Faltu March 2024 Teasers Starlife


Faltu March 2024 Teasers Starlife

Tanisha follows Faltu to her practice ground and finds out that she plays cricket disguised as Shanaya. Later, Tanisha plans to use the truth to get Ayaan back. Read Starlife Faltu March 2024 Teasers

Starlife Faltu March 2024 Teasers

Friday 1 March 2024

Episode 208

Tanisha plans to buy a house for the Mittals in order to get them to forgive her. Later, Shanaya learns about the auction and asks Ruhan to help Faltu.

Saturday 2 March 2024

Episode 209

Kanika is shocked when Tanisha starts a bidding war to buy the Mittals’ house. However, Ruhan outbids Tanisha and wins the auction while Janardhan has a seizure.

Sunday 3 March 2024

Episode 210

Ayaan is devastated to learn that both Janardhan and Mayavati need expensive surgeries immediately. Still, Ayaan refuses to take financial help from Tanisha

Monday 4 March 2024

Episode 211

Faltu and Ayaan seek financial help from Ruhan. However, Ruhan demands her to give up on her dream to save her family

Tuesday 5 March 2024

Episode 212

Tanisha promises Faltu that she is not interested in Ayaan anymore and seeks forgiveness from her. Later, Ayaan asks Faltu to never give up on her dream

Wednesday 6 March 2024

Episode 213

Ayaan makes a sketchy deal with a mobster and borrows money from him for Janardhan and Mayavati’s treatment. Later, he gets attacked by some goons

Thursday 7 March 2024

Episode 214

The goons severely hit Ayaan before stealing the money from him. When he arrives at the hospital empty-handed, Faltu decides to seek help from Ruhan

Friday 8 March 2024

Episode 215

As Ayaan probes Faltu regarding the funds, she spins up a story about the treatment being free of cost. Later, Ruhan reminds Faltu of another odd task

Saturday 9 March 2024

Episode 216

Govardhan informs the Mittals that Sumitra and the others won’t get to reside at the house for much longer. Later, Faltu feels sympathetic towards Tanisha.

Sunday 10 March 2024

Episode 217

Shanaya gets annoyed upon learning about Ruhan’s agreement with Faltu. But with an aching heart, Faltu convinces her to take up the deal

Monday 11 March 2024

Episode 218

As Janardhan and Mayavati return from the hospital, Shanaya wants to stay at the Mittal house. Meanwhile, Ruhan gives responsibility for the business to Ayaan

Tuesday 12 March 2024

Episode 219

Faltu plans a surprise birthday party for Ayaan on his birthday. Later, she tells Ayaan about her admission to the cricket academy

Wednesday 13 March 2024

Episode 220

Ayaan gets surprised when the Mittals celebrate his birthday with great pomp. Elsewhere, Faltu breaks down in tears before joining the cricket academy

Thursday 14 March 2024

Episode 221

Kanika offers to buy Ruhan’s house as an apology to the Mittals. On the other side, Faltu covers for Shanaya at the cricket practice session

Friday 15 March 2024

Episode 222

Sumitra grows suspicious overhearing Faltu and Shanaya’s conversation. Meanwhile, when Faltu requests Ruhan to cancel their deal, the latter…

Saturday 16 March 2024

Episode 223

Shanaya threatens to take the house back as Faltu refuses to play on her behalf. An employee offers Ayaan a chance to regain control of the company and…

Sunday 17 March 2024

Episode 224

Tanisha overhears Faltu speaking in her sleep and comes to know that she is keeping a secret from Ayaan. Later, Ayaan seeks help from a lawyer to get…

Monday 18 March 2024

Episode 225

Tanisha follows Faltu to her practice ground and finds out that she plays cricket disguised as Shanaya. Later, Tanisha plans to use the truth to get Ayaan back.

Tuesday 19 March 2024

Episode 226

Tanisha saves Mayavati to be in the good books of the Mittals. Faltu hesitates to speak the truth about Ruhan’s deal before Ayaan.

Wednesday 20 March 2024

Episode 227

Ayaan gets angry when Ruhan speaks with Faltu privately before the match starts. He learns the truth when the reporters get ready to catch Faltu red-handed.

Thursday 21 March 2024

Episode 228

Ruhan blames Faltu and Ayaan for leaking the news to the media. Elsewhere, Tanisha reveals to Kanika that she leaked the news and that she has more plans for Faltu.

Friday 22 March 2024

Episode 229

Tanisha pretends to be surprised when Ayaan reveals Faltu’s actions in front of the Mittals. Later, Faltu tries to apologise to Ayaan but he pushes her away.

Saturday 23 March 2024

Episode 230

Ayaan burns Faltu’s cricket kit and declares that he won’t have any ties with cricket anymore. Later, Ruhan tries to evict the Mittals, but Ayaan has other plans.

Sunday 24 March 2024

Episode 231

Shanaya tells Ruhan that she wants him and Faltu to be with each other. Later, Ayaan tells Faltu that she has to cut ties with Cricket if she wants his forgiveness.

Monday 25 March 2024

Episode 232

Tanisha’s Final Call
Faltu finds Ayaan’s phone in Tanisha’s room, which proves that she got Ayaan kidnapped. However, Tanisha refuses to let Ayaan return and orders her…

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Episode 233

Tanisha is devastated to learn that Kanika has to go to jail while the Mittals celebrate the court’s decision. Later, Ayaan rejects Mayavati’s request to forgive Faltu.

Wednesday 27 March 2024

Episode 234

Authorities from the cricket academy arrive and ban Faltu from playing cricket. Later, Ayaan reveals that he revealed Faltu’s truth to the authorities.

Thursday 28 March 2024

Episode 235

Tanisha and Ruhan devise a plot to split Faltu and Ayaan apart as payback for Kanika’s arrest. Later, the Mittals plan to organise the party.

Friday 29 March 2024

Episode 236

Ruhan’s Cunning Plan
Ruhan comes up with a cunning plan to ruin Faltu and Ayaan’s relationship. On the other hand, Janardhan asks Faltu and Ayaan to give their marriage another…

Saturday 30 March 2024

Episode 237

Amidst the celebration, Janardhan takes a moment to express his appreciation for Faltu’s sacrifice. Meanwhile, a wicked trap has been set up for Faltu.

Sunday 31 March 2024

Episode 238

Faltu’s inebriated demeanour disturbs the family, while Ayaan receives distressing news. Further, the waiters kidnap Faltu from the location.

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Other Starlife Teasers

Tanu learns Faltu’s plan

Faltu asking Neil to check the shoes stock. He says this is our wedding invite. She asks what, when did this happen. He says you don’t insult me, Dada ji likes to get me married, I don’t want to disappoint him. Dada ji asks Faltu does your family know about this marriage. Neil says yes, her dad is very happy. Faltu asks why are you showing false dreams to Dada ji. Neil says just agree to me, I will tell you later. Dada ji asks Faltu why do you want to marry him, Ayaan is trying hard to get you back. Neil says enough, we will deliver the stock, you check it, we will come soon. Dada ji goes. Faltu asks what nonsense is that. Neil says he has old thinking, he will not support us in this drama, tell me, do you want to take Ayaan’s test or not, trust me, I m doing this for your good, I won’t do anything wrong. He goes. She prays.

Tanu says Faltu and Neil are getting engaged, she announced the wedding date also. Savita asks Ayaan to hear it out, Faltu has moved on, she has changed. He says what’s wrong, I just gave her sorrow and pain, she has a right to move on, I m happy for her, I hope Neil gives her the happiness and respect which I never gave her. He leaves for office. Tanu consoles Savita. She says once Neil and Faltu get married, Ayaan will move on, we should attend her marriage. Faltu and Neil are busy in work. He says I can’t handle much work. Ayaan comes and says Faltu will teach you everything, good to see you guys, you are lucky to get her. Faltu taunts him. Ayaan says it will be good to do business together. He goes. Neil asks are you fine. She says yes. Neil says it won’t be easy to face Ayaan, but maybe this brings you closer, we can make him feel jealous every day, he doesn’t know about this marriage drama, did I say anything wrong. She says no. He says we should take engagement rings. She says why to spend money for a drama, fake ring is also okay. She goes. Neil says it’s a drama for you, for me, it’s a reality. Ayaan cries and thinks of Faltu. Tanu says I called Ayaan, he disconnected, what is Faltu’s dream. Savita says her dream is to marry a rich guy, how shall I save Ayaan from her. Tanu says I will go to office and see. Savita apologizes to her and asks her to save Ayaan.

Tanu says don’t worry. She goes to office. She hears Faltu and Neil talking about their fake plan. Neil jokes. He says we will go and have some food. Tanu says it means its her plan to get Ayaan back, she isn’t marrying Neil. She worries and goes to Ayaan. Ayaan argues with her. She says stop venting anger on me, you knew Neil and Faltu will be here. He asks shall I stop coming to office. Neil and Faltu come. Neil says its our engagement tomorrow, can you recommend a store for buying engagement ring. Ayaan says she knows the city well, she will manage. Neil says fine, come in the engagement. Ayaan asks Faltu what gift do you want. Tanu says it doesn’t mean anything. Ayaan says she is my ex wife, I can give her anything she wants. Faltu says you gave me my new life already, just come in my engagement. She goes. Dada ji says when the children have decided, then I will take it as fate. Faltu says its not right to lie to him. Neil says he won’t support us if we tell the truth. She says I have to tell him the truth. Tanu comes to Ayaan and says Sid is in a problem, you can handle this issue, I didn’t tell Janardhan, his health is critical, will you go to help Sid. Tanu recalls talking to Sid and asking him to convince Ayaan to not attend the marriage. Tanu says I will send Harsh there, I want to attend Faltu’s engagement and see how happy she looks. She thinks sorry, I won’t let your wish get fulfilled. Dada ji asks did you get the ring. Neil says we will get the ring. Faltu says there is no ring, this marriage and everything is a drama. Dada ji is shocked.