Age is Just a Number Sunday Update 8 November 2020


Age is Just a Number Sunday Update 8 November 2020

Vaidika was on the backseat of Tanuj’s car. He smirks that he won’t spare Vaidika worth going to any other husband. Sahil reaches him and has a fight with Tanuj. Tanuj gets a chance and drives the car away. Sahil had read on the car a badge from Sultan rentals.

Tanuj gets a call from Avantika. Avantika claims Tanuj is useless, and was angry. Tanuj tells Avantika that he just saved Vaidika from Sahil. Not even the angels would know where Vaidika is.

Sahil goes to the office to trace the car through GPS. The shop owner was having a meal and says he can’t give information of any client to him.

There, Tanuj tells Avantika not to worry, Sahil will soon be tired and return to her. Avantika says now Sahil would never return to her until he has saved Vaidika, he is crazy after Vaidika.

Sahil shouts at the shop owner that he has loved someone a lot, and can take any life for the sake of his love.
Tanuj insists Sahil won’t reach him. Tonight, both of them will get their love. After the call, Vaidika had woken up. Tanuj holds her close and laughs devilishly. Vaidika says Sahil would come over looking for her. Tanuj can never understand the power of love. Tanuj forcefully takes Vaidika to a corner.

The GPS of Tanuj’s car can’t be traced.

Vaidika’s parents and Arju were in the police station. The inspector wasn’t ready to file a complaint, as missing person complaint can only be lodged after 24 hours. Arju assert that she is a social worker, she has various contacts in government and civil society. She has confirmed information that Tanuj has fled the police arrest. She can put a single tweet on social media, and their Kanpur police station’s repute will be ruined. The inspector agrees to begin the search.

Sahil looked around the city on bike, looking for Vaidika.

Tanuj brought Vaidika around a pot of boiling water to burn her face. Vaidika requests him to leave her. Sahil finds the car and comes to protect Vaidika. He and Tanuj have a bad fight. Vaidika cries Sahil’s name, as Tanuj held his neck. Vaidika comes to help and beat Tanuj with a wooden stick. Sahil takes the lead in fight. Tanuj’s hand fells over the boiling pot. Sahil and Vaidika leave. Sahil brings Vaidika to another room and give her a glass of water. Vaidika cries hugging Sahil. Vaidika claims herself to be the luckiest girl, who got a husband like him. She met that old woman, she was her mother in their past life. She was 42 and he was 24; he fall in love with each other. She was afraid to opt him due to fear of society, and when finally they united the world didn’t let them live. This time, she wants to spend her whole life with him. Sahil tells Vaidika he felt this love in their first meeting. His heart beat raced, and he is determined to be her side for a lifetime. Vaidika asks Sahil why their love has to go through all this testimony. Sahil says love has to be won, but ultimately the love wins. Vaidika says she isn’t ready to take any testimony, she only wish to live with him. His family won’t as well accept her. Sahil tells Vaidika not to overthink, he stands with her; they will go away from this world to a place where their love is accepted. They hug each other. He asks Vaidika to have water while he will try the phone call. Vaidika felt cold. Sahil drapes her with his coat, and lit fire. They sit together. Vaidika fell asleep in Sahil’s arms. He thinks he can leave everything for Vaidika.

There at Kashab’s house, Avantika tries Sahil’s number. She was curt and wonders why Sahil and Vaidika’s numbers are also off. She turns to see Shashi smiling at her. She forbids him to smile, if he was about to name her old sister as Bahu Beta; how she would marry Sahil and take over the whole property of this family. No matter what, they can’t save themselves from her. He had brought a proposal for her and then accepted Vaidika as his daughter in law. Sahil can’t betray her so easily. Sahil will marry her under this very roof, and Rekha will help her in this. She will ruin her son’s life by herself. Shashi silently prays for the safety of his family and Sahil and Vaidika’s love and couple.

Sahil wakes up and finds out that Vaidika wasn’t in the room. He was at once worried and goes looking for Vaidika. His phone bell rings. It was Tanuj on video call. Tanuj claims Sahil was an idiot, and didn’t run away with Vaidika. He traced Sahil’s phone, and took his Vaidika. He made Sahil smell gas for unconsciousness. Sahil tells Tanuj their love story is true, their love story is like Heer Ranjha or Shireen Farhad. Tanuj smirks that none of them ever got united. He shows Sahil the footage of Vaidika tied with ropes in a coffin. Tanuj dares Sahil to come and save Vaidika, he is burying her alive in the garage of old junk yard. The police arrive with Prem Pratab. Sahil thinks he can’t let them reach Vaidika. He tells Vaidika’s family that he has spoken to Vaidika and she is fine. He apologizes the police for all the inconvenience. He sends the family with police. Arju stays back to accompany Sahil, and insists that Sahil’s worry is visible in his eyes. She asks Sahil why he lied to the police. Sahil says if police follows Vaidika, Tanuj might kill Vaidika. Vaidika is there behind the old garage, and deterred to burn her alive. Arju prays for Sahil and Sadika’s love story. Sahil leaves

Tanuj buries the coffin. Sahil tries to find the spot where Vaidika had been buried. Arju comes to Vaidika’s house. Prem Pratab and wife pray for Vaidika’s safety. Prem Pratab says Vaidika has proven to be a good daughter, wife and daughter in law. They decide to call Avantika and try to convince her for not ruining Vaidika’s life. Avantika takes her mother’s call. She convince Avantika what she is doing is wrong, she must come back. Sahil is her sister’s husband and loves Vaidika; why she wants to interfere in their love. Avantika questions if her own parents doesn’t want to see her happy. Avantika says Sahil must have been her husband, hadn’t Vaidika interfered. Her father stops Avantika, else they can treat her in another way as well. Avantika forbids them to warn her. She accepts her plan, hitting Shashi and changing his will was also her plan. They dare not try to stop her. She will become Sahil Kashab, and run away with all their money and her love. Arju questions how Avantika can fall down to such an extent. Avantika says the crime which can’t be proven isn’t a crime. She need no lectures from all of them.

Sahil will have to marry her. Arju says before that, they will come to Sahil’s place and reveal all her truth. Avantika smirks that they won’t be able to leave home. Some masked men had locked the family into their house. Avantika speaks from the phone that these are her men, they will stay there till she and Sahil are married. She thinks Sahil will have to marry her, to save his Vaidika and family. He will have to give the biggest sacrifice for the sake of his love.

Tanuj tells Sahil to dig the whole ground, but he won’t find her. Sahil asks Tanuj where he has buried Vaidika. Tanuj asks Sahil to give up. Sahil kneels down. Tanuj was boastful of his victory and asks who the hero is. Sahil begs for Vaidika’s life, and wants Tanuj to leave Vaidika. Tanuj claps for his love. Tanuj says Vaidika is his wife, he can’t let Vaidika die so easily. She has an oxygen for thirty minutes. Sahil agrees to do anything for Vaidika. Tanuj shows him a video of Vaidika’s family as well. Tanuj says he must sacrifice for her and the family. He tells Sahil to go home and marry Avantika.

Rekha was apologetic to Avantika. Deepak tells Rekha Sahil is in a problem. He was spot near the old garage but didn’t respond to any call. Rekha says Sahil must be in this trouble only because of Vaidika. Mina argues why Rekha always blame Vaidika. Rekha tells Mina to stop it, and asks Deepak what she must do. Avantika flatters Rekha not to take much tension, else she might get asthma attack. She will marry Sahil and be his wife, then she will serve Shashi and make him well once again. Shashi moves his hand. Deepak tells Rekha they must not hurry anything, what if Shashi means something else. Rekha claims to understand her husband, he always disliked that divorcee Vaidika. No one can stop the wedding of Sahil and Avantika. She is sure he will be fine after the wedding. Deepak gets a call.


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