, Twinkle says i dont care about money or fame, its better to not work then working with him, you are important for me, you are my husband and my best friend and anyone who behaves this way with you, i wont work with him, Usha says you both decide everything but keep loving and be with each other like this, Twinkle looks at Yuvi, he smiles at her, Babee asks whom is he marrying? i want to gossip it with my friends, Twinkle says i dont know who is marrying him but dont know how that girl will survive with that arrogant man, poor girl.
Kunj is drinking wine and recalls Twinkle- Yuvi’s marriage, how Twinkle scolded him today for Yuvi, he drinks wine, Pallavi stops him and says enough, Kunj says she was standing infront of me and saying that she cares about her husband, that bl**dy Yuvi, unbelievable, how can someone change this much? my Twinkle, my wife who used to live for me, to live with me has forgotten everything and is with that bl**dy Yuvi? today i feel like she never loved me, dreams, promises with her was all lie, i used to give her example to people but i didnt know her real face, she calls Yuvi her husband but now i will show her what real husband is, i will teach her how it is to play with husband’s heart, Pallavi says you have to calm down, Kunj says no its enough, 5years are enough, Twinkle has seen my love till now, now she will see my revenge, i know what i have to do, you know what you have to do? Pallavi nods.

Kunj comes to Guradvarah, and sees Twinkle and Yuvi there talking and smiling to each other, he fumes seeing them teasing each other. he comes there and puts hand on Yuvi’s shoulder, Yuvi turns to see him, Twinkle sees him too, Twinkle says you here? Kunj says i realized yesterday my behavior was off yesterday, i should have said sorry, i got to know that you both come here often so i came here to say sorry, he says to Yuvi that i beat you alot, i feel like challenge in in boxing ring, i am really sorry bro, forgive me, he extends his hand, Yuvi looks at him, Yuvi tries to extend his hand but Twinkle holds his hand and whispers that you know he is mental, dont be crazy, Yuvi extends his hand and shakes hand with Kunj, Yuvi says its okay bro, i understand it happens sometime, Kunj says to Twinkle that i am sorry, i didnt thought that you will break marriage contract, i have listened about your wedding planning so i am requesting you take my marriage contract, Twinkle says okay, we will arrange your wedding but i will never forgive you for misbehaving with my husband, dont try to insult him again. Pallavi comes there and says how dare you call him that he misbehave with people? Twinkle says you are.. Pallavi says yes some years back i came to get internship in your business, he is my fiance, dont talk to him like that, Kunj says she is just protective of her husband, she loves him alot, Kunj says i must say you are very lucky to get a wife who loves you much that she can almost cheat anyone to be with you like she cheated me, Twinkle and Yuvi get confused listening this, Pallavi is stunned, Kunj says i am joking, it was my mistake and i wont give another chance.. to complain
Yuvi and Twinkle are in car, Yuvi says its good that you know Rocky’s fiance Pallavi from before, Twinkle says i feel something is wrong, i feel weird when Rocky is around, you do preparation of his marriage, i will remain in background.
Kunj says to Pallavi that thank you for coming there, i knew that Twinkle will lose her anger seeing you so i could make her agree for marriage, Pallavi says its okay, i have known you for 5years, i am with you in everything, Kunj says its only you whom i can trust, Kunj says they must have doubts about me rightnow, Pallavi says what if Twinkle gives contract completely to Yuvi and doesnt participate in wedding preparations? Kunj says dont worry, i know how to make Twinkle dance to my tunes. He calls Yuvi and says i am trying to plan surprise for Pallavi, something romantic so i wanted you and Twinkle to meet me, Yuvi says we will meet you, Kunj says i want designer dress for my wedding so arrange my meeting with top designer, Yuvi says i will do it, he ends call, Kunj smirks.

Twinkle says to Yuvi that now that Rocky wants us to arrange party? Yuvi says yes for his fiance, he is big boxer, he said sorry so we can help me this much, you know i cant do this candle light arrangements and all, you have great idea in all this so you do it and you know i am just learning work from you, Twinkle says you are buttering me? Yuvi says yes is it working? Twinkle says no you will fall in butter, Yuvi says then i will apply jam on you, please arrange tis party, Usha says to Twinkle that arrange it, Twinkle says fine, i will do it, Yuvi says finally my buttering worked, my fighter has agreed, Twinkle smiles.
Twinkle comes to Kunj’s house, Kunj sees her from far, Twinkle calls Yuvi and says why he is not picking my call? where he is busy?
Yuvi is with Kunj’s manager, Kunj calls his manager and says make Yuvi busy so much that he couldnt come here, he should be busy selecting my designer suits, manager says okay. Twinkle knocks on door, Kunj opens it and says you on time? i am impressed, Twinkle says Yuvi will come too, he is shopping for you, Kunj says its okay, come in. Twinkle comes in, he asks her to sit, Twinkle sits on sofa, he says can i reply to important message? she says sure, Twinkle messages Yuvi where are you? and how much time will you take? Twinkle says you seem busy, should i come later? Kunj says i have important call, just give me two minutes, he goes to attend call. Twinkle gets Yuvi’s message that i am stuck in shopping, his manager is arrogant too, handle Rocky, suggest him good theme and dont fight with him, Twinkle messages that okay come fast. Kunj sees her and thinks that who can say there is such a big cheater behind this innocent face. Kunj comes to Twinkle and says i am sorry, i am busy these days, lets start, what you think? girls like adventurous things? like a jungle with bonfire? like riding on bike, doing stunts, you know something daredevil types, Twinkle says no, girls like romantic dates like candle light, music etc, she gets calls from Usha and talks to her, she ends call, Kunj says whatever you like, plan like that, i am sure she will like it, he goes to take call. Twinkle says he is weird man, i have to plan date and i will plan it like Kunj used to do it for me, i hope Pallavi and this arrogant boxer likes it.
Twinkle has decorated room with candles, rose petals and balloons. Kunj comes there and sees her busy, he eyes decoration, Twinkle says hi, how is setup? isnt it nice? Pallavi will like it, girls like romantic setting, these candle lights bring us closer, these roses tell us that love is like fragrance, these small lights tell us that how small things are important to us, Kunj says what rubbish? you think these things bring people together? no these are just decorations, if any girl says that these things impresses her then she is lying, she cheater and i hate women like that, Twinkle says why you are getting aggressive? this is not your boxing ring, if you dont like it then tell me i will change it, you came to us for wedding not us, if you dont like it then i will change setup but just remember dont talk to me or my husband like this again, she leaves, Kunj is angry.
Twinkle comes to her room, Yuvi says you are right, this Rocky is weird, he made me go whole city for just one suit, give me phone, i will talk to him, Twinkle says no i set him right today, now he will remember that he has messed up with Twinkle Taneja, he will regret messing with me, Yuvi says you are always ready for fight, innocent Rocky, Twinkle says what innocent? Yuvi says he has messed up with you after all, see me i am bearing you for 5years, Twinkle says you are saying as if i torture you, Yuvi acts like crying and says cruel person doesnt know how much she has tortured me but i will bear it for love.. Twinkle eyes him, he says i will bear it for our friendship, Twinkle says stop your melodrama, Yuvi says you dont understand anything, she says what? he says nothing, let me sleep, Twinkle lies on bed and smiles. Yuvi sadly looks at her. He takes pillow and goes to sleep on couch, he looks at her from far and smiles, sad music plays, Twinkle says good night, he says good night, Twinkle switches off lights.

Twinkle and Yuvi comes to Leela’s house. Kids are playing there, Twinkle starts playing with them. Leela says to one mother that i have everything in life and now i want to return it, thats why i have tied up this NGO and see how much happy Twinkle is with these kids.
Kunj says i wont let Twinkle be happy, she forgot me and started new life with my enemy but i will destroy her life, till now you have seen my love now you will see my hatred. Pallavi comes there and says whats the plan? Kunj says call Twinkle here, tell her that she has to come here for my engagement arrangements.
Yuvi says to Leela and party is nice but entertain is missing from party, i will bring it now. Twinkle gets calls from Rocky’s manager, she says i am busy, i will come later, she ends call. Kunj says message her that she has to come here on 12pm exact, Twinkle reads message and says he started throwing tantrum again, i wont go there now. Kunj sees time and its 12pm, he says Twinkle didnt come till now, Pallavi says dont worry, she will come.

Twinkle gets call from Kunj, she says what he thinks of himself? i wont take his call. Yuvi is dressed in costume of cartoon, he is playing with kids, he asks Twinkle what happened? she says this boxer thinks that we are free all the time for him, he is calling me ut i wont take his call, Twinkle says take his call, she says i wont, she says can i give you a compliment? he says i know you will call me monkey man, Twinkle says you are looking cute monkey, Yuvi says i wont leave you, dont call me monkey, Kunj calls Twinkle again, Twinkle says how to avoid him? she messages him that she is stuck in traffic and will come later. Kunj recieves message and says lie again, she keep lying to me, all the time she does that, she is liar, he asks to find where she is. Pallavi finds Twinkle in Leela’s house as servant/spy is there too.
Twinkle and Yuvi are playing with kids in Leela’s house. Kunj comes there and recalls flashback how Leela told him that this is house and he can come there anytime. One kid asks Twinkle who is Rocky Singh? Twinkle looks on. Kunj comes there and smiles at kids. Yuvi says we were coming to meet you only, Kunj says i dont like liars and cheaters, Twinkle sys dont talk to my husband like this, i messaged you, he doesnt even know about it, these kids are my priority, i would have come after this function, Yuvi says everything seems fine, i will change clothes, he leaves.

Twinkle says to Kunj that i told your manager that i would come to meet you but you doesnt listen, i know my work, i would have come to you after this function, i know my work so dont pressurize me. Leela comes home, Twinkle goes to Leela in other room. Twinkle says to Leela that weird boxer Rocky Singh is in house, will you meet him? Leela says lets go. They come in hall to see him gone, Leela asks where is Rocky? Twinkle says he must have left, Kunj is hiding behind pillar and says i called you mother but you went to my enemy’s side too, i will take revenge from you all.

Kunj is playing with kids in Leela’s house. Yuvi says kids are impressed with you, Kunj says kids have clear heart, and people having clear heart likes me and those who are cheaters like to cheat me, he asks if they are free now? Twinkle says yes, he goes out, Twinkle gets roses from one kid, she smiles, party manager says to Yuvi that you can come to our NGO wearing that monkey costume dress, Twinkle smirks, he says i will come there, Twinkle says to Yuvi that you go to NGO, i will go to Rocky’s house, Yuvi says you will fight him again, Twinkle says Pllavi will be there, i wont do anything, Yuvi says promise me to not fight with him, Twinkle says fine and leaves.

Party manager comes to Kunj and says i have made Yuvi busy, twinkle is free, Kunj says thank you, i will send gifts for your NGO, manager leaves. Twinkle comes to Kunj in parking lot, she sits in car and says hi, he stares. Twinkle says i will ask you some questions for wedding planning, dream color? Kunj says red, she asks favorite color? he says red, she asks stage decoration? he says red, she says bride and groom should wear color coordinated dresses, what color you want? he says red, Twinkle says you are joking right?

Kunj says i havent started joking, if i start joking then you will forget to laugh. Red is my favorite color, real love is of red color and blood that spills in love is red, anger has red color and passion has red color and i do everything with passion if its love or hate, he goes out of car as they have reached his house,

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