Dholi Beats March Teasers 2024


Dholi Beats March Teasers 2024

Coming up this March on Dholi Beats March Teasers 2024

Zee World Dholi Beats March 2024 Teasers 

Friday 1 March 2024

Episode 94

Kammo asks Geet to write her share of property off to Kammo. Ginny leaves an envelope on JK’s desk and Sudha Rani tells Malhar about Sanjay’s tantrums. Malhar brings a hearty meal for Sanjay and runs into Bhushan. JK reacts oddly to the sound of percussions.

Saturday 2 March 2024

Episode 95

JK challenges Kammo and Geet questions Kammo. Sanjay indulges in alcohol with Bhushan and asks Pinky to serve him drinks. Sanjay leaves Geet’s house and Malhar comforts Sudha Rani. Just then, Simone spikes Malhar’s lemonade with a drug.

Sunday 3 March 2024

Episode 96

Malhar tries to come clean before the Mehras but Geet ends up believing Simone. Sanjay insists Sudha Rani lie to JK about Malhar’s visit by holding a knife to Pinky’s throat. JK beats Malhar up with a staff for sleeping with Simone. Geet packs her bags and leaves the Mehra house.

Monday 4 March 2024

Episode 97

Avtar Kishan calls Malhar as Geet does not arrive at the competition. Geet takes the conference by storm with her entry and addresses the conference boldly. Sanjay takes Geet’s family hostage and lies to Geet. Later, Geet finds Simone’s earring in her parental house.

Tuesday 5 March 2024

Episode 98

Jasleen tries to call Geet. Malhar hears the beats of Geet’s dhol and locates her. Malhar tells Geet that he is innocent, while Sanjay tells Simone about the duo’s meeting. Later, Lahouran asks JK to talk to Geet.

Wednesday 6 March 2024

Episode 99

JK talks to Simone’s parents about his decision. Geet stays away from Malhar to unravel the conspiracy against them. Diamond defends Geet when Kammo badmouths her. Later, Simone’s father puts forth his condition for Simone and Malhar’s marriage.

Thursday 7 March 2024

Episode 100

Geet seeks Diamond’s help and Surjeet calls an angry JK to ask about Geet. Ginny badmouths Geet as Diamond tries to talk JK out of his decision to get Malhar married to Simone. Later, Geet asks Malhar to leave her house for good and Simone confides in Ruby.

Friday 8 March 2024

Episode 101

Pawan arrives at Geet’s house unannounced and has a musical face-off with Geet in front of Malhar. Pinky slaps Sanjay as he mistreats Sudha Rani and Geet confronts Sanjay in the store room. Bhushan renders Geet unconsciousness and holds her captive. Later, Malhar looks for Geet.

Saturday 9 March 2024

Episode 102

Geet regains consciousness with a broken hand and argues with Bhushan. Diamond suspects that the legal notices are an act of conspiracy against Geet but JK refuses to listen to him. JK manhandles a journalist as Malhar looks for Geet.

Sunday 10 March 2024

Episode 103

Geet learns about Malhar’s remarriage. Jasleen argues with Neetu about Simone’s engagement. Geet finds Bhushan’s phone in the hideout. She calls JK from Bhushan’s phone and expresses her love for Malhar but Prashant takes the call instead.

Monday 11 March 2024

Episode 104

Malhar looks for Geet frantically. Geet is taken to a mental hospital and Pinky refuses to testify against Sanjay at the police station. Soon, Pinky calls Malhar a liar in front of the police. Malhar drinks a spiked drink and faints.

Tuesday 12 March 2024

Episode 105

Simone offers to take care of Malhar. Surjeet and JK have a heated conversation about Malhar. JK reads a news article about himself as Malhar walks around the Mehra House in a daze. Soon, Simone starts medicating Malhar as planned.

Wednesday 13 March 2024

Episode 106

The psychiatrist learns about an event. The psychiatrist, Dr Ahuja, tries to administer an injection to Geet but the latter runs away. Soon enough, Geet comes across a helpful doctor, Dr Prerna, who helps Geet contact Malhar.

Thursday 14 March 2024

Episode 107

Dr Ahuja subjects Geet to shock therapy. Simone celebrates Teej with pomp at the Mehra House and Jasleen expresses her regret to JK. Away, Dr Prerna tries to comfort Geet. Malhar walks out of the Mehra House as Simone argues with Jasleen.

Friday 15 March 2024

Episode 108

Dr Prerna tries to encourage Geet to play the dhol. Simone shifts the blame of Malhar’s disappearance on Jasleen and Lahouran. JK sides with Simone and Neetu insists on rushing Simone’s wedding. Later, Diamond cautions Malhar against Dr Ahuja’s pills.

Saturday 16 March 2024

Episode 109

JK beats Surjeet up during Simone’s ‘sangeet’ and Jasleen tries to pacify Surjeet. Dr Prerna finally finds Akash’s number and asks Geet to speak with him. Kammo and Jasleen argue over a necklace.

Sunday 17 March 2024

Episode 110

Bhushan meets Geet at the mental facility and tells Geet about the wedding.

Monday 18 March 2024

Episode 111

Ahuja notices Dr Prerna trying to help Geet and reaches out to Bhushan. Dr Prerna turns off the main switch as the foundation day auditions go awry, and asks Geet to run away. Soon enough, Geet escapes the mental hospital and Dr Ahuja seeks Bhushan’s help.

Tuesday 19 March 2024

Episode 112

A gift arrives at JK’s doorstep. The jewellery that was mysteriously delivered at the doorstep continues to puzzle JK and his family. Geet sneaks into Bhushan’s room and exacts revenge from him.

Wednesday 20 March 2024

Episode 113

Ginny tells Kammo about a social media post and rushes to the market. Jasleen begs the inspector to find Geet before it is too late. Kammo has an argument with Tanya and finds a bowl of turmeric paste ground by Geet. Later, Lahouran tells the Mehras about the dhol.

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