Age is Just a Number Monday Update 13 July 2020


Age is Just a Number Monday Update 13 July 2020

13th July 2020 Monday Update on Age is just a number Update: Yash tells the secretary that the news must not get into media. He can’t bear the disgrace of his mother’s name. The secretary suggests it might be a mistake that they bought shares of Agarwal jewelers. Yash says it’s not; Sahil is amateur and can never think how he does.
Vaidika was speaking to Aarya on call that she has an important work.

Sahil frightens her by appearing in the corridor. She slips, Sahil holds her into his arms. He tells Vaidika this is a special day, everyone has gone out of the house. Her fiancé is a fraud, and Vaidika is alone with a young guy of 24 years in the house. He closely holds her to a wall and asks why she is lying to him. She rejects their relation and love repeatedly. After the radio incident, public called them as Sadika. He asks her to tell him the truth, swearing her to Aarya’s life. Vaidika says there is an intention behind her coming here, but she won’t share with Sahil. She tries to walk on but her dress was stuck in Sahil’s watch. She finally leaves getting her dress freed. Sahil was determined to make Vaidika accept her love for him.
The next morning, Yash returns to Agarwal house. He asks why she came there, his lawyer could have get him freed. A bunch of female right activist come inside shouting slogans against Vaidika. They force Yash outside, while the women blame Vaidika for her ill character. They make her wear shoes in her neck calling her a mistress. She looks upstairs to find Puneesh smiling there. Vaidika shouts at the women and asks if they are unaware news are sold these days, if they have nothing to do. Her daughter was blamed for what is unacceptable, and law already proved her innocent. She is a fiancé of Yash Kumar, he is owner of half of this house. She realizes her limits. The women were apologetic to Vaidika as they didn’t know about her engagement and leave. Vaidika calls Puneesh who had walked behind her already. Puneesh warns to disgrace Vaidika across the society if she attempts to hurt him. Vaidika was determined to teach him good lesson soon, he won’t be able to show up in front of anyone.

Puneesh tells the family about the protesting women. Anjana agrees to Puneesh that the name of Bari Amma is being ruined. Prachi curses Vaidika but Gauri says Vaidika is Yash’s fiancé and he owns half of this house. They must wait until Bari Amma gets well and share the truth with them.
In the room, Sahil curses himself for being helpless while Vaidika faced all this. He says Vaidika’s mistake is that she is living here as Yash’s fiancé, she herself said this is a drama then why do this. Vaidika clarifies she didn’t call her engagement as fake. Sahil tells her to marry Yash to prove it. Vaidika wasn’t ready to prove anything, she will marry when she would wish to. Sahil says this means she would never marry. Yash comes from behind saying they will marry soon, in the same house in front of them. Sahil tells Yash to ask Vaidika, her consent is already important. She doesn’t want to say a no, and she would never say a yes. Vaidika says yes, she and Yash will marry in the same house. She leaves the room.

In the corridor, Vaidika comes across Shruti. She appeared nervous, Puneesh also comes out of the same room. He asks Vaidika is she again faced a defeat in proving him wrong. Vaidika follows Shruti to the room and tries to convince her not to ruin her life for someone like Puneesh. He is only using Shruti and would never leave his wife for her. Shruti says Puneesh hates only Vaidika but loves her, she argues with Vaidika that she is a stranger and must stay as one. She pushes Vaidika out of her room and locks the door behind her.

Nidhi and Bari Amma were in the hall when Nani comes there. She laughs evily and mocks Bari Amma for being stuck on the wheel chair. She sends Nidhi to call Vaidika, turns Bari Amma’s chair towards herself and says Bari Amma is repenting for hurting her daughter and causing her all the trouble. She teases Bari Amma asking if she is hungry. Then drinks from the glass herself. She asks Bari Amma for the room she will be staying in, after all this is her daughter’s house.
It was night. Vaidika had come out of the bath and finds wedding dresses and jewelry on the bed. Sahil comes there and asks if she liked the selection? Vaidika tells Sahil she doesn’t like blue color. Sahil says he forgot her choice got boring, she has begun to like people such as Yash. Would she now wear grey? He asks what she actually wants, because it’s impossible she is marrying Yash only to hurt him. Sahil says he would soon know what she wants.
The next day, Puneesh was intimately busy with a girl when Shruti called him. He cut the call but Shruti repeatedly called him restlessly.

Puneesh finally takes the call and promises to be there in the evening. At night, Shruti was waiting in the hall when Puneesh comes home. She says no one is home, and tells him she attempted the test twice. She is pregnant. She insists on him to marry her. Puneesh convinces her that he knows a few doctors, they can abort the child. Shruti wasn’t ready to abort the child. Puneesh shouts at Shruti for being insane, he is already married and can never marry Shruti. He wasn’t the one who forced her, she herself always came to him with her own will. Shruti curses herself not trusting Vaidika and protecting Puneesh. Puneesh deters Shruti of molesting her and ruining her reputation. Everyone from the family gathers in the hall. Puneesh was shocked to see them.

Vaidika says this is the true face of this man. Sahil grabs Puneesh by collar and beats him for molesting his sister. Vaidika says police would punish this man. Sahil throws Puneesh into Bari Amma’s feet for what he had done with Prachi and Shruti. Bari Amma slaps Puneesh on face. Prachi now takes on Puneesh and says he was her pride, she always negated Vaidika but he proved Vaidika right, her head has been bent in shame today. Puneesh apologizes Prachi but she slaps him on his face instead. Prachi cries questioning what was missing in her love. She then curses Shruti as well for ruining her sister’s house. The police arrives to arrest Puneesh.

Deepak sympathizes with Prachi and was thankful to Vaidika for unveiling Puneesh. Prachi comes to slap Shruti. Vaidika holds her hand after a single slap. She says Prachi’s anger is just but Shruti was trapped in sweet promises. Shruti complains that no one ever listened to her in the house and everyone always cared for Sahil. Sahil tells her to shut up. He asks what happened to her, at least she could have thought about Prachi.

Gauri asks why Shruti never shared anything with her. Anjana asks Bari Amma what would happen if the news leak out, she was worried how she would get married. She says she warned Shruti not to take advantage of her independence. She ruined her sister’s life as well. Shruti accepts being the bad one and leaves the hall. Vaidika follows her. Anjana cries and faints out of shock. She was hurried to hospital.

At night, Sahil and Vaidika come across each other in the balcony. Vaidika says she was with Shruti, she cried badly but is fine. Sahil says he was with Anjana, she is fine. Sahil says he knew Puneesh was an evil person but didn’t realize he was such a bastard. Vaidika says Shruti is young and insensible, she may harm herself. Sahil wonders how she can do this to Prachi.

Vaidika says a father figure is missing from her life, same as Aarya. This is why she is always strict with Aarya, and after that incident with Mohit she thought she has failed. She tells Sahil to be Shruti’s support and her friend, only he can save her today whom she should rely upon. Otherwise she would shatter. Sahil thanks Vaidika, smiles and walks away. He turns around to watch Vaidika going other way, Vaidika turns at another moment to watch him walking away.

Nidhi was worried about what she must do. What if Puneesh tells everyone the truth, Sahil would throw her out of the house as well. She calms her down else she might get wrinkles. She finds Prachi crying and decides to lend her a shoulder and get her favor in this house.

She comes to Prachi and consoles her, she understands what’s she is suffering. She assures being with Prachi at any cost. Prachi wonders why he did this to her. Nidhi tells her not to cry, she shows self-pity that even her husband calls another woman as his wife. She asks if Prachi would be her strength. Prachi says she will be thankful to Nidhi for standing with her at such a time.
Yash asks Vaidika how she would celebrate her victory. Vaidika says there is nothing to celebrate. This family has no mistake in all this, she needs to keep the family connected. Nani over hear the conversation. Yash says everyone take advantage of her good will, no one from the family stood with Vaidika when Puneesh hurt her. Nani comes to second Yash but Vaidika says there is something called humanity. She still has the feelings.

Deepak was in the room drinking. He makes Gauri take his shoes off and shouts at her to wash his feet and drink it. He minds Gauri that they won’t get someone like him. Bari Amma considered that Puneesh superior than him, and he looted the respect of a daughter of this house. He sends Gauri to get the dinner and was happy that Bari Amma’s hand moved today. Tomorrow she would stand up, and Yash will have to leave. Even Nidhi has fallen weak after Puneesh. The paths are getting clear for him.
Vaidika apologizes Anjana but she had no other option to bring the truth to all of them in such a way; Shruti isn’t pregnant, she said this to Puneesh on her advice. Anjana was relieved a little, but says her respect has been ruined. Vaidika suggests that they must marry Shruti. They need to assure Shruti that she can get a man whom she can trust, a man can love and respect her and be a good friend. Anjana wonders who would marry her. Vaidika says not all men are bad, her son always respect women. He never blames a girl, and had the courage to love a woman older than him and a widow as well. Sahil stood outside the room and heard this. He wonders what kind of a game is God playing with him. He gets a call from the inspector that Puneesh is being released and planned an escape from Kanpur. Sahil decides he can’t let this happen.
Vaidika watch Sahil leave.
There, Puneesh offers the inspector any help needed from him. He was about to leave when Sahil reach there. He kicks and punches Puneesh then pulls a revolver from under his coat. Puneesh pleaded Sahil not to shoot. Vaidika was about to following Sahil in the cab. Sahil shouts that he would punish Puneesh for all his wrong doings and won’t spare him in hands of law.

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